Weekly poll: Is Motorola Razr a folding phone done right?

17 November 2019
The third foldable phone is not following the formula of the other two.

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Motorola is on the right way.....Galaxy Fold is a total disaster...good specs...bad implementation & bad form factor....soon everybody will be following Motorola even SAMSUNG (don't cry samsung's engineers maybe next time babies).....

Oh and a wallet case would be perfect for this

They need to make some improvements like get rid of that thick chin and they should've atleast used SD730 for that price and I prefer this approach over Fold and X because I prefer phones over tablets unless the tab can run full blown apps like iPad and for the best approach I would prefer something which fold from tab to phone and another Razr like fold that why you can fold a tab into a cigarette box

  • Anonymous

Motorola is a folding phone that doesn't make sense both in price and function. It achieves nothing useful. It makes photos look smaller with its smaller width and the super wide aspect ratio when unfolded is even wider than the Xperia 10's 21:9, another stupid phone by design. This stupid non-standard aspect ratios do not enrich the user experience unless all you do on your phone is watch 21:9 super widescreen movies or scroll text feeds with small photos all day (the smaller width of these stupid NarrowView phones will render all normal photos smaller viewed on the phone screen). And we're not talking yet about issues with screen sharing /mirroring on 16:9 TV's that render those stupid aspect ratio phones' screen as small narrow rectangular windows with HUGE black borders all around.

  • anonymous

Is Motorola Razr a folding phone done right? Yes, because it keep being a phone and not a wannabe tablet, and I want a phone, not a tablet.

  • Anonymous

I certainly think this is the type of folding screen phone that will take off. The book style of folding just isnt star trek.

  • A183RT0

This is not a yet perfect flip touchscreen phone due to the specs..
Do hope Motorola improve when they release another flip touchscreen phone...

You don't buy this phone for it's specs. It's a novelty that is priced accordingly.

Whackcar, 17 Nov 2019The biggest letdown about this phone to me is the battery s... moreAnd Motorola should also upgrade the chipset to Snapdragon 855+/865 and put a headphone jack, and also increase the RAM and storage to 8/256GB on the follow-up RAZR

Since you haven't forgotten about it, when are you going to review the Flexpai?

The biggest letdown about this phone to me is the battery size. It's very small & likely won't give a good SoT. Still, maybe some wonderful optimization could provide a passable battery life. We'll have to wait for reviews to know for certain.

It's certainly an interesting phone, and a followup model could fix most of it's shortcomings.

I like compact but Spec is meh for asking price

  • Troika

If I am rich, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But since I'm not, it got the design right, specs not.

No doubt its the best foldable phone implementation.

Surprisingly the fold display are made by BOE.

as a compact folded / large unfolded phone seems to be ok. thou, considering the protruding bottom chin, personally I doubt it if used as a gaming device or when typing messages for long.