Apple smartphone sales growing strongly as global smartphone market declines in Q2

31 July 2020
The iPhone SE contributed to a surge in iPhone sales gloablly.

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Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Because no one would buy itAnd why not? Not every android user is a spec junkie. I just want a phone with the best processor that would last long even if software updates have stopped. I bet none of the extra lenses gets used because of poor quality and is just for bragging rights. The pixel 3a comes close but the non flagship processor cripples its processing so a picture takes a while to save.

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Another article with sour Android fans.

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[deleted post]Because it's a new phone it got overhyped and overrated by american reviewers.

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JDK, 01 Aug 2020Hmmm... I wonder what the android bois said when the iPhone... moreSo? Whe' this phone was released Android fanboys said that it sucks but people will somehow buy it because it's an iphone

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[deleted post]LMFAO...what on earth are you talking about? iPhone 8 was well received at time of release just like every flagship Apple releases every year!

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Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Because no one would buy itStudents with low budget and wants to play games will buy it.
Buy Companies wont bring such devices bcoz it will make a huge dent in flagship sales.

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domraym, 01 Aug 2020I wonder why android manufacturers won't release a SD8... moreBecause no one would buy it

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I was playing with my friend’s iPhone SE. Although it looks a modest phone compared to most phones, it is a really fast phone and it takes excellent videos. It will be hard to find a phone at that price with such a good stabilization. It makes you feel a pro user without the need to waste 1000 dollars.

I wonder why android manufacturers won't release a SD865 phone with just one good camera (none of that depth and macro bs), 720p display for a monster performance, a good enough selfie and even a plastic build for $399. Any brand could do that and upend the market. Did they come up with an agreement not to? The closest would be the poco f2 pro but that's not widely available.

JDK, 01 Aug 2020Hmmm... I wonder what the android bois said when the iPhone... moreIt's the cheapest iPhone with Apple A13 Bionic and has a few upgrades over the iPhone 8, like the faster charging and more RAM, so why wouldn't it sell?
But if I was an iPhone user, I would buy the 11 Pro Max, small 750p LCD display and no telephoto camera, no thanks.

[deleted post]What are you talking about? It has the more recent Apple A13 Bionic chipset, more RAM and faster charging.

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020BUT Huawei still leads smartphone market... ;-) https://... moreWho cares about market shares? You know those on the Apple camp can turn around and say Apple makes the most profit than all Android phone oem's combined. Neither of those things matter to the general consumer. Those companies are big enough where they are not going out of business anytime soon.

JDK, 01 Aug 2020Hmmm... I wonder what the android bois said when the iPhone... moreAnd what is your point.
The iphone se maybe is cheap and with reasonably good specs. But aesthetics? It a one big joke.
So the most sold phone means its the best? 😂😂😂😂

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Just watch how many Android user bashing on SE in this comment section. :)

I'm an Android user but even I could see the effects of SE from the beginning, don't know why other couldn't see it. OP Nord is nice but we need more like that in midrange price tbh.

Hmmm... I wonder what the android bois said when the iPhone SE just released...

"NOBODY wants THIS MIDGET of a smartphone!"

Well then look at this:

"Apple’s growth is no miracle. It was largely thanks to the company’s launch of the iPhone SE. It convinced many legacy iPhone owners (owners of the original iPhone SE or iPhone 5S and under) to “upgrade”, and it was the company’s cheapest smartphone at $399. The iPhone SE accounted for about 28% of Apple’s global sales this quarter."

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Yeah cause you can walk in walmart and get the se for 200 or free.
Or the xs max for 3.30 a month