Flashback: the Sony Ericsson K800 was as versatile as James Bond and the first Cyber-shot phone

02 August 2020
It even starred in Casino Royale. This phone was a digital camera, a music player, a portable gaming machine, it could upload photos to blogs too.

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As an owner of two of these phones, I can say: "I am so glad, this is behind us.".
Both died on motherboard related issues.

  • Simon

This was an amazing phone. The upgrade was huge in all possible aspects compared to anything I was familiar with before it launched. It was the first phone where the camera experience, music player and gaming experience felt all really polished. Sort of the pinnacle of development of the feature phone in my book. I loved it.

Received it as a gift from my wife. One of the best features would be the xenon flash.. Reading the article really put a smile on my face...Those were the days.

  • Anonymous

RN, 02 Aug 2020ah those times... the "un-boring-phone" eraWish I could go back ;(

  • Anonymous

K800i ❤️

  • zak

Great Flashback from the good old days. A friend of mine had K800, while I had D750i (K750i) and I was a little jealous because of the better camera and bigger screen.

ah those times... the "un-boring-phone" era