Upcoming Sony Xperia mid-ranger pops up on Geekbench with Snapdragon 765

19 December 2019
It would probably launch alongside the upcoming Xperia flagship in February.

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Question: how many nanometers is a 765?

  • Rameyuk

Makimaki, 20 Dec 2019Yea i got it. We wont be satisfied with every thing. Tbh im... moreWhile you are correct that wired headphones are generally sound better than wireless ones. It's actually relative to the type of headphones that you use.

If you're comparing the flagship Sennheiser HD800S or the Orpheus/HE 1. Then yes, wireless headphones don't even come close to their sound quality. But recent wireless headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM3 has specs that rivals these flagship headphones. New Bluetooth technology like Bluetooth 5 and LDAC and APTX codecs which transfers High-quality 24-bit lossless music wirelessly. It sounds so good that it's almost indistinguishable from most similarly priced wired headphones.

And wireless headphones tend to come with the mobility, no more wires tangling around, and noise cancelling feature to help you listen to music in flights, busy streets, and public transport or even in a noisy office.

I used to listen to 24-bit High-Res Music on my Walkman using wired headphones, they sound awesome. But once I listen the same music on my Xperia phone with a wireless WI-1000X, they sound just as good.. But with all that advantages of being wireless. I never looked back at wired headphones anymore.

So if manufacturers want to get rid of headphone jack to make room for other things, like better antennae range and coverage, better battery, camera sensors, etc.. I'm okay with it.

  • AnonD-901275

yuka, 20 Dec 2019I already hate the 18:9 screen ratio of my XZ2C, so even do... moreAre you?
Hating something that is produced by someone without forcing you to buy it its little overreacting.

  • AnonD-901275

Makimaki, 20 Dec 2019Hmm i havent had any of these issues, maybe you handle phon... moreAs much as i dislike sony phones, i realy loved the z5/xz premium design. I dream for another sony phone with such a sharp aggressive chrome design, but sadly those days are gone.

Makimaki, 20 Dec 2019Hmm i havent had any of these issues, maybe you handle phon... moreSony is doing amazing from selling hardware not devices sadly. Surely their few devices will still not disappoint! A die hard fan with lots of proof and happy moments of using Xperia devices for the last 10 years of great proof will never change for lame copycat devices from china, nor korea, nor america.

MIUI 11,my bad.

kevinmcmurtrie, 20 Dec 2019I didn't buy a Sony phone because they dropped the headphone jackYea i got it. We wont be satisfied with every thing. Tbh im using Xiaomi just because i think MIUI 10 is the best damn thing which happened in Q3/4 2019. Idk really if I want phone without 3,5 audio jack. Maybe yes maybe not, but as someone mentioned here in some thread, wired headphones earphones are way better than wireless. Maybe thats why i wouldn't choose Sony as well. But every thing can be compensated. It is just that indont want a flagship.. Not from sammy not from huawei nor any other. 800 eur vs. 400 for basically same shiet. 400 eur costs here Mi9 same price for mi 9T pro with imx 568 and snappy 855. 749 eir is xperia 5 ( discount). Ok flagships have have some features which lower cost phones dont have, but it is worth it? No audio jack or yes? OIS along cammeras or EIS? 24bit audio or lower?
As i said costumers decide in nianses, bit all these reviews on yt and web dont help Sony.

AnonD-901275, 20 Dec 2019Are you serious. Xperia z2 almost unusable after almost 2 ... moreHmm i havent had any of these issues, maybe you handle phone in such manner. Look XZ wasnt really plastic it was special compound which would not crack even if it falls on the floor.
Sorry to say but i had Sammy s8 with glass all around and all it took one simple drop and it cracked. It was slippery and I was changing the case. How ironic. I dropped XZ too, but it was sturdy enough.
Sony lacked in camera department few years they used 19mp typ, but was always ahead in raw power than any other brand. Now they wanna be innovative, but all these innovations are expensive and thus Xperias are expensive. The market is overflooded by various smartphones which are cheaper than biggest brands. Sure yea why not Pocophone if it has same config, strong battery etc.
Huawei was on good way to take on Iphone but farce which Trump made was in benefit of Apple. Sony will become rarity, because market, internet and ppl are pushing it out of smartphone world. I never had these problems with Sonys, maybe because i always wait few months later to buy a phone. Thus u always know if flagship has any problems like Sammy had with his note line. Howeber I would buy xperia 5 if carriers here had it, but it seems sony lost share here alot.

