Huawei signs deal with TomTom for maps and services

18 January 2020
Moving past Google Maps, Huawei has found an alternative partner in Tom Tom.

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I say f. Google and bravo to huawei

ZolaIII, 19 Jan 20201. Huaweis network equipment is based on open stack (Linux ... moreYour exactly right. China is simply making phones and there tech exhibition shows they are light years ahead of Apple... Absolutely light years.

Almost everything on these 2020 devices with 865 and Dimensity 1000's etc. Are way better than anything Apple can offer. And Apple knows it. It knows it can't rely on simply iPhone sales anymore.

Unfortunately there are some areas of political descions trying to help apple. But all these curses on huawei. Have actually made me think more about buying a huawei than ever before.


Because they are becoming more independent and showing some serious abilities.

Huawei Mobile Services have already overtaken Google Mobile Services.

Android should never have been fully taken over or dominated entirely by Google.

That is why I use more alternative services that are actually as good as or in many cases better than Google offerings.

MadMel, 19 Jan 2020your perspective is not China but Samsung, i don't need YT ... moreJust what are you talking about?!

Why doesn't huawei just let users unlock bootloader and install whatever they want on their own device ??

This would solve many problems.

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Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020Congratulations Huawei for the Maps. This was a nice Move. ... moreThis sounds so stupid lmao

No spyware coming from a Chinese company, and from all of them, Huawei.

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the world needs tom tom only...

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NotAnOpinion, 19 Jan 2020TomTom, is that still even used anymore? Seriously. Tom... more"TomTom, is that still even used anymore? Seriously."

What do you mean "used"? You do realize that TomTom is not just PNDs and has been selling maps for a long time now? For instance, thanks to TT ADAS map Mercedes Actros trucks can automatically shift gears based on road profile (turns and slopes) which saves millions of € on fleet fuel

Why not using Here Maps? They are already amazingly good and are owned by an EU automative conglomerate.

Ty GSM proving that you are protecting China. 1. UK gave permission for Huawei 5G then UK back down because back door 2. Africa spying problem because Huawei blaming there worker. USA have proof but it bad because every made in China so that would destroy business.

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Umm... Just a reminder guys; Apple maps use TomTom.

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My Tom Tom is going in the bin

Sonu4678, 19 Jan 2020People here have some godly image of China. May God give yo... moreyour perspective is not China but Samsung, i don't need YT to understand that and i'd rather watch 10th season of Real Housewives .... yeah, competition is bad.

Sonu4678, 19 Jan 2020People here have some godly image of China. May God give yo... moreGod won't give you anything that you don't have in your head. Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan).
Only escape today is Open Source.

People here have some godly image of China. May God give you wisdom!
I'm from a fellow Asian country and reading your comments exude naivety.
Who cares if the US spies on you? They won't do much on a personal level. They might manipulate you for their agenda. Believe me, you guys are living in a blessed country.
On the other hand, If China decides to spy on you boi you're in trouble.

Guys, there is a youtube channel ADVChina, I suggest you watch some of its contents. Though it's up to you to believe in the host's truthfulness

Google maps are bad as it is, Tom Tom ain't bad but than again I give OSM the most credits.

Google Maps is spying everywhere we go, and no complain whatsoever

[deleted post]1. Huaweis network equipment is based on open stack (Linux open sourced code same as everyone else.
2. False news.
3. US doesn't have 5G networking equipment, for the first time it's preliminary Chinese (Huawei) and they won't even be able to develop any without paying for IP that's the sole main reason for war against Huawei.
4. If US make 10% US made government export rule certainly nothing will ever again be made in USA.

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Congratulations Huawei for the Maps. This was a nice Move. it's time also to bring up Your own OS ( IOS and Android are Monopoly and the smartphone business its too big for only two OS). If you bring your own OS and suported - With no Spyware ( as IOS and Android do) and you will emphasise in this no Spyware, optimized for your Own Platform( then your smartphone business, it will be a huge success). No Control From Google anymore, enough is enough. Google stops technology evolution ( and spy people with its softaware). People wants an alternative solution.( Your marketing campaign will be : no more Spyware.)

CompactPhones5ever, 19 Jan 2020I remember few years back my parents were asking me to upda... moreI personally use a navigation device in my car. although they are slower, I prefer them because of their user interface. way better than google. and when the internet is a bit slower, the navi device connects to the satellite faster. I feel more comfortable with a Garmin navigation more than the waze or google maps in my phone.

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Definitely better than apples but still behind google!
I'm glad that Huawei is making their own chipset so they wouldn't have to go to Intel for cpu.