Google Pixel 4a announced with Snapdragon 730G and 5.81-inch display

03 August 2020
Google's mid-range Pixel is finally out.

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Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020Well... It is 350 dollars and it has the most up to date sp... moreIf u talking up to date specs, then for this price there should be sd 765g.

Im loving this, will definitely upgrade from my pixel 3a xl. Unless you are a gamer i really dunno why you should have a bad thing to say about this phone. You may prefer the direction other smartphones take but that doesn't make this phone a bad one.

Literally nothing different from 3a. Better get 3a for 100$ less.

lcd 82, 03 Aug 2020Compact ❤️ .. in today's brick size phonesThere are 90% of population which love bigger screen phones. U 10% will wait every 2 year's for one normal offer.

There are many people who want smaller phone. But it's impossible to compare this with phones like note 9 pro, which have 4 back cameras, 5020 mah battery, splash resistant, fast charging 30w, gorilla glass 5 front and back, little faster sd 720G, and everything that for 220€. With that 3000 mah battery this will be big failure.

  • T M

They are going to sell a ton of these. Well priced.

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020Probably imx363, used since pixel 3. Old and cheap to buy. I hope that's not the case. I hope it has the Sony IMX 555 with 12MP and 1.8μm pixel size.

It's high time that the Pixel improved its cameras further. They havent been improved in quite a while.

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020ya right that mean your iphone se is also brick . The scree... moreSorry, don't like ios at all

  • Anonymous

lcd 82, 03 Aug 2020Compact ❤️ .. in today's brick size phonesya right that mean your iphone se is also brick . The screen even smaller .

This actually looks enticing but we all know google has issues with hardware qc. For this one I'm suspicious of the oled panel quality and the durability of that square camera glass. Better wait for the reviews first before taking the leap.

  • Jim

I really hope Google UK rethink their pricing. Needs around a 10% discount! 340 Euro price works out at £305, US price with VAT is £320 and Australian price works out around £325 so UK getting the worst pricing...

  • barom

Seems like old camera sensor, shame. Was hoping for 1/1.7" sensor.

Compact ❤️ .. in today's brick size phones

18k max in India and I will buy it for my brother

or just google best value for money phones GOOGLE

  • Rauliulian

In Italy it costs 389 euro...thats not cheap. Better buy S10 lite, bigger screen, bigger battery, newest processor...

  • Kaddy

unic, 03 Aug 2020Why does Google always put a small battery in their phones.Google optimises its software for less power hunger.... With clean Android OS, the battery consumption became less

Why does Google always put a small battery in their phones.

  • Anonymous

TheLastOracle, 03 Aug 2020I wonder what imaging sensor it has. That, and the processi... moreProbably imx363, used since pixel 3.
Old and cheap to buy.

  • Anonymous

Poco F2 Pro will kill this

mangyiscute, 03 Aug 2020literally everyone on here only cares about hardware. Softw... moreYes. Most people just go with spec. I would say just try it you would be surprised how software changes everything. Unless you are a gamer otherwise just try and you will be like is this the software of premium devices because thats how smooth and how fast updates come in pixel devices. And one camera is inhalf than some 2mp macro camera that is useless. Though it would have been nice if they added ultra wide. Anyway the main camera of this device would absolutely crush every mid range phone for sure.