Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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Trollhammeren, 15 Aug 2020Like it or not it's optics. That's how photograph... moreThat might be but I still don't like it. It's bad and limited optics.

Helen Lantos, 10 Aug 2020Well, I don't like that at all. I like to take close-u... moreLike it or not it's optics. That's how photography works.

Trollhammeren, 10 Aug 2020a lot of people who can't seem to understand the shall... moreWell, I don't like that at all. I like to take close-up shots of plants and stuff.

It's stupid to make a phone that can't do that.

Helen Lantos, 07 Aug 2020Okay because I had it too but only for a week but I couldn&... morea lot of people who can't seem to understand the shallow focal depth of such a big sensor coupled with a wide aperture size. You have to eider not take photos to close to the subject or be careful where you focus.

Shui8, 07 Aug 2020Laser AF, ToF & LiDAR are all laser beam. A simple ... moreGSMARENA has re-updated my old comment(the comment you replied to).
You can read that.

Morsel, 08 Aug 2020First of all you should know that every ToF isn't Lase... moreCorrection: 3. Fast moving object.

Shui8, 07 Aug 2020Laser AF, ToF & LiDAR are all laser beam. A simple ... moreOkay, Now I get your point.
GSMARENA just deleted my comment and posted the earlier one.
ToF can use both visual or infrared laser but LiDAR usually uses infrared laser only.
But when I posted then I understood You won't get it the way I was saying and make it difficult.
So, I didn't include that to my re-posted comment.

Anyway LiDAR doesn't use radar.
It can work as a radar. ToF sends a single burst of light where LiDAR send multiple