Sony Mobile President talks the Xperia II phones, 5G and the future

27 April 2020
Meanwhile, Sony Mobile online stores in Europe have closed, instead the official site redirects you to local retailers.

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Vineet Reddy, 29 Apr 2020We are not hating SAMSUNG S20 for nothing. And yes Apple an... moreI agree. I keep seeing comparatives of phones that exclude Sony, or reviews on well known websites that, again, fail to include Sony. Clearly marketing is a problem. Further, I get that they want to launch in Japan first, that’s more than reasonable, but they need to decrease the time to worldwide launch significantly. Everyday they wait is a day older the technology becomes as well as the more competitive the competition.

  • yi

Does sony xperia 1 ii deliver to cambodia already?

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So happy to have a pure android phone with sides that can be gripped without setting off other apps near the edge. Also happy to have a phone that doesn't weigh down my pocket .Also happy to have a 5G phone with dual sim and separate storage. Not so happy with the price.

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Anonymous, 29 Apr 2020SD 865 is capable of 4K@120fps (in video recording. In scre... moreYes SD865 does 4k@120fps in video recording. It's in the official specs for Qualcomm SD865.
However manufacturers haven't given this feature.
Maybe third party app might extract this feature.

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2020Sold where? In China most likely. First and foremost OP ... moreXiaomi and OnePlus sold more flagship phones in India alone than Xperia 1 worldwide.
If you count China, Europe, USA and rest of the world, Sony is a tiny dot on the map of number of flagships sold.

Xperia 1 II will suffer the same fate.
Not more than 100k worldwide.
History repeats itself.
Sony will lose marketshare and sales everywhere as usual.

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2020Your hatred for the S20U is pretty evident. Sony will neve... moreWe are not hating SAMSUNG S20 for nothing. And yes Apple and SAMSUNG will sell more phones around the world. The reason is obvious and it is not that the SONY XPERIA series is bad. It is that SONY XPERIA series is unknown to majority of masses around the world and that is SONY's own foolishness. iPhone and Galaxy on the other hand is made famous and known to masses around the world. SONY XPERIA is not selling well because it is not being marketed well or to be honest not been marketed for almost a decade now in many regions around the world. Without any kind of marketing or letting the people know that a product under XPERIA name still exists today what do you expect. It is not like every person is going to check online for XPERIA in particular or do enough research online. People see TV ads and Newspaper ads and purchase what is being advertised.

KMan, 29 Apr 2020I'm so confused about Sony. Sony Mobile Phone spends a lot ... moreThey never managed to get the top-list of DXOMark ranking after Xperia XZ in 2016 due to some these popular reasons:

1.) The new change for the protocol of the DXOMark test, and it was released during XZ Premium release in June if I'm not mistaken, which's quite suspicious...
2.) Sony Alpha never helps Sony Mobile division after separation in 2012, with a purpose of independence each division (they only give the sensor, and that's it), until the release of last year Xperia 1, where Sony Alpha collaboration with Mobile restart, and eventually became in one umbrella.
3.) Sony Mobile probably overemphasis on Manual mode compared to Auto all the time, where most smartphones did emphasis on Auto, counter perspective with Sony one.
4.) Some mismanagement on Mobile that happened outside the upper 3 reasons

And yeah, some people have issues with DXOMark due Nokia 808 PureView lost to most modern smartphone, despite 808 PV has superior processing and impressive hardware until now.

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2020Your hatred for the S20U is pretty evident. Sony will neve... moreAt least Sony smartphone markets are already segmented and compartmentalized since 2019 because of those signature features that gained recognition (squarish design, dedicated camera button, side-mounted FPS,etc.) and their customers are mostly the same. So Sony already accustomed to what they have now and specialized what both fans and they know best, even if they had to do it step by step, rather revolutionary. Sony already quoted that last year's interview with Trusted Reviews. Sales in Mobile smartphone for Sony maybe later number priority.

On the other hand, Samsung and Apple have widened-type of an audience and more generalized one, and their audience can be different compared to Sony, so they need to focus on sales and make something appeal to major customers. They only do specialized ones for a few occasions (I'm talking about smartphones here)

SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 29 Apr 2020On the go, I am comfortable watching things in QHD or 1080p... moreWell, we haven't seen any proper review of Xperia 1 II, yet any conclusion already being given? Oh, come on. This is the same thing when people assume Xperia 5 battery life will be bad, yet outlast indirect competitor ER of X5, the S10e with 83hr while X5 got 96hr, despite the similar battery capacity, 1080p+ resolution.

