Google Pixel 4a announced with Snapdragon 730G and 5.81-inch display

03 August 2020
Google's mid-range Pixel is finally out.

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Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020Glad I went with the samsung A71 + sideloaded Gcam.You should know the aspects of this phone first!

Really OnePlus nord powered by Google AKA pixel 4a

  • Greg

128 Gb storage and no sd card in 2020, ha ha ha! Google- you failed/ Shameeeeee

Just black? lol google is clearly trolling everyone.

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020Glad I went with the samsung A71 + sideloaded Gcam.You should try S10 lite you will know what you misses

Anders, 03 Aug 2020Quick list of better and cheaper or same price phones; Moto... moreDoes any of these have 4a form factor? 3 years of guaranteed software support and pixel level camera capturing and processing capabilities and no bloatware stock android UI in all in one package?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020Google needs ..... Pixel 6 / 6 XL - 5.8" HDR 1... moreThis is exactly what Google DOESNT need. The mad rat race for specs. A case in point Oneplus Nord. It has 4 cameras just to score brownie points. How good are they?

IMO Google will do well with sensible phones average consumers can buy and enjoy. Think about it anyone can take great pictures without investing in 1000 USD phone.

People would buy this phone for its:
- Small(ish) size: 69.4×144 mm
- Stock Android 10
- Camera quality
- Durability

People who slam this phone either don't get the point or they are misinformed.

If you'd scale the battery rating from other phones with a similar chipset to the size of the battery in the Pixel 4a, you'd get a rating of around ~85 h, which is not bad for a phone in this "compact" (relatively) form factor. There are phones with 25% more battery that rate worse.

Very few phones have OIS at this price point. OIS is necessary for getting multiple sharp shots in quick succession for computation photography features such as HDR, night mode etc. -- and Google has some of the very best software for just that.

The Pixel 3a got first place of all 2019 phones that JerryRigEverything's durability-tested. That's because its plastic back did not crack as easily as glass backs.

That tiny bloody battery though.

  • Anonymous

Google needs .....

Pixel 6 / 6 XL

- 5.8" HDR 1080p / 6.4" 1440p
- SD875, 8GB, 128/256GB
- 12MP 1/1.76" + 16MP 1/2.6 + 16MP 1/3"
- 3800mAh/ 4400mAh
- IP68, gorilla 7 both sides
- usb 3.2
- april 2021 announcement

  • Anonymous

Glad I went with the samsung A71 + sideloaded Gcam.

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020it is also badly made and full of ads and spyware os.Yep, compromise in software. Not clean as pixel. But if you improvise you can install miui eu or global and in a few months you can install custom rom. IMO redmi note 9 pro it is a better deal (5k mah, 30w charger) but software is the big weakness of it.

Many of the comments here are basically from haters or people who have no real experience with this or any other pixel phone and just repeat what other people say. It is true that Android stock used to be too basic but at least with the Pixels that's not entirely the same as what you find on Android One phones or other brands. It's just a different approach to the user experience (and my experience with it has been a lot better than I thought it would be). I've used LG, Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi phones in the past and still have a Samsung S10e which I won't deny has better specs compared to my Pixel 3a... But I still prefer the pictures from the Pixel, specially the night mode. So I'll definitely upgrade from the 3a to the 4a because I like small, lightweight Android phones with good camera quality and headphone jack, and right now this is the only available alternative and it's very affordable. At least in the US you can find it for less than the announced price and even with an extra discount if you trade it for your 3a (at Best buy)

It comes woth 128 GB of storage at base! Even Pixel 4 at 64GB is at $799! $100 more for the 128 GB!

Without reading any opinions in this comment section like I usually do, I'm going to sum up what most of you are saying. I've been around long enough to do that.

"I don't care how cheap it is, flagship specs or bust."

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020it is also badly made and full of ads and spyware os.Build quality is great. Global version doesn't have ads. Also Xiaomi spying exactly like apple, Samsung....

  • The Albion

gt94sss2, 03 Aug 2020Charging £349 in the UK vs €340 in Germany is ridiculous. ... moreAgree 100%

  • Anonymous

Alex 94, 03 Aug 2020Redmi note 9 pro which is most popular mid range phone have... moreit is also badly made and full of ads and spyware os.

  • The Albion

Bodygard, 03 Aug 2020340€ in Europe? Well, that's unexpected...phones are a... moreAnd the price is even higher in U.K. !

Interesting phone, if only they make a bigger battery (3500 mah maybe) and offer second lens (ultrawide) it will be a hit