Samsung Galaxy S11 to have a 120 Hz display

20 November 2019
A hidden setting was found in the latest Beta build of One UI that suggests a future device with support for higher refresh rates.

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Anonymous, 23 Nov 2019You have no argument to facts, do you?? So hell bent on ju... moreFirstly, I never said 120Hz kills battery. I said it's an unnecessary additional power draw and showed that it is an additional power draw.
Secondly, is the idea of improvements without sacrifices dead these days? In the past it was unacceptable to sacrifice anything in a flagship device. And if it was, it met a lot of criticism. These days it seems to be more like "giving a finger while taking back a whole arm" thing and it's fine for most of the people.
And lastly, I have stated my opinion every single time. Improvements are good, but some things are not needed in a phone. Especially when they take away more than they actually give.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2019If you are holding the phone for 30-40min long calls, inves... moreBluetooth headphones can be used, even wired headphones can be used, but not everyone can keep a Bluetooth headset on his person. But, it is an acceptable solution.
There are other people who are more sensitive to radiation or who feel uncomfortable using Bluetooth headphones.

Not even ROG Phone 2 comes with a built-in stand. The way you wrote that statement, it looks like every phone or its corresponding case has a stand. Adding a case to an already heavy phone is an exercise only a few people will be interested in doing. Plus, we have to spend more.

And to be clear once again, we are not talking about "getting used to" the 240-gram phone. The point is that there are more usable and light phones available like Note 10+ for example which is approx. 200 grams AND have a bigger screen AND have an S-PEN and IP Rating AND wireless charging. No jello effect btw.

You seem to have conveniently cherrypicked statement from the ASUS ROG Phone 2 review, so I will do the same i.e. cherrypick another statement from the same GSMArena review:
"It stands taller at 171mm and thicker at 9.5mm. It is also 40 grams heavier, tipping the scale at a hefty 240 grams. To be honest this might just be a bit too much weight for many to carry around and use one-handed."
Now let's have a look at the dimensions:
For example, Note 10+ : 162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm 196 grams
ROG phone 2: 171 x 77.6 x 9.5 mm 240 grams
And Samsung has a bigger and brighter screen.
Not that I am a Note 10+ fan, but I picked one example of a 2019 flagship which actually is used to get stuff done and then some.
Why should I put up with a 240-gram phone when I have a better 200g/226gm phone which is more productive and actually has better cameras and a more reliable, colour accurate and brighter display, not to mention zero issues? And features like wireless charging and IP rating, features far more useful for people who do stuff apart from games?

It is not about bias, it is about the purpose each phone is designed for. Samsung and Apple are designed keeping the overall median consumer in mind. Asus has a lot of features and a big battery but is only targeted towards a gaming crowd. Even the accessories are only for that.

P.S. Soy latte uses soy milk, which is actually rich in protein but has one of the least fat content. It is very healthy if made properly. I advise you to start having it.
Also, it is easy to call out someone's strength when you are hiding behind the internet. Let's see what you do when you see a 6' 2.6" 196-pound man face to face.

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THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 22 Nov 2019Yes 240 grams is heavier when you are using one hand to hol... moreIf you are holding the phone for 30-40min long calls, invest in a Bluetooth headset, plenty of them on the market, cheap and reliable.

Most people who watch movies on phone use the built in stand that comes with the phone case and some these cases don't ruin the inhand experience nor do they make the device bulky. IPhone 11 pro is 226g, I don't see you complaining about that.

Gsmarena arena clearly stated this point in the review.
"The weight takes some getting used to, but the overall body shape combined with the solid in-hand feel and good weight distribution make the ROG Phone II a surprisingly easy to handle phone."

But you would conveniently ignore that and insist that it is heavy and not good enough to operate. My 5 year old has no problems in operating it, if you still think it's heavy then go lift some weights and ditch that soy latte.

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Pabliell, 22 Nov 2019Oh I know that nobody cares. People stopped caring about w... moreYou have no argument to facts, do you??
So hell bent on justifying that 120hz display kills battery life yet when faced with facts, you have no answer.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2019Use the ROG 2 as a daily driver then use Samsung and apple ... moreThe only people who would gravitate back to ROG Phone 2 would be people who 1) stay away from their chargers for an abnormally long time 2) Heavy gamers who generally stay indoors and play lot of multiplayer games.
There is nothing in ROG Phone that can match Samsung cameras or S Pen features. Consequently, there is nothing much in a Samsung phone for gaming, so ROG Phone 2 is a better choice there.

iPad Pro's display to me is more impressive than ROGs display because it is very well tested and is huge so scrolling feels even more intuitive. And Safari is smoother than anything on Android browser. There is no benchmark or real world test where Chrome does better.

What are these extra inbuilt Asus goodies that you are talking about , apart from 120 Hz display ? That it is a Super amoled display prone to red tint issue ? I would anyday prefer a issue-free IPS LCD zero gap display over a faulty AMOLED display. Come to think of it, this comparison is irrelevant, because 120 Hz makes MORE sense on an 11 inch iPad pro with active stylus than on a small 6.6 inch smartphone display. iPad Pro wins hands down for a more practical and useful implementation.

nope, 21 Nov 2019P30 Pro has 4200Mah Ah my bad..... I had it mixed up with Mi 9......

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2019240 grams is heavy? 50 Grams more is heavy for you? Lol m... moreYes 240 grams is heavier when you are using one hand to hold the phone and talk for 30-45 min.

Or when you hold the phone and watch a movie for a couple of hours.

Or, the general usability.

It is not about lifting the phone once. Constant strain of a 240 gram phone is significant. I had a 205 gram phone before and even though I thought it is "just" 205 grams, the usability is affected.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2019Rog 2 endurance @60hz(Fixed) : 132Hr Rog 2 endurance @120h... moreOh I know that nobody cares.
People stopped caring about what the manufacturers are giving them a long time ago.
That's why so many products are so bad these days.

