Saying goodbye to Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft ends support for its mobile OS

10 December 2019
One small part of Windows 10 Mobile will live on for about a year longer, though - its Office apps will continue to be supported until January 2021.

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  • Hmm

Fredusing Windows, 11 Dec 2019Disappointing that The Store could be closed down so soon. ... moreWhat was you thinking man everyone knew the party was over!!

I still have an iPaq in my collection. That was my last Windows mobile gadget.
:-) It's still working ... slowly.

  • Anonymous

Horrible OS, problematic updates, very, very buggy apps, barely any app support, etc.

But, great hardware, beautiful designs, great cameras. Ultimately it's good that W10M is gone. MS needs to wake up and properly bug-test its OS's, like W10.

  • Beto

Gandalfdenvite, 11 Dec 2019Microsoft should have provided a version of Android to upda... moreYes! It would be very interesting!

  • Beto

Krishna, 11 Dec 2019It is such a shame, that the Very Best Mobile Operating Sys... moreI don't know if it was the very best, but I liked it, and it was good!

  • Krishna

It is such a shame, that the Very Best Mobile Operating System (Windows Phone OS) is dead and the mediocre OSs thrive.....

  • Girish

Amazing Hardware , Top notch Camera, Perfectly built OS. Only Microsoft didn't invest and promote more on their Mobile OS. Hope Surface Neo will hit the market without any issues

  • Q

Carol, 11 Dec 2019If Nokia eould have supported MeeGo (and eflop would jhave ... moreYep, MeeGo was a thing, N9 was phone with advanced design compared to iPhone 4s, Galaxy S2, but Nokia went wrong with Elop, and Microsoft, so today we can only see "Nokia" branding from HMD Global Oy? Or something like that, oh, and those phones wirh Nokia name, not run on MeeGo, or Windows Phone/Mobile, at all.. Sad for original Nokia, but that is what it is.

  • scien

Sad days lay ahead now without best mobile os 😔

  • User

microsoft should return back money for me. ( lumia 950).

Basically beside having the better cameras at that point of time, nothing else had made me to stay with WM for long. The lack of apps selections is a big headache for me. Even using Here maps on WM was a pain too comparing Google Maps. WM video players were bad and not supporting as much different video codecs comparing to MX Player for Android. And to make things worse, MS kept rebooting WP - WM over the years and devs got sick of it.

Disappointing that The Store could be closed down so soon. Only last year I purchased an HP Elite X3 phone to complement my Microsoft 950 and Lumia 1520. I need phones for different SIMS when travelling. So not happy with this very quick shutdown

I switched to Windows from Android as it is smooth, efficient and has native apps.

I still get positive comments about my phone and people stating they have never heard of a Windows phone - umm, part of the problem I think.

Goodbye windows phone.
I never liked you anyway so enjoy a very long permanent retirement vacation.

  • Avi

Proud owner of Lumia 820, a beautiful phone with Microsoft laziness destroyed Nokia, such a excellent firm .. I was very much happy with my Lumia phone. Miss you Lumia..

  • Carol

Q, 10 Dec 2019Windows 10 Mobile in early stage was.. Close to that, BUT W... moreIf Nokia eould have supported MeeGo (and eflop would jhave not call it "burning platform" at it's release) Android would be dead by now.

  • Anonymous

Since Microsoft is give up on mobile business, now is the time they hand over the patents purchased from Nokia before to HMD which is developing the Nokia phone today

AnonD-844557, 10 Dec 2019Worst OS In the history of mankindI came from Android and Android is a total mess. The only reason why it's popular is because of vast number of apps, that's all.

Really enjoyed my time with Windows mobile, especially their keyboard and speakers in their handsets. But in the end, the lack of banking apps killed it for me. Social media and all that stuff, I could care less about. But the ability to pay for my bills and manage my finance was too much to lose with Windows mobile.
I might just go home today and charge up my Idol 4S and take it for a spin for a day or two for kicks.

Well, RIP from me.

  • Gandalfdenvite

Microsoft should have provided a version of Android to update/install on all these Windows 10 Mobile phones instead of just abandoning all their customers!