LG V60 ThinQ 5G is here with Snapdragon 865, new Dual Screen and 5,000 mAh battery

26 February 2020
LG's sixth V-series phone will go on sale later this spring.

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  • 27 Feb 2020

ugly ugly notch, I'll keep my V50 which i just bought for 250USD :D

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    • 27 Feb 2020

    GAMIRSFM, 27 Feb 2020Can you show proof please? I do see an telefoto there.You are in a different world , there is not telephoto lens, it's the same mm as of main lens, it crops from middle of 64mpx sensor for the zoom amount you want.

      LG dropped the ball with this one. In a big way.

      While the lack of telephoto cam is confusing, what absolutely doesn't makes sense is the screen. If stretching the limits of customers' good faith means being okay with 1080p then it should, at least, have meant a high refresh rate panel. 90hz min. And ideally 120Hz. You got a 5000 mAh battery. It's not like 120hz would've put that big an strain over FullHD resolutions. Plus, SD 865 has got the horsepower and these displays are pretty common in 2020 - or they are about to.

      The only reason this makes sense is screen diagonal increase to 6.8" - which would mean the same 6.8 inch for dual screen accessory, and driving both of them on 90/120 hz would've made it surely deplete faster. But how many of people actually buy and use that dual screen all the time?

      Also, does anybody know the exact model of DAC used in here? Is it the same one, or are there any upgrades?

      Finally LG Canada lists the wide angle as 118° while LG newsroom calls it 117° . Which is it?

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        • 27 Feb 2020

        The only reason for buying this phone is the quad dac and headphone jack.

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          • gNU
          • 27 Feb 2020

          Thanks again and I hope to hear back soon IThanks again and I look it over before it I T andhanks again and I look it I Thanks

            Dometalican, 26 Feb 2020Dude... That was 5 generations ago and it's been fixed. Whe... moreDude. Bootloop was 4 years ago. Stop. LG has never bootlooped since LG G5! If ever, blame Qualcomm for the bootloop. SD808 and SD810 are so hot that it'll bootloop. Not only LG gets it but any phone that has that SOC.

              Firewarrior96, 26 Feb 2020I believe LG did it for the dual screen just like G8x to ha... moreI own LG V50S and when dualscreen attached, the battery runs fast.
              I can understand the reason LG put FHD Resolution on this too, because the 5000mAh battery has to feed not one, but TWO power hungry 6.8" screen!
              So that's that.

              Having said that, I do think you can see the difference bettween QHD and FHD screen while reading tiny text, for example this GSM Arena site.

              I put side to side my LG V35 and V50S (which I just bought yesterday), and I rightly can see the sharpness and blackness of the characters. The ones on V50S looks dull compared to my V35, and my eyes used to QHD screen already!

              But the brilliant Dual screen makes up for the shortcoming and I happily trade QHD screen for unique experience and sufficient battery life

                karoko, 27 Feb 2020The Galaxy S20 and S20+ do NOT have telephoto as well. They... moreCan you show proof please? I do see an telefoto there.

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                  • 27 Feb 2020

                  YUKI93, 27 Feb 2020Oh no, LG dropped the native telephoto camera for this V60.... moreI´ve never used it, so a don´t really care, love my V50, but i´ll wait. I don´t think this will be the flahship model of the "V" line this year.

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                    • 27 Feb 2020

                    Wow this one is a real stinker...what were they even thinking putting the parts together with that sticker price?!

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                      • 27 Feb 2020

                      Furiounx, 27 Feb 20201080p and no telephoto? Whoopsy daisies.The Galaxy S20 and S20+ do NOT have telephoto as well. They use a regular 64mp and crop within the resolution to get a cropped "telephoto" image. But of course you didn't know this because Samsung isn't telling you directly ;)

                        1080p and no telephoto? Whoopsy daisies.

                          Oh no, LG dropped the native telephoto camera for this V60. Well, I don't think I will replace my V50 anytime soon.

                            So 7 inch are going to be a common thing and yet some folks have no idea why foldables are relevant.

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                              • 26 Feb 2020

                              Original-Jamaican, 26 Feb 2020LG smartphones have been known to suffer from boot loops. H... moreDude... That was 5 generations ago and it's been fixed. Where have you been?

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                                • 26 Feb 2020

                                notafanboy, 26 Feb 2020LG phones prices usually drop a lot in a few months time, s... moremaybe in your country, in eastern europe all phones keep most of their price even after 6months

                                  Peachy001, 26 Feb 2020Almost 17cm tall. Getting silly now. Honestly. I'm switching to iPhones because of this. I want a phone not a ruler.

                                    LG smartphones have been known to suffer from boot loops. Have they resolved that issue yet?

                                      Leonid, 26 Feb 2020Yes I also see 4 and I wrote in comments to preview but nob... moreNow it's clear! Lol then this main 64mpx module let it must be veeeeery good because competition is way way good. And LG is always good at cameras that's why I expected at least 3+1. Now we have 2+1 where the 3rd one is not camera at all, but has 2 holes.

                                      Making your friends lol at you because looks like 3 or even 4 camera setup and hard true is it is 2 :)

                                      Now reviews and comparison will be interesting with only 2 modules to play with

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                                        • ib7
                                        • 26 Feb 2020

                                        I don't mind the downgrade but the price need to be lower than or equal to galaxy s20