Upcoming Sony Xperia mid-ranger pops up on Geekbench with Snapdragon 765

19 December 2019
It would probably launch alongside the upcoming Xperia flagship in February.

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  • mike

Valhalla, 06 Jan 2020I will only buy phone with plastic back because it doesn't ... morebroooo i still have the phone its like indestructible with that metal top and bottom

Valhalla, 06 Jan 2020How can you properly watch a movie on a farty little mobile... moreYou can watch anything properly on a mobile screen if you want to and who cares what directors have in mind about that?

If one can't watch properly doesn't mean others also can't! If you can't, that's your problem. Do you take your TV to watch while traveling? LMAO! What a Boomer!

  • Valhalla

kevinmcmurtrie, 20 Dec 2019I didn't buy a Sony phone because they dropped the headphone jackI will only buy phone with plastic back because it doesn't break. My xz1 compact is perfect.

  • Valhalla

GrandMaster, 20 Dec 2019Dude I didn't mean just 21:9. When 18:9 came out, it was a ... moreHow can you properly watch a movie on a farty little mobile screen? You think directors are making films with this in mind instead of cinema screen? hahaha

Shanti Dope, 19 Dec 2019At best, this could face the same fate as the Google Pixel ... moreI thought the K30 was a priced round $450. Didn't expect it to be that cheap.

  • pan

TheGoldenMellifluous, 21 Dec 2019Still, it won't change my mind very soon about Xperia,since... moreyey! i love what you said there... if that is true id be happy..
i also want sony to continue making phones not because i want to buy every generation...
i see how xperia works longer than any other phones, at least within my circle...
they buy midranges and keep on changing, but i only buy xperia and use them until some problems occur...
i started with a xperia miro, then shifted to flagship z1 compact, then z3 and now z5 premium...
i still have them but miro being not a flagship cannot handle my apps anymore, i only use z1 compact when i am out of town esp when i dont want to bring lot of stuff, then z3 became my portable wifi hotspot due to faulty digitizer, then my workphone is z5 premium...
everytime many people say that xperia is going to die, i am pressured to buy... are they really the marketing? so that i buy one?

CptPower, 23 Dec 2019Man i appreciatte all yorn effort but i have to disagfree f... moreIt is perfectly fine to have your own opinion.
But it is not okay to think of your opinion being the only true one.

BliTTzZ, 23 Dec 2019Claiming that your opinion is only the true one sounds very... moreMan i appreciatte all yorn effort but i have to disagfree for the reasons said in previous post.

CptPower, 21 Dec 2019Man latest CPU and GPU determines whats flagship or not. ... moreClaiming that your opinion is only the true one sounds very bold. I don't think it's right to do so. People have different tastes.

I wouldn't call features you mentioned as useless ones.
Water and dust resistance prove their worth. A possibility to damage your phone lowers significantly. I have owned phones with and without water/dust resistance rating. All of them were dropped into water accidentally and the former phones worked afterwards just fine.

Stereo is important if you want to watch a movie or listen to music through your phone speakers and not headphones. Which I do ocassionally.

Agree with you about internal memory storage. 128 GB is more than enough. But still SD card slot would prove useful if one records high definition video a lot.

With screen protector the screen feels less responsive and it gets dirty faster. Plenty of people choose not to use screen protectors because of this.

Screens from more famous companies mean better quality and viewing experience. It's pretty clear.

Overall flagships are built from better materials and their hardware components and software are more sophisticated.

  • Anonymous

Sanju , 22 Dec 2019Disply type : SAMOLATED / IPS Display FHD+ Camera type : q... moreare these leaked or you want these?

  • Anonymous

yuka, 20 Dec 2019I already hate the 18:9 screen ratio of my XZ2C, so even do... moreXZ1 compact is still the best sized flagship phone... Everything after that has been too big...
You could have quessed that in over 5 years someone could have made better flagship phone... but no. No one has managed to do it.

  • Sanju

Disply type : SAMOLATED / IPS Display FHD+
Camera type : quad came 48MP IMX586
Fornt camera 16MP / 20 MP
RAM & ROM : 6 GB DDR4 And 64 GB ( Dedicated slot )
Processor : SD 730G / 730
Sound quality : best sound quality input and output
Protector : gorila glass 5+ fornt and back and also camera lens proctor
Mobile screen : 6.4 inch or 6.3 inch
Battery : 4200 MAH and also first charging 20W and also provided in mobile box .
Mobile price in India : 14999 ( 6+64GB )
17999 (8+128GB)

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2019Phones without IP68, no stereo speakers, no sd slot, no go... moreMan latest CPU and GPU determines whats flagship or not.
Alll you said are just extra features.
by your statement phone with all that but with SD425 for example will be a flagship device.
Wake up please.