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Pabliell, 22 Nov 2019Yes, Samsung has better battery management. Still, switchin... moreRog 2 endurance @60hz(Fixed) : 132Hr
Rog 2 endurance @120hz(Fixed) : 114Hr
Rog 2 endurance @(Dynamic mode) : 123Hr
So a meagre less than 10% battery loss is no big deal considering how much the user experience is enhanced. Also we have fast charging so loss of 10% battery life is just nitpicking.

Most manufacturers switching to 120hz display next year even budget flagships moving that way.
You can keep insisting on using 60hz display. Nobody cares.

  • Adi

Is it true huawei mate 30 pro come with 90Hz display refresh rate?

Shanti Dope, 21 Nov 2019What can be said about the ROG Phone 2 can't be said for th... moreYes, Samsung has better battery management. Still, switching from 60 to 120Hz is simply doubling GPU usage.
If any algorithm will lower down the frame rate, it means not that "it does it for specific content", it will mean "I can't keep up with all the frames, so I'm lowering it to acceptable level".
As example of Asus ROG 2 has shown, it's not 3% increased power draw when switching to 120Hz, it's 15%. Do your math properly next time.
And I can't experience 120Hz properly on a PC? Ever heard of games? Yeah, on PC they can do 120 fps, unlike on mobile. Few titles on mobile support higher frame rates, but they are so well optimized, you won't see higher fps too often.
Samsung was never known for the fastest UI, but I'd like to be surprised. Still, if a phone can't keep up to maintain stable 60 fps ona a 60Hz display, you will see stuttering when switching to 120Hz, because the phone can't maintain even 60 fps.

I still say phones don't need 120Hz screens, just like they don't need 4K displays. Power draw of those things is far greater than the benefits they bring in the phone market. We should focus on improvements in stability, so we never see a single frame dropped, instead.

  • Eric

Steven , 21 Nov 2019We argue about 60 vs 120hz Oled in 2019. Imagine an Iphon... morehahahahaha

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THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 22 Nov 2019Please show me a video where there is jello effect on S10 o... moreUse the ROG 2 as a daily driver then use Samsung and apple as daily driver, ONE automatically gravitates back towards the ROG 2.

Only common thing between iPad pro and ROG 2 is refresh rate. IPad pro doesn't have the inbuilt goodies that Asus has put in, so your comparison is totally irrelevant. Not all 120hz displays are the same.

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THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 22 Nov 2019Please show me a video where there is jello effect on S10 o... more240 grams is heavy? 50 Grams more is heavy for you?
Lol maybe u need to lift brah...

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019120hz is not just for scrolling, it also eliminates smearin... morePlease show me a video where there is jello effect on S10 or iphone. These devices are well tested and QC control for Samsung and Apple is impeccable. Even if there is jello effect, the issue is not as widespread as the red tint issue on ROG Phone 2.
Something can happen does not mean that something will happen. And even I have used both devices albeit for a short period of time for the ROG Phone 2. I do have an iPad Pro with 120 Hz display.
Except for gaming and smoother scrolling, it is not much more beneficial. Plus, ROG Phone 2 is huge and heavy, because they had to put a huge battery BECAUSE of the higher refresh rate.
Not a good thing for a mainstream phone.

Plus, the tint issue prevented me from buying the ROG phone because there are definitely QC issues.

  • Steven

We argue about 60 vs 120hz Oled in 2019.
Imagine an Iphone 11 user in 2021 with LCD 60hz HD ...

  • Anonymous

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 21 Nov 2019Nobody told that the sunlight legibility experience on ROG ... more120hz is not just for scrolling, it also eliminates smearing issues and jello caused on other 60hz oled panels(Samsung and Apple)
DisplayMate is like DxOMark, take their ratings with a pinch of salt.

I got both S10 and ROG 2, user experience is simply better, Apple and Samsung with 60hz simply can't match. You have to use the device as well instead of just reading reviews.

Pabliell, 21 Nov 2019I think you should read them, because you didn't see what's... moreWhat can be said about the ROG Phone 2 can't be said for the Galaxy S11.
There's a tendency that the S11 has superior battery management, and difference in battery life between 60Hz and 120Hz may not be that big of a deal to most, including you yourself.
You see, even a 4K screen draws more power than a higher refresh rate one does, mainly due to the fact that the screen pixels are static in number and cannot be lessened to save battery life, while the implementation of high refresh rates is variable, so it is saving a lot of energy when the screen is toned down to the applicable frame rate for the displayed content.

Plus, if it means the user still has the option to switch back to normal 60Hz to save up to a WHOPPING 3% of their battery, then having the option for 120Hz for those who may need it definitely isn't a bad thing at all.
Of course you can't appreciate 120Hz on PC monitors because the home screen is static and you don't do any scrolling other than on web browsers, but on smartphones and tablets, a lot of motion happens almost every single time anywhere.
You have also said that phones can't keep 60fps consistently even on the home screen, yet the OnePlus 7 series and Pixel 4 series are some of those that could already maintain such level of fluidity in their UIs. Perhaps Samsung could make One UI 2.0 even more stable for the 120Hz, so you're basically still getting the benefits after all.

  • Anonymous

Pabliell, 21 Nov 2019There's no need for "AI" or other algorithms to save batter... more10% loss in battery life ain't no big deal especially when using fast charging.
User experience is superior. You keep using it at 60hz and save that extra precious 10% battery.

  • Anonymous

THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 21 Nov 2019Nobody told that the sunlight legibility experience on ROG ... moreNobody talking about full desktop experience, dual display can be used where one screen functions as display while other screen utilizes something else.