Flashback: the Sony Ericsson K800 was as versatile as James Bond and the first Cyber-shot phone

02 August 2020
It even starred in Casino Royale. This phone was a digital camera, a music player, a portable gaming machine, it could upload photos to blogs too.

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  • Sanjju

I love all sony Ericsson phones. Super look .Good camera quality.

K790i was the phone of my love
I used it for more than 7 years
Superb camera no any 4 camera Chinese phone could compete in photos quality

Top notch for its time! Great memories!

  • Piroman

And still the only phone that can catch fan that spins in 6k RPM and the photo is like the fan is still.

  • Hera

We still use k800 as tool for tems investigation (highly used for telecommunication field. It has the best coverage)

  • Oflife

My brother and I both had one, superb! We are photographers, so would wear them around our necks on a lanyard. This not only made a quick street shot quick and easy, but made it easier to answer a call without faffing around in our pockets. I saw one the other day in a phone repair shop and thought about buying it as a second phone, was in pristine condition! About £30! Only phone that beat it was the awesome Nokia N95 8GB Black. Sold mine used for £350, which shows how good it was back then.

  • Anonymous

I just checked. You can pick it up off ebay for 20 to 50 in decent condition.

  • b

And it was Sony Ericsson which first gave the concept of a selfie 13 years ago in this phone, by providing a convex reflective spot near the lens.

  • Anonymous

Sony should release this kinda phones again..

  • Anonymous

I really liked this phone. An still feel good about it now

  • C905

Two years later the C905 made this K800 a pathetic toy.

  • gorpalm

Loved this phone. Originally had a Nokia N73 with similar specs, but the photos had a weird tint sometimes, so sold it and bought the K800 - which is what I should have done in the first place lol.
Ugly - Nothing as handsome as the K750, or as visually arresting and technical tour de force as the W880 (Tiny in the age of clunky 3G phones), but it had it's gruff charm.

  • EDUB

The cyber shot C902 was slick at the time.

I owned a K800, I was happy with it as a teenager back then. :)

  • Technerd

One of the decent phones back then and quality photos I did also have a Sony cybershot another phone too which was good, I’ve still got the k800i

  • Exo

In that year I had hoped to have it, but that period never happened, yeah at least I still have K850, who I really want! Lovely ❤️ Cyber-walkman-shot

I loved this phone, the night photos with the xenon flash were fantastic.

I had a K750i and later a M600 from Sony Ericsson. wanted to buy this phone but chose a N series from Nokia because Nokia was kinda an indestructible force back then.

anyway, I would want a phone with xenon flash now. A phone with LED and xenon both the flash with capable camera would be so great, be it thicker.
I dont want a thin device, i want a capable device.

  • Vassilis

Still have it, battery off and stored in the original box

  • Anonymous

It was a time when Nokia had better specs and maybe a better build quality but the looks Sony Ericsson was way cooler. I choose the N95 back then though.