Flashback: the Sony Ericsson K800 was as versatile as James Bond and the first Cyber-shot phone

02 August 2020
It even starred in Casino Royale. This phone was a digital camera, a music player, a portable gaming machine, it could upload photos to blogs too.

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Wow. What an article!
It was a time when phones were fun and pocket friendly 😘

  • Socalteknique

What an amazing phone for it's time. I still have mine from 2007/2008. It's rubberized paint has turned into a sticky mess though.

  • CCY

I haveee this phone back in 2008... when I started working..... good memoriesss…. I remember I have 1 colleague who is ultra diehard fan of sony…. fast forward 12 year.... not sure now what he think of sony phone haahaha… lost contact....

  • Raja

I have this type mobile, super camera, Nice mobile, & Love it

  • Bucckey

Sony was way ahead of that time than others. 😉

  • Greg

I had this phone long time ago. It was a very nice phone and was a nice time... but is gone

  • Anonymous

Still I want to buy this phone

  • Jadav

I also had k790i really an amazing camera miss it

  • Anonymous

This phone is such a legend. One of the phones I really dreamed of having. It's super sleek, super good-looking, such a stunning all-rounder. This post brings so much nostalgia. Those were the days when I have to browse the internet only to look at this phone and read magazines only to find reviews.

  • Jimbob

I mean the K750 was good but then they released this with the xenon flash 3.2MP cybershot camera & it was just better than anything out at the time.

  • Anonymous

I bet thismphone with 3.2MP can outperform s20 ultra and its excess of noise reduction that makes a 108MP with 1,5MP quality equivalent.

  • Sumair

I was a proud owner of this phone from 2007 to 2009. Undoubtedly the best camera phone of it's time!

  • promeu

I had de K750i and pictures were astonishing.

  • Kowalski 99

My dad still uses his which was originally my cast off. It still looks as good as new!

I never had the K800, but I did have the predecessor K750 and its successor the K810 as my daily drivers back in th day. Both one of the most reliable phones I have ever used.

  • Anonymous

I just don't understand why SE phones weren't considered smartphones.
I had a C702 (a spin off of this iconic K800) and I remember using it as my only computer even back in 2009, during a 3 months period.
It could download the best mobile browser at the time (Opera Mini), and the very best 3D games (legendary and superior Galaxy on Fire 2 for example wasn't available on Nokias). It could also download full featured chat apps, and I remember using one (that even had an "AI" assistant)
And it could truly multitask all of these!
Fantastic devices.

It was just an unexplainable experience when you are watching casino royale and you have the phone in your possession already.

  • Jaz

ptica, 02 Aug 2020I loved this phone more than my girlfriendWas probably way sexier, too.

  • NiiHarry

This phone was really cool. Loved it to bits👍🏾

  • MG

I had K790i, best phone ever in 2006-2007 year.