Sony Xperia 10 II gets priced in the UK, will be available on June 15

09 April 2020
The phone was announced back in February, and you still have a two month-plus wait from this point on.

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With those quoted prices, I'm seeing MYR 1,800 if want to ship an Xperia 10 ii to Malaysia. I am seriously thinking about getting this new Sony midrange phone.

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    • 09 Apr 2020

    The flagship killers will give Sony a hell of a time when they launch. The only thing that might save them is an exclusive integration with PS5.

      Mike9625, 09 Apr 2020It looks beautiful AFAgreed, it's absolutely gorgeous, it's a bit old school-ish design, no flamboyant grading colours and punch-holes like we see a lot these days... Good old tiny bezels on both sides, small enough to not make the phone too large yet big enough to let you hold the phone comfortably. Practical and mature design, I think.

      The 665 is not the optimal choice, but it's more than enough for daily tasks - for browsing and basic phone usage there won't be much signifacnt difference between a 8xx chipset and this one, the main difference is in games. For £319.98 it's a pretty damn good deal all features considered. Still, we'll have to wait and see how good the cameras are, on paper it looks pretty good (even telephoto camera, which is something many 'flagships' still don't offer) but it will all depend on real-life results. But I think as long as it's at least on par with lower midrange phones these days, it's going to be probably the best price/value phone Sony has released so far.

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        • 09 Apr 2020

        Glad it didnt reach 400+ eu else it wouldve been another doa.

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          • 09 Apr 2020

          Anonymous, 09 Apr 2020IP68 + gorilla glass 6 (front and rear) + front speakers. + OLED + IP65/68. Only Xperias got both ratings IP65/68 (stream of water doesn't penetrates mic and speaker).

            GSMArena hating on Sony again! What the hell is wrong with the naming? Sony use the same naming strategy for their alpha mirrorless cameras! (alpha 9 II for example)

              Had they used a 765 or 730 I would have bought this in a heartbeat. Probably even with 675, 710 and 712. The 665 just doesn't do it for me. I still use my Mi A3 pretty often, but that's mainly just for stock Android.

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                • 09 Apr 2020

                Lordflashheart , 09 Apr 2020hopefully 370 euro is only for Europe and UK due to tax and... moreYes that is usually the case. The 10 was 369€ here and if I'm not mistaken in the us it was the same only in $.
                Same with most phones

                  Given 2 months till it's available isn't that bad given the current situation - although getting it delivered is another question.

                  Got a ETA of 2 months to mail a box of food from Aus to EU.

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                    • 09 Apr 2020

                    hopefully 370 euro is only for Europe and UK due to tax and the rest of the world is 370$.
                    Otherwise it would be really bad pricing and marketing all over again

                      It looks beautiful AF

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                        • 09 Apr 2020

                        I think some pricing needs editing

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                          • 09 Apr 2020

                          Anonymous, 09 Apr 2020IP68 + gorilla glass 6 (front and rear) + front speakers. Yup, that's makes the price quite expensive on midrange class. To get IP rating is expensive. That's why many Chinese midrange phones which sold quite cheap don't have IP rating.

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                            • 09 Apr 2020

                            IP68 + gorilla glass 6 (front and rear) + front speakers.

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                              • 09 Apr 2020

                              It will be out after flagship because it will be more affected by supply chain issues.
                              Few components from China, while 1 ii wont be affected.