Samsung Galaxy Note20+ to have a 108MP sensor, 50X zoom

03 June 2020
It will keep a tri-cam setup like the Galaxy Note10+, the ToF is getting replaced by a laser focus sensor.

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potato4k, 03 Jun 2020People bought Galaxy Note not for the stylus. It's for the ... moreNot for the "status".
Me and many Note users... really use the pen, every day, continually.
My very absolute FIRST feature to look for in a phone ot tab is the presence of a STYLUS. Integrated into the device (if possible). I don't like a separated pen, or "magnetically atached" to the exterior (very easy to lose), as with the Galaxy Tab S6. My Surface Pro pen (magnetically attached) is missed somewhere at home... Fortunatelly my Note 9 S-pen works perfectly on the Surface, too, untill I find it.

After the pen (top requirement), I look for the top specifications: quality and size screen (as big as possible in the phone, and a very small Tab for the handbag (8" or 8.5"), and a 10" or bigger for home and workplace), resolution, RAM, SD card, procesor, native storage, conectivity (except 5G: I try to avoid it,, by the moment)... and Jack always when possible.
Then comes sound. At the end, cameras. My choice for selfie-camera would be no one, or pop-up.

I use the stylus every day, many times. There are plenty of things you can't do without the pen, and most things are better performed with the pen.
For instance, I take a lot of shotscreens, and download many pics, to inmediately edit them. Not just to cut the frame, which is easy with the finger... but to write/draw on it, or color some parts even with great detail, extract an intrincate shape from it, paste image (or text) over a pic and repositioning it or made more changes, extract text from the image... all with the stylus.

The S-pen does much more than simply "drawing" or "handwriting".
Also is much more precise to do things impossible to do with your fingers.

Also the 'Air Command' (configurable) gives you many choices (screenshot, magnifier, translation, information of an object (name, title, URL, etc.) just pointing at it (without touching it), same to ampliffy size of thumbnails, inmediate writing in a note, and any app you want to add as shorcut for fast acces), etc.

All of the previous, just with the basic pen.
Then, you have the button of the pen to REMOTELY shot the camera, play, pause, forward, reward the video, or Power Point, etc.
And with Notes after 9, and Tabs after Galaxy S5e, the S-pen has giroscope to do many of those actions also remotely, but with gestures instead of clicking the button in the pen.

Well, for extremely detailed edition of pictures, drawings, etc., I use a 10.5" tablet (or bigger) or a 26" PC, cause its easier to see in that size, but I need the pen and all its functions in the ones that I use more every day, both at home and on the go: the PHONE (Note 9) and the 8" mini Tab (Galaxy SM-P205).

Sure, many usual Note users (or users of other devices with pen) understand the advantages and usufulness of the pen, even in a phone screen.

I'm "loyal" to the integrated pen, not necessarily to Samsung.
LG and Motorola would be perfect for me with a pen, FLAT SCREEN, and premium specifications.
But the STYLUS is a MUST.

SAMSUNG, pls >>>>>>

My ONLY complaint with my Note 9 is the STUPID ABSURD IMPRACTICAL CURVED edges, which never ever should be in a device with a pen:
1.- It's a nightmare to use the pen when drawing in or near the curve... not to mention all the other inconvenients they make.
2.- The accidental touches in the edge that turn on Apps or actions unintentionally when just grabbing the phone, its annoying...
3.- The undesirable reflections you always have in part or the whole stupid edges (impossible to completely avoid) Those reflections may look "pretty" for the advertising pics and promos (like reflections in car ads), but they are a SIN in a phone screen... or ANY screen.
4.- Over expossing the screen to shock and damage, no matter what cover or protective glass you use.
5.-The difficulty to find compatible glass+cover...

>>>>>> And, WHEN a 8" or 8.5" Tab in serie S (with Pen integrated)!?

