Google Play Store will no longer show notifications for updated apps

15 January 2020
The feature was removed without a heads up.

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  • Anonymous

What a really stupid idea; what are those clowns thinking ?

  • bug

Sean, 15 Jan 2020Better to have notifications i think so you always know and are ... moreI think this is not about Android not telling you there are updates available. The article says "updated apps", which leads me to believe it's about the notification from Google Play that it has indeed updated the apps you told it to update. I always found that both useless and tedious to keep dismissing.

I wish they fix a really important thing, in manual settings, the app gives you a notification if you have any new updates and it gives an option "update all" in the notification bar but when pressing it initiate the updating process and the Google play itself, i mean how this option is supposed to be useful if it is going to open the Google play in either ways?

  • Anonymous

i don't get it. why not just let the user decide for themselves whether they want a notification or not. no reason to assert dominance like that

  • Sean

Better to have notifications i think so you always know and are upto date. Having to check manually is annoying

Options are always good, but I think off by default is probably a positive in this case.