Apple smartphone sales growing strongly as global smartphone market declines in Q2

31 July 2020
The iPhone SE contributed to a surge in iPhone sales gloablly.

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  • UI Goku

JDK, 01 Aug 2020Well then if there are better "alternatives" why ... morePeople being uninformed, mass marketing by Apple, poor marketing by other companies, being overrated by tech reviewers, playing the exclusivity card, and anti-consumer practices.

Important Asian markets like India and China are rejecting Apple because it's an overpriced mess compared to Android solutions for a third of the price. Same with Europe, to a lesser extent. People are only buying Apple products for the exclusivity and the brand. The myth that an Android phone dies after one year or two is just that, a myth.

Why the hell would you buy this phone over a Black Shark 3, Poco F2 Pro, OnePlus Nord, Realme X3, Galaxy A71 etc etc is beyond me. It's just American reviewers going crazy over an A13 put in a 2014 design. That's like driving a Renault Laguna with a V12 engine...

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Apple is as good as a non entity in the smartphone segment ... morehmm... You think nobody would really care?

How about you try and wipe apple off the face of the smartphone space entirely today!

Boom! Software integration between apple devices lost!

Boom! People's imacs, iPhones, watches, all disapear!

You think those people won't care about apple suddenly fading into nonexistence.

Uh, more sour android grapes, just don't want to admit the truth about smartphones.

  • Fitbri

Essen, 01 Aug 2020I am not an iPhone user, but credit where it's due. No... moreAgree to a point. I probably would have gone for a Nokia had some of them been a bit more pocket friendly so I've stayed with Pixel 3 and loving it perfect size does everything and a great experience

Berserker, 01 Aug 2020And what is your point. The iphone se maybe is cheap and w... moreWell then if there are better "alternatives" why aren't those "alternatives" selling as well?

You say asthetics are a one big joke? Then every phone from 2015 is a big joke. The samsung galaxy S1 is a big joke. Is that so?

  • LoL

Essen, 01 Aug 2020I am not an iPhone user, but credit where it's due. No... moreagree 100%

  • Anonymous

I'm just so glad to see Samsung being punished for their "anti-consumer" practices.
This whole Exynos vs SD mess and countless recycled, uninspiring midrangers was getting so's hoping more sales slump for their upcoming Note 20 launch!

YoshiAkash, 01 Aug 2020It's all about building a perfect ecosystem, which and... morePrecisely.Not only do Apple have a great ecosystem but the best CPU’s and best update longevity which is what keeps people on iPhones and iPads because they know if they buy them today they will have updates for many years to come therefore they are happy to invest in software and services provided by Apple and the Apple ecosystem,which means more money for Apple and App Developers.

ASUS ROG Phone 3, 01 Aug 2020Android mobiles are far ahead in technology and innovation ... moreIt's all about building a perfect ecosystem, which android doesn't have.

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ASUS ROG Phone 3, 01 Aug 2020Android mobiles are far ahead in technology and innovation ... more"Android mobiles are far ahead in technology and innovation no doubt about that" lol

SimpleTechEnthusiast, 01 Aug 2020Correct me if I'm wrong. But Sony (way ahead of its ti... moreAndroid mobiles are far ahead in technology and innovation no doubt about that, for many years in a row. But Apple has a strong & committed user base in its home country just like Huawei cannot be beaten by Spple in China. Both markets can provide sufficient safety net for both Apple and Huawei. Other brands like Sony are behind in marketing, working with the industry, collaborate with communities, develop committed user base with reasonable price, provide excellent aftersale support, come up with resale, exchange, finance options, partner with local suppliers etc..,. Don’t Brand value has been forgotten in our domestic market. Even earlier, with its unreasonable price points, people didn’t even aspire for it. I used to own Sonyericsson P990,P990i, P1 etc which I found very interesting and addictive. But they all were waiting for someone to take them off!! Too complacent probably, like Blackberry and Nokia. At least Sony made some honest attempts before jumping to Android but other major players were just sitting tight and expecting Apple to fail!

Correct me if I'm wrong. But Sony (way ahead of its time, as ever) released a series of Compacts alongside their bigger flagships (the internals being almost the same in both). But why do you reckon the compacts didn't receive the sales or the popularity that the SE 2020s get now(acc to this article)? I see a lot of Android users speaking about Andoid/ its OEMs being the front runners of innovation, in this thread. Where did they all go back then? Also, as we can now safely assume, Sony didn't get to where it desired to.

Believe this success of Apple is well deserved! Android user here, btw.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 01 Aug 2020What are you talking about? It has the more recent Apple A1... moreYou forgot to mention the SE is cheaper than the iPhone 8 when it was released.

People can bring up iPhones not having the lastest and greatest specs but in reality those specs don't bring home the cheddar.

  • Bogdan

ASUS ROG Phone 3, 01 Aug 2020Cheapest mobile SE selling well but this will close doors f... moreThe SE was not created for this purpose. Is not targeting at those people who have a S10/S9 for example, or iphone Xr/Xs. Is targeted at those iphone users with iphone 8 or older models, who are already familiar with this form factor (and also they are ok with this form factor). Or at those few people who have or usually buy Android low-end phones (200-300EUR) and want to try IOS for the first time.
For a business perspective, it is actually a logic and wise decision by Apple. And at a low cost for them, being that they recycled a lot of old parts.

Cheapest mobile SE selling well but this will close doors for its upcoming flagship ones at higher price points.In our market the price vs feature it is not even closer to some of the Android flagships with SD 865. 4.7 inch screen with thick bezel, Touch ID is really awkward looking one.

  • Bogdan

[deleted post]We upgrade, we can get. Who is this "we"?
Or is that you Patricia? lol.

  • Bogdan

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Because it's a new phone it got overhyped and overrate... moreThis things usually can go against the phone itself, if it turns out that model it's bad.
Imagine everybody praising, over-hyping a phone and then that phone will end up being bad. Like a lot of Android models, especially from the Chinese manufacturers.

Every Apple hater waits for that big fail phone each year, but it doesn't come. Why? Simple, because iphones are just reliable and good.
Now, some Androids are too, but they are so many of them produced each year, that is almost impossible not to have a lot of bad Android models. So that is why people trust iphones each year, but not so much Android phones (even if you want to go with the same company for couple of years straight, you will find out in one year they release a good model, immediately the next year a very bad one). Inconsistency.

  • Essen

I am not an iPhone user, but credit where it's due. Now, would Android OEMs attempt making something compact, without notches? Perhaps that will induce people holding on to 3 and 4 year old compact phones because all their new options are 6.5+ inch, quarter kilo shovels?

  • Anonymous

JDK, 01 Aug 2020Hmmm... I wonder what the android bois said when the iPhone... moreApple is as good as a non entity in the smartphone segment these days.
No one will miss iPhones if they are wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow.
We'd still have superior products from manufacturers who actually innovate unlike Apple.

[deleted post]Because the iphone 8 was $600+ when it was released. Iphone users are price conscious too.