I already hate the 18:9 screen ratio of my XZ2C, so even don't tell me about 21:9 !
My old XZ1C is back to service. Far far better for my use case.

AnonD-901275, 20 Dec 2019Correct. But at this point almost nobody is prepared to emb... moreYep, you're right. Most people are not ready to embrace it yet. It will take some time. But there are many people who use their phone for portrait stuff most of the time. For them, it's good. I've played around with the Xperia 1 for sometime and man I really liked it. Google feed, Instagram, Reddit, browsing web pages, files and playlists, emails, etc... all seemed a joy to use. More comfortable. Since the phone is narrow, its easy to hold but reaching the top with one hand is a pain and old YT videos is a bit annoying with those thicc bars.

  • AnonD-901275

GrandMaster, 20 Dec 2019Dude I didn't mean just 21:9. When 18:9 came out, it was a ... moreCorrect. But at this point almost nobody is prepared to embrace the 21:9 ratio. So purchasing a phone with such a screen ratio at the time for media consumption is not wise desigion. Not yet.

AnonD-901275, 20 Dec 2019Cmon dude.how much of the content is cut out when zooming o... moreDude I didn't mean just 21:9. When 18:9 came out, it was a problem but very minor. Then many YT videos started 18:9. Then 19:9, 19:5:9, etc... came out and some videos in YT started that. Now 21:9, I know it's very tall but that's an advantage when it comes to portrait viewing such as browsing through web pages, social media, feeds, long playlists, etc... even multitasking all looks better and more comfortable. Only downside is YT videos especially 16:9. But you can't deny that movies will look damn good and Netflix, Amazon Prime etc... So later on, there will many YT videos in 21:9. Then it will be awesome, just wait and see. ;)

  • lol

Gustang, 19 Dec 2019Sony need to get back to their loyal customer by: 1. Xperi... moreif they put 3.5mm jack into compact, it will be sell like a hot cake

  • AnonD-901275

Boss, 20 Dec 2019Don't waste your life on watching YT videos. I see way too ... moreNot good videos on YT. LoL.baybe you are watching the wrong content on YT just like the other kids.

  • AnonD-901275

GrandMaster, 20 Dec 2019Tell me which which modern smartphone other than Razer phon... moreCmon dude.how much of the content is cut out when zooming on a 21:9 ratio?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2019i want them to stop making phones. they will never success... moreYes ...

Then people lose their jobs, cities do not collect taxes, other companies dont recieve royalties they pay, suppliers lose money by selling less.

notafanboy, 20 Dec 2019What a simpleton... The thing is, the black bars are HUGE o... moreBlack bars are black bars, whether they're small or big. Now a days most smartphones comes with 19:9+ aspect ratios. Soon many devices will have 20/21:9. So at least get yourself updated before embarrassing yourself. If you don't like something and can't accept to the change, not my problem. Keep living in the past, okay Boomer?

  • Anonymous

There are people here angry because their favorite brand still does not have stuff xperia has had for years. Stuff they will brag about if they have one day ...

By the way, flagships from Samsung, LG, Htc, Sony, Apple, Huawei cost more than $570 to be made.

  • Anonymous

60E[z], 20 Dec 2019All xperias worth less than $200Just the 4K costs more than $100.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 19 Dec 2019Like every other Sony midranger we can believe and assume i... morePhones without IP68, no stereo speakers, no sd slot, no gorilla 6, no usb 3, no screen from Sharp/LG/Samsung/Jdi are not flagship.

Midranges with 855/855+ .....