Flashback: the Nokia N95 was a high point for Symbian but also the beginning of the end

12 April 2020
This phone seemed to have everything but it came out only months before the iPhone, which changed the mobile world forever.

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Had one for years. Great phone. I used mine until it finally broke - like 5 years ago(!!).
I literally went from the N95 to the Meizu Note 2. What a leap.

The battery door broke and I had it held together with an elastic band. lol

The thing was well built to survive that long. Every feature you could ask for was in there.

After a while the built in browser became hopelessly outdated and couldn't open modern web pages, so I installed Opera Mini for Symbian. Credit to them, they kept that browser going for Symbian long after the platform had died.

Also, in the early years, Waze had a Symbian version, so I had my first 'live' GPS driving experience using that phone. The maps would update periodically even.

Can't say I didn't get my money's worth from that amazing piece of engineering.

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    • Yury
    • p{P
    • 13 Apr 2020

    PmP_WeeD, 12 Apr 2020Oh i remember the best phone ever i had those two and N95 8... moreSame! I also had the N95 8GB followed by N8... It was very satisfying to slide it open to take calls. And it survived quite a few bangs / drops. And I remember OS updates for N8 - there were just two major ones on my memory, so it felt like an occasion.

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      • Izzie
      • nx0
      • 13 Apr 2020

      Jhnu brasco, 12 Apr 2020Nokia E72 used it 3 years. The best ever.I had an E71 and my Dad had an E72. He used that thing until it stopped working. Great phone, great construction.

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        • PmP_WeeD
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        • 12 Apr 2020

        Oh i remember the best phone ever i had those two and N95 8gb and N8...
        Oh man it did every task you wont, my favourite was N95 8gb.
        I still have a leather case from it.
        I'll never forget that phone cause it was my best buy ever

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          • Jhnu brasco
          • RqR
          • 12 Apr 2020

          Nokia E72 used it 3 years. The best ever.

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            • 8vX
            • 12 Apr 2020

            This is my favourite phone as well. I still remember the days when people gathered around you then oohed and aahed at your cool phone. Those days are gone.

              This remains the best phone I have used till date. My most favourite as well.

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                • Goran
                • neD
                • 12 Apr 2020

                use them 3 year. nice phone

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 6wN
                  • 12 Apr 2020

                  I've not used any phone powered by Symbian. I've used Nokia 6303 classic which was a great durable phone. I've sold it after using eight years and it worked fine. Now you have to choose android or iOS. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For me android is more useful and easy to use.

                    My staff had one not and a blackberry touch, I was using a N73, it's been 11 years now

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                      • Nishant
                      • AJj
                      • 12 Apr 2020

                      Nokia N95 8GB was my first ph and it was dropped many times... I really loved that phone. Speaker and camera was awesome. Speaker quality can even beat many smartphones

                        remember driving to Hanover with a friend and picking it up right after the market started. Back then, 750 Euro was an incredible amount of money for a phone. It was an expensive time back then, Nokia released something better every few months. Addictive factor!

                          I really liked using that phone. I bought the N97 after that and then went Android with the Galaxy S2. Since then I've been a Samsung user. Only Galaxy Note phones since I bought the Note 4 in 2014(except for a one year drought 🙂). How times change and Nokia DIDN'T which was its downfall. Most likely won't happen to Apple and Samsung though since they make numerous products.

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                            • Suga
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                            • 12 Apr 2020

                            My N80 and 9300 communicator were my last run-around with Symbian. It was a golden era for Nokia.

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                              • abc_to_xyz
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                              • 12 Apr 2020

                              Kept both N73 Me and N95 in past. N95 stayed for 4 years. I don't think any other phone had such a huge lead over its competitors ever. It took years for iPhone and Samsung to catch up. Flagship today can not last that long. Those were the good times!

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                                • 12 Apr 2020

                                I have this one with 7 mins talk timer

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                                  • tx3
                                  • 12 Apr 2020

                                  Trick, 12 Apr 2020Any idea when the real nokia can restart making phones? I t... morenever gonna happen.
                                  the real Nokia is no more.

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                                    • AprilFull
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                                    • 12 Apr 2020

                                    I remember the TV ad for the N95 that said "Is this what the computers have become?". This phone was the top dog then.

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                                      • Mau
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                                      • 12 Apr 2020

                                      It took like 5 gens of apple to have multitask while symbian had it all the time. Nokia was crazy doing like 5 os at the same time

                                      S60 symbian

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                                        • Vendhar
                                        • bJb
                                        • 12 Apr 2020

                                        Thanks gsmarena. You remembered those nostalgic times where we had a lot of enthusiasm to things surrounding us be it phones, camera, PC, magazines,movies, books.