Upcoming Sony Xperia mid-ranger pops up on Geekbench with Snapdragon 765

19 December 2019
It would probably launch alongside the upcoming Xperia flagship in February.

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  • Lonte bajingan

Price 450-500$
Screen FHD+ 21:9, 6.1 inch, ips lcd
Battery 3100-3300 mah
Camera 12mp
Android pie
No headphone jack

  • Anonymous

Qimchi, 19 Dec 2019If the design is still the usual slick Xperia design but a ... moreImpossible for them to make a phone with this specs for $300.
Samsung cannot.
Huawei cannot.
Htc cannot.
Lg cannot
Motorola cannot.

Price takes tons of things to be considered. Counties jave different exchange values. It matters if local money is weak or strong compared to dollar. Countries have different import taxes. Phones have different suppliers ..

They do not get fiscal goodies from government. They dont use cheap suppliers.

If the design is still the usual slick Xperia design but a with a modernized 2020 look with the right price (maybe close to K30's price) with the camera and software doing a justice. This might be the Sony phone that gets greeted nicely into the mid-ranger category.

  • Anonymous

Shui8, 19 Dec 2019Thats the way, Sony. Finally your mid ranger gets it. Looks... more10/10+/8 were developed as XA3 series.
And XZ4 got cancelled and replaced by 1.
Now starts new story of midranges.

Thats the way, Sony. Finally your mid ranger gets it. Looks like this time you not messing around. I dont mind with the 21:9 screen ratio.

Previous Xperia 10 series just mehhh. Dated design & hardware, with higher price than competition that offers better.

  • Love the Community

M, 19 Dec 2019Hope it's not another narrow "tv remote control".C'mon. It ain't that bad. Remote controllers are still taller but narrower than all the 21:9 phones. I'm glad Sony is catching up when it comes to midrange specs.

  • M

Hope it's not another narrow "tv remote control".

  • Anonymous

Oppo has different score because it is older geekbench version.

Like every other Sony midranger we can believe and assume it will cost as much or even more than the top xiaomi flagships.