Check out these leaked Huawei P40 Pro Premium camera samples

23 March 2020
The images have stunning colors and details in broad daylight.

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Well the camera is definitely interesting but i would like this big companies to see their focus in somewhere else.
Stopping the spread of COVID-19 would and should be the main priority for anyone.
If they cant donate sciencist to research the cure they should invest some money.
Othervise no factory for making phones or phone parts will work.
People will eventaly die and the whole world will stop.
Economy crisis will be far worse than the one in USA before the prohibition for example.

Oversaturated and average hdr

mmj321, 23 Mar 2020Did they mention anywhere those are lieca filters, duhThose oversaturated colours and generally warmer tones are exactly what I see on my P30 when I turn those filters on. It also explains extra contrast and rather lacklustre dynamic range, since they disable HDR as well.

Nick Tagataka, 23 Mar 2020Leica Vivid/Smooth filters, duh.Did they mention anywhere those are lieca filters, duh

Denis Thomas, 23 Mar 2020Huawei p40 pro premium? That's lameeee...! Better "Huawei p4... moreUltra Super :D Haha

I wonder who comes up with these names.

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2020OFFTOPIC: Samsung to release a 150MP 0.8 Micron Pixel size le... moreThis right there.

What you just wrote it beyond me as well - Why do they go for these microns... It will only lead to worse image quality..

These photos are not taken with the P40-series - they are taken with a DLSR camera.

Once again the Leica lenses from Huawei taking amazing photos.

Nick Tagataka, 23 Mar 2020Get out, troll.The true hurts

Hopefully matrix mode will make it to p40's cameras.

Feels like not sharp enough considering mate30pro performance, got to wait for review. Wonder if there is any solution for soft shadows from super tele, reach is great though, maybe 3x better than p30pro thx to 2x more zoom and hi res sensor. Moon shot shouldn't need AR.

Denis Thomas, 23 Mar 2020Huawei p40 pro premium? That's lameeee...! Better "Huawei p4... moreI know right? Its as bad as 'Pro Max' naming lol. Either only 'Premium' or 'Pro+' please. Hopefully they change the name at launch.

  • Anonymous

My iPhone 8 is better than this phone.

[deleted post]Get out, troll.

  • Alboooz

Sorry pal, but the pics here are focused only on centered object and the rest of the pic is to much blurry and is not good for everyday use.

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2020"The leakster said the last photo of the dog was taken with the ... more"10x zoom" doesn't necessarily mean it has been taken by the native 10x zoom lens, and we don't have any way to tell which phone was used just by inspecting the images alone.
The only proof left there is that one screenshot which shows the main lens is F1.9 and not F1.8 of P40 Pro's, but you can believe whatever you want to.

Huawei p40 pro premium?
That's lameeee...!
Better "Huawei p40 pro premium+ S ultra super"

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2020Images in low light through telephoto are garbage. 12mp or 8mp, ... moreAssuming that the new leaks are accurate, first of all we don't know which 12MP sensor it will have for the telephoto lens, and then there's no way for us to tell how it will actually perform in real life with all the improvement that could be made in the image processing. You're trying to assume things without seeing the actual samples or even knowing the full device specifications, and I've been telling you that it's a bad habit of yours but now you're calling me an apologist.. Logic 100%. It seems like you didn't have one in the first place before wasting any.

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2020I like Oppo in This regard coz they are offering the most natura... moreExactly, I think you're slowly getting it. :D
Kodak wasn't the biggest brand on old camera film because their film had the most accurate colours. Their film was made to produce over-saturated colours, because that is what we like to see. It's a human thing to get all of our senses working, which is why those headphones you buy has that V shape.
Regarding adjusting colours and saturation, you can tweak virtually anything you like on a Samsung phone.

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Nick Tagataka, 23 Mar 2020They are unofficial, leaked sample photos from the regular P40 t... more"The leakster said the last photo of the dog was taken with the 10x zoom, cropped and then uploaded once again, meaning we are likely looking at P40 Pro Premium samples."

I think I know whom to trust.