Sony Xperia 1 II arrives with SD865 and sub-6 5G, Xperia Pro adds mmWave 5G support

24 February 2020
The Pro variant is still in development.

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  • AnonG

rockman, 25 Feb 2020RIP with this price. The design is nice, spec is nice, except pr... moreYeah, they always find a way to ruin the price somehow.

RIP XPERIA, you'll be forgotten soon.

  • Anonymous

Price please

Sony mobile is dead. Not even on the top 10

  • Skidrow

Since when 1/1.7” sensor is very big. Samsung and xiaomi already comes with bigger sensor. Sony needs to step up their game in mobile phone department. Just brand name wont cut it.

Nick Tagataka, 24 Feb 2020Damn, that's impressive AF (pun intended). Symmetrical bezels... moreSame here. P40pro premium, or xiaomi mi10pro, or this Sony. Regardless the sony will be the most expensive. After all you pay for what you get sometimes. Amazing quality, design, and inside out technology to fill up.

A lot of comments and interest for this Sony.
This time Sony has done their homework !!! :)

  • Anonymous

Priyaneth, 25 Feb 2020Megapixels does not mean more quality So you may find a camera o... moreYou are right

First thing I look at on the spec sheet is how tall it is. And this is too tall, and then price. And its to expensive, and quite frankly every manufacturer has failed that test for the last several years for me. and no one is making anything I want.

  • J.A.Y

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2020Because India (and here Indonesia) has market that like High To ... moreSony leave from Indonesia because of TKDN

  • Anonymous

The 3.5mm jack is my baseline. Samsung lost a sale this year. Sony won it.

The Last Oracle, 24 Feb 2020Except the main shooter with the 1.8 micron pixel sensor. If tha... moreMegapixels does not mean more quality So you may find a camera or smartphone which, having less Megapixels, but with a better sensor and better lenses, gets clearer images than other devices with more Megapixels.

T-Mobile uses Band 71 (600MHz) for long range LTE and NR, but this phone doesn't support it. Sometimes T-Mobile branded phones will have a band swap - we'll see. For $1300 I want a perfect and amazing phone.

  • Mair

AnonD-864704, 24 Feb 2020Sony made a mistake by running away from world's 2nd largest mob... moreEven i miss the new xperia phone in india.. I want to buy this one

  • Anonymous

I'm loving Sony products

  • gan

Finally when your existence is in question you will be at your best.... this time SONY has come with a complete orginal , no nonsense, multimedia powerhouse, no notch, with 3.5mm jack, no megapixel phone SONY has ever created.....

This time SONY has given eveything from its side, only it needs is support from us...

pt020, 25 Feb 2020Amazing phone, I wish they had a compact version of it.They might do it later

  • Pappu

Sony phone are good but price are too high so please take of price according to india. People they are not so rich 70 % people are below poverty so think how they effort this diamond product

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2020Because India (and here Indonesia) has market that like High To ... moreyou forgot cheap

  • rockman

RIP with this price. The design is nice, spec is nice, except price! Sony always sell premium price never plan to capture the market

TooFatTooFurious, 24 Feb 2020Funny how they mention their main camera to have 'very big' 1/1.... moreIn comparison to most other smartphone camera sensors in the market, which are in the 1/2.6" to 1/3" range of sizes, Sony's 1/1.7" sensor is larger than most of them.
Besides, it's true that 1/1.7" is a very big sensor for today's smartphone camera sensor standards, but it ain't claiming to be the biggest one whatsoever, unless your reading comprehension skills are really that horrible and didn't understand it at all.
What's gonna matter more is the fact that the ultrawide angle lens sensor is as big as the main camera sensor on the Xperia 1, which would totally bring ultrawide shots quality to the next level.