Phones without IP68, no stereo speakers, no sd slot, no gorilla 6, no usb 3, no screen from Sharp/LG/Samsung/Jdi are not flagship.

IP68 is waste of money because no water protection gives you water damage warranty. Its costzly and useless. When your phone gets water damage you have to pay exopensive repair regardless you have or havent IP6X resistance.

Mono or Stereo. Put headphone jack in and you have stereo even its mono.
SD card slot why??? Phones with 128GB disk space or even more have more space than enough no need to have card. Waste of space in phone and another costly feature.
I still dont understand people who have even 1TB disk space in phone and moaning for no SD card slot.

GG6 why??? Have no GG or GG66 you stick screen protexctor anyway.
USB3.0 is waste. Reno with 65W charging have USB 2.0 and is a lot faster than USB 3.0.
You want something which is useless.

And last screen from this company Sharp/LG/Samsung/Jdi can be good but as long as you have 2 years of warranty it doesnt matter.

Now i explained everytrhing if you dont agree your fault not mine.

  • AnonD-901275

Boss, 21 Dec 2019Nuh, maybe you perceive it as quality. Besides general educ... moreWooooow. You cant be more wrong.
If you are not interested in science, medicine, engineering, music, diy, repairs and many more topics that YT us definetly not for for you.
I've learned more how to do tech repairs, drumming, painting and many diy projects thanks to the quality content on youtube.
I guess you are to lazy to search for a quality content.

  • Mike

Rameyuk, 21 Dec 2019While you are correct that wired headphones are generally s... moreThere are very few people who actually care about sound quality, people care about head phone jack not because of the quality but because they really have no money to buy decent BT headphones. Phones with 3.5mm jack have never been good at pushing power to some good headphones but it was good enough for your $15-$45 earbuds. Now people have to spend at least $80 for something that used to cost $15 and that's where problem lies.

If you have $200 wired headphones you really need something that will utilize those headphones properly and that's hardware. Using USB-C dongles to 3.5mm is absolute worst thing you could do cause actual DAC resides in that dongle and it's absolute shit unless you buy the proper one which costs $100 and is big as half of the entry Walkman unit. Another misconception people have is that phone connector does exactly the same thing on every device that has it which again is not true. There is a distinct difference in sound stage when you plug your headphones into some random phone and then plug it into Walkman but how many people care about that actually? I do and maybe you because so far we have spent over a thousand dollars on headphones.

LDAC and aptX BT protocols are perfect solution to weak phone connector on phones because now it's all digital, small in footprint, louder and delivers great sounding results, it gets even better when you buy proper headphones such as 1000X series. So sound quality does drastically improves when you switch to LDAC/aptX from your $50 earbuds but there is still the pricing problem because 1000X costs three times more than those earbuds and then there is still the fact that 1000X sounds even better when they are actually plugged into Walkman or any other hardware dedicated audio player.

  • Boss

AnonD-901275, 20 Dec 2019Not good videos on YT. LoL.baybe you are watching the wrong... moreNuh, maybe you perceive it as quality. Besides general education videos everything else pretty much equals to you and I typing comments here but in form of moving images. Completely irrelevant rants and opinions by random individuals that are no worse or better than other random individual. Is it entertaining? Probably. Are there better ways to be entertained? Absolutely.

Just do not fall into a trap of trying to learn something by watching YouTube tutorials unless you are a total beginner at something. There are very few proper tutorials in VFX, Video Editing, Audio Production that actually show you something properly, everything else is by people who are hobbyist/freelancers and have been doing it the wrong way from the day one. A lot more false information resides on YouTube than genuine one.

  • Anonymous

Trump Fan 1980, 21 Dec 2019Question: how many nanometers is a 765? 8

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2019i want them to stop making phones. they will never success... moreStill, it won't change my mind very soon about Xperia,since my first Sony phone in 2011 . Especially, you forgot that Sony Alpha and Sony Xperia are now in one umbrella division after Kenichiro Yoshida took over as Sony CEO to replace Kaz Hirai , and because now both are in one umbrella, it would be hard to shut down one of EPS division. One more thing to underlined. PlayStation and all Sony division that deal with a network like 5G outside their Mobile division, still need Sony Mobile to relied on telecommunication for interconnecting between division. If Sony decided to cut Sony Mobile from working, I bet PlayStation division will have a hard time to adopt new network, especially when 6G will roam in the future (5G network is secured as SMC still alive) as the very last Sony telecommunication and technology outside PS, shutdown and can't have their telecommunication know-how knowledge. Sony CEO said by itself . Go on , change my mind.

  • Anonymous

Trump Fan 1980, 21 Dec 2019Question: how many nanometers is a 765? 7650000

  • Anonymous

Trump Fan 1980, 21 Dec 2019Question: how many nanometers is a 765? 7 nano