  • Amit

I wish they bring back IR into Note series

Anonymous, 03 Jun 20207 years? LOL in the PC world or smartphone world, technolo... moreLearn to read, he used Samsung deviceS for 7 years not keeping one phone for 7 years

  • Anonymous

sayabosanhidup, 04 Jun 2020first they still ca nt compete with huawei s 100x zoom n se... moreDon't compare Samsung to the Chinese government-controlled and financed Huawei.

Samsung has Google Services, better support and is a much more trustworthy company.

I'd trust Samsung with my data, but not Huawei and the Chinese government.

  • James

as long as it stays at below 1000$ it is ok. LOL

  • sayabosanhidup

first they still ca nt compete with huawei s 100x zoom n secondly
they r giving less n charging more to earn even more n thirdly they
they r biding some more time to work on the next zoom capability

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020it has already been fixed with ATE6 update. night mode has... moreThese guys still can't get over the fact that autofocus issues have been fixed.
They still want to bash Samsung on old bugs.

Sure the autofocus is slightly slower than Dual pixel AF but whatever focus hunting issues plagued the S20 ultra, have been fixed.
Haters have a hard time accepting reality.

  • Arco

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020um. From gauzy s1 to galaxy s8 exynos was faster. So I'm no... moreAnd next year exynos might be level with snapdragon..

  • AnonD-754814

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020Of course laser autofocus can used without PDAF. For exampl... moreWhy do you guys get the message wrongly ?

LAF isn't used alone doesn't mean LAF can't work alone.
Previously I was saying the advantages of LAF(while using along with PDAF). The guy took it wrong and made a stupid comment. So, I had to reply with that message. Now you're doing the same.

You can use LAF alone but there is a big problem. Laser AF is faster than any AF but if focuses very small area.

I also doubt about your Nexus 5x having only Laser AF. Every sensor comes with at least one type of AF system built in it. So, you might wanna check your info again.
Possibly it's a hybrid AF system. Like PDAF or CAF(contrast focus) with the Laser AF.

  • Anonymous

This handsets frame, looks nearly identical, to that of the Note 10+ .

  • Anonymous

Luchador , 03 Jun 2020I have been using Samsung for the last 8 years and now one ... moreum. From gauzy s1 to galaxy s8 exynos was faster. So I'm not sure what you mean.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020in mobile phone lens u cant exceed 12 mp camera, that is t... moreGood job believing such ridiculous things. Just like the companies want you to

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020990 uses mali g77. And it's not that the g77 is that bad in... moreOk, it makes sense, what I said is something Huawei claimed, but it's probably just a false excuse they used to justify using the G76 in the Kirin 990.
The problem of Samsung is that they didn't explain any of the "genius" decisions they made with the exynos 990.

  • talha5007

50X is just restricted on software level. it can be increase via future updates when samsung able to fix the focus issue on 100X.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-754814, 03 Jun 2020Did I ever say LAF is used alone ? Of course laser autofocus can used without PDAF. For example the Google Nexus 5x doesn't have PDAF, but laser autofocus. The autofocus works better than on a Pixel 3a. By the way, it's a real advantage that the Nexus 5x always focuses on the center. So I always know where it focuses on. With the Pixel 3a I never know where it focuses on, often the focus is wrong.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 03 Jun 2020Any phone costing beyond $1000 is overpriced IMO. But migh... moreYou know it's a lost cause so why post this?

  • AnonD-754814

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020Problem is not PDAF, it is poor software. Most phones are... moreYour Phone with PDAF doesn't have that huge sensor.

All Samsung HMX 108MP sensors used in other brand's camera has LAF system.
I don't know WTH Samsung was thinking !

  • AnonD-754814

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020Laser AF isn't used alone. It's used in combination with o... moreDid I ever say LAF is used alone ?

  • Luchador

I have been using Samsung for the last 8 years and now one plus series have shown me the speed that you get using a snapdragon chipset, now that Samsung is still using the exynos for india, I don't think so Samsung is my choice anymore, note 10 plus will be my last Samsung ever,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020Good luck carrying all that bulk everywhere. Why do you g... moreYou mean the stolen OS pro lol.