Samsung Galaxy S11 to have a 120 Hz display

20 November 2019
A hidden setting was found in the latest Beta build of One UI that suggests a future device with support for higher refresh rates.

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Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019I already own one. Sunlight legibility is perfect. Any pho... moreNobody told that the sunlight legibility experience on ROG phone 2 is inadequate. In fact, I am repeatedly mentioning that it is perfectly adequate.
Even though I do not think that GSMArena is biased, it is not my only source of review. I also refer to sites like Phonearena, Anandtech, CNET, Displaymate etc. and everyone rates S10+ display/Apple display higher except refresh rate and touch latency. So I am sorry if I don't believe your biased commentary trying to convince me that a higher refresh rate is the only parameter for a better display.
In fact, to take advantage of 120Hz the content should also be 120Hz. Yeah, the scrolling is a bit smooth. So what? 120 Hz does not make any difference to people who like to watch content on their smartphones (videos, pics), and that number is much higher than gamers. Also, see the term "moving images" in the sentence that you copy-pasted. Additionally, for the to bit vs 8-bit FRC argument, GSMArena states:
"The actual perceivable difference might be minute, but this is yet another instance of top-level hardware for the best possible gaming experience."

Do you get it? Asus has the perfect display for GAMERS who are generally indoors and play GAMES. Not for the consumer who wants to do something productive, which is the majority.

The same goes for Asus's display dock. DeX is for folks who want to get stuff done, not play PUBG all day. No wonder gamers do not like it. But it is a boon for productivity. If DeX is laughable, then you haven't used it to its full potential, or are just pretending.

And since you quote GSMArena for every little thing:
"At $330, it is a bit pricey if I am honest. The unit is well built, and that’s a top-end display, but at almost half the phone it doesn’t quite sit right. However, ASUS believes that users looking into these sorts of devices have money to spend, so it will be interesting to see the adoption rate."

Understood? GSMArena thinks it is overpriced for what it is. A glorified split screen. NOT a full desktop experience. $330 is extremely expensive for this.

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019AI does the job of reducing Framerate when watching movies ... moreThere's no need for "AI" or other algorithms to save battery, when you don't waste it in the first place.
I know 120 fps looks good, but it's simply unnecessary on a phone. Just like 4K screen.
And just like glass back, it looks good while not bringing any benefits.

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019I already own one. Sunlight legibility is perfect. Any pho... moreMore refresh rate doesn't make best screen.. He was right you are a tech noob

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120 hz frame rate must have 7000 mah battery. NO, THANKS !!!!

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Pabliell, 21 Nov 2019I think you should read them, because you didn't see what's... moreAI does the job of reducing Framerate when watching movies or other things while bumps up refresh rate during scrolling and browsing among other things.
Samsung has always given decent sized batteries. Won't be a 6000mAh tank but it won't be as low as Pixel or OnePlus.
My guess is 4000mah for lower version while 4500-5000mah for plus version .

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THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 21 Nov 2019You must be having a tough time with English comprehension.... moreI already own one. Sunlight legibility is perfect.
Any phone with above 500 nits doesn't struggle in direct sunlight. ROG has the best screen. I own both S10 and rog2, the experience on rog 2 is definitely better due to the high refresh rate. All other displays have 8 bit with cfr, only Asus gives true 10 bit color output. Color accurate with least latency. Read the review instead of your biased commentary.

"Once you experience the smoothness and sharpness of moving images on the ROG Phone II at 120Hz you won't want to go back. It pretty much blows any other smartphone display out of the water"

Samsung probably gonna put the same panel in s11. It's top notch, Asus is miles ahead of any company when it comes to gaming and accessory support. Even the Moto mods had limited functionality (which I thought would bloom into a new category)

Samsung Dex and others are laughable compared to what Asus offers plus the accessories are reasonably priced compared to Moto mods

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And camera from february 2016 :) as did s7,s8,s9,s10,note10 :)

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019Are you gonna use it as a torch? 626 nits is plenty bright... moreYou must be having a tough time with English comprehension. Didn't I mention that 600 hz is adequate?

And if you think that extra brightness is useless then you are a tech noob. Not only does extra nits improve sunlight legibility ( even if you don't require it, many others do) , it also is needed for HDR10+ and advanced HDR playback standards in future. This is different from normal HDR that ROG supports. High brightness exposes dark areas well in pics( same has HDR) and avoids banding.

Samsung has dual display i.e. DeX. Huawei also has its own implementation. Apple has continuity. Asus has dual display. Everyone has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Asus is definitely gaming centric, but that segment is not mainstream for sure.

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019Why don't trolls like you go and read Gsmarena reviews. O... moreI think you should read them, because you didn't see what's written there.
Example from Asus ROG 2:
60Hz Endurance: 132 hours.
120Hz Endurance: 114 hours.
And this phone has 6000mAh battery. Galaxy S11 won't have that.

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Dont to forget to mention razer was 120hzLcd
And Asus is first 120 Oled
And Samsung #2

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As long as it's changeable, I really don't care if you even make the 1000 hz. I'm just satisfied with the current standard.

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Pabliell, 21 Nov 2019In the PC world, yes. But in the mobile world - higher scr... moreWhy don't trolls like you go and read Gsmarena reviews.
Once you use 120hz, there is no going back.

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THE-TRUTH-REVEALER, 21 Nov 2019You are either lucky, or you haven't replicated the conditi... moreAre you gonna use it as a torch?
626 nits is plenty bright and absolutely no problems outdoors in direct sunlight. This ain't a TV where difference between 600 nits and 1000 nits would be actually useful.
The touch latency is lowest by a big margin, perfectly crafted for gaming.
Plus I can buy an accessory and use it as a dual display, not possible on Samsung or Apple or Huawei.

Nick Tagataka, 21 Nov 2019This looks like a comment coming from a person who has not ... moreI have experienced 120Hz on a PC and let me say this.
1. If a phone couldn't keep stable 60 fps on UI, it won't matter if you can push 120 fps, when the SoC or UI can't keep up with 60.
2. With those types of scenarios pushing more than 60 fps is just an additional power draw with no benefits, since you need that kind of smoothness only when there's a lot of action on the screen. Otherwise it's just a waste of energy.
Let's not forget that those are still phones that need to survive quite long on a single charge. Any additional power draw should bring a lot of benefits. 120 Hz display is not one of those things.

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Nick Tagataka, 21 Nov 2019Barely noticeable yeah right lol. Seriously, how hard is it... morethey have test 120hz display phones ..from youtube, lol :D

Infra-red, Samsung. Please, infra-red!!!

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This is the second article I've read on here recently that claims the Mate 30 Pro has a 90Hz display, but it doesn't. This site's own review of it makes no mention of 90Hz.

Not sure if it exists, but I wonder of companies would allow 1080@120 recording.....but not slowmo. Like playing 120fps video recorded by the phone in real time to achieve super fluid video capture.

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019Who cares for the refresh rate? I bet anyone would opt a ph... moreBarely noticeable yeah right lol. Seriously, how hard is it for you (or anyone) to test out 120Hz display in the store? Go find a nearby Apple Store and try out the new iPad Pro, then imagine having the similarly smooth experience on a device that sits in your palm.

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Love the Community, 21 Nov 2019Finally, major companies like Samsung are innovating. I can... moreA lot of the companies are rumored to have 120hz in 2020: oneplus,xiaomi,apple,samsung...