And sure, super-fast charging above 40W is great and convenient, but, don't ever assume battery software optimization (both at charging and non-charging state) that Sony started from Xperia X series isn't helping at all. Some reviews want that feature are available everywhere, not just Sony. Even Huawei already implemented that feature, as we saw from the P40 Pro review. It's only mattered of time that feature will be available to another company.

Oh yeah more thing, Sony only released 2 mobile gadgets with QHD(+) resolution in its lifetime, the Z4 Tablet and XZ3. 3 less than their 4K-smartphone lineup. It's already obvious which one Sony towards. Even you don't agree with 4K smartphone, leave it alone. Their halo flagship is meant to be a showcase device for years. Same as Xiaomi Mi Mix Series. It will be sacrilegious to remove what become the signature feature. You should see what Sony fans thoughts of XZ2 when they removed features that defined Xperia for years. It's deeply unfavorable compared to XZ1.

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Anonymous, 28 Apr 2020SD865 already does 4k@120fps. SD 865 is capable of 4K@120fps (in video recording. In screen HRR, no), however, I possibly haven't seen any phone that capable of doing 4K@120fps currently. Sure, possibly, in the future, we'll see one that capable of doing that feature, one after one advancement of technology and improvement.

  • IQ200

Only 105 comments? C'mon people. You can do better

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Anonymous, 29 Apr 2020What a. Where do you watch a 8mp+ still photo,? Go buy ... moreIt's not that simple. Their 8K TVs are the beast but they do one thing even better than 8K panels, they upscale Bluray 4K content to 8K as mofo. That X1 Ultimate chip is a freaking hulk when it comes to upscaling even from FHD Bluray to 4K. Sony film shooting cameras have only 6K sensors such as Venice. There are some XDCAMs that do lightweight 8K work but that's about it. Only phone that does 8K today is S20 Ultra and it's bad when viewed in 8K, it's a lot better when the original footage is downscaled and viewed in 2160p instead.

I don't know what you think of premium features and what premium feature is to you but I'm pretty sure every Sony flagship to date had some hardware and software implementation that other flagships of that period did not.

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KMan, 29 Apr 2020I'm so confused about Sony. Sony Mobile Phone spends a lot ... moreDxO mark is just set of tests on automatic point and shoot mode and nothing else. They don't tap into camera unique features unless it becomes popular marketing term such as night mode. Sony XZ1/XZ2/XZ3 are very capable low light shooters, especially in the manual mode where you can slow down the shutter but before Night Mode trend that took off after Pixel 3 they never bothered with low light photography. They still don't bother to test shooting of moving objects for some reason, they don't test burst shooting, they don't test slow motion video, they don't test HDR video, they don't test low light video and so on.

They also use wrong terminology when they call HDR image stacking with tone mapping as dynamic range. That's not dynamic range that's post processing.

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SLSAHXOHVOMVN, 29 Apr 2020Every Chinese manufacturer from Oppo to Realme to XIAOMI to... moreSold where? In China most likely.

First and foremost OP flagship is Pro version not the other one. Show me if One Plus has sold more than one hundred thousand units in USA when it was selling Pro for $700 on Tmobile. It constituted 0.1% of whole Tmobile sales for that year. 8 Pro will not be sold through US carriers anymore btw, only the vanilla 8 on Verizon. 8 Pro will not be even sold in Best Buy stores or BH Photo and both places still carry Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 and will carry Xperia 1 II. So much about One Plus flagship 8 Pro in US.

On top of it all they've spend tens of millions of dollars to launch 8/8 Pro in US, every tech blog had day zero review of the unit and wrote about the exact same thing that BBK wants you to know about. They also did the same for 7 Pro, spent tens of millions of dollars for the same tactics. BBK is bleeding money in US. Actually BBK is loosing money on OnePlus worldwide. If OnePlus was independent it wouldn't last more than Essential.

Now let's talk Xiaomi cause for the first time it will offer the flagship that's not half the price as premium manufacturers 10 Mi Pro. Let me know how sales are going for it outside of China. Sure it will sell in China just like how Xperia 1 has sold more than million units in Japan. But what about Europe? Would love to see those numbers.

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Smithravi, 28 Apr 2020I think you just wake up from your hatred Dream. Did you ev... moreYour hatred for the S20U is pretty evident.
Sony will never sell as much as Samsung or Apple.
It will shut its mobile division soon due to losses.
No amount of Mark II, Mark III garbage will beat Samsung and Apple in sales.

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What a. Where do you watch a 8mp+ still photo,?
Go buy one of the 8k TV's available for ages, or the many 8k TV's to be sold and you watch in future. No wonder Sony is lagging. Why buy an 8k TV from Sony, if you have no 8k to watch on it?? An egg becomes a chicken not the other way around, content drives the use of the display. It's hard to believe somebody from Sony would say this, but Sony has been known to under deliver, while their pro products charge more for the little feature they leave out of the consumer products. Maybe the EU should look into their practices? Certainly why I avoid buying Sony phones, better camera features elsewhere (just download the right camera app). Sony has NO place in the market. It basically is like a mediocre foreign brand that charges like it has premium features it does not. Soon Sony is going be a study text example for reading the Art of War, as it goes closer to bankruptcy with so much lag in various markets, but being saved by PlayStation in times past. Once the camera, TV and mobiles close down, how much will be left apart from image sensors and PlayStation divisions?

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flagshipper, 28 Apr 2020i never had Sony, but mark 2 caught my eye after tons of tr... moreCan't agree more >_

  • New Zealander

flagshipper, 28 Apr 2020i never had Sony, but mark 2 caught my eye after tons of tr... moreHi pvZ. All flagship phones can go the same things now-a-days but Sony is all about "Entertainment". Sony mobile phones has the best quality sound to listen music and best screen to watch movies. Plus probably the best Sony headphones and accessories on market for entertainment phone including the best clear sound in Car Audio if you have Sony Car Audio system and connected via Bluetooth (the sound is so crystal clear) and you can listen at home via Bluetooth on any Sony Sound System as well (it was since famouse "Walkman" time that Sony had this best technology in music). And you can buy 1TB memory card for top most expensive flagship phone to keep all your movies and music and take with you anywhere. Plus a really good camera from Sony as they integrated their legendary "Alpha" camera technology into this 2020 year model phone (especially night mode photos, not many phones can take good photos in low light) and this is reason why Sony fans like me choose Sony phones again and again. It target customers looking for entertainment from mobile phone and their are the best is this if you thing how name thing they make for home entertainment for already many decades. Plus "Battery Care Software" in Sony phones prevent from overheating during charging and from overcharging if you left phone to charge overnight for too long time. Plus very good software support and updates avaliable online for free and great customer services around the world. What their trying to do now is to integrate all their "Know how's" into mobile phones. I had Sony mobile phones since 2005 (was SonyErricson before) it was a "Walkman phone" which could play all the music on the go and had integrated radio so you could listen radio in any country for free (and I miss this free radio in new phones as they do not have it anymore). Never had problem with Sony phones. After 7 years using the same phone (had to replaced old battary only) I bought another Sony phone in 2012 and then upgraded to "Sony Xperia Z5 Premium" (the best mobile phone I had from Sony company so far) in 2016 which I am using now. But in last few years Sony was behind leaders on mobile phone market offering more expensive and less Hi-End staff (apart from entertament). Last year Sony really stepped up on mobile market when they produced "Sony Xperia 1". It was the fist real compatitor for the leaders on the market. This year Sony took a big step forward with "Sony Xperia 1 || (Mark)" with has few big improvements since last year. More powerful battary, better camera and 5G Internet connection in all flagship phones. And "Pro" version of this phone is a good example how Sony took mobile market seriously this year. As a Sony fan I really looking forward to but "Sony Xperia 1 || (Mark)" this year as soon as it will be avaliable in New Zealand. I am pleased to see 3.5 jack for headphones in this year model too. I hope it will help you to make your chose as I already made mine. Regards

  • KMan

I'm so confused about Sony. Sony Mobile Phone spends a lot but does not have a good rank in DxO Mark for Camera Quality. I really want to try Sony phone again but could not find any outstanding feature besides high price.

  • S777

flagshipper, 28 Apr 2020i never had Sony, but mark 2 caught my eye after tons of tr... moreThank you for appreciating the S7, my current main phone as nothing pleases me these days! Also I totally agree with you!!
*If they only made a Galaxy S7 SE/20XX Edition for those who loved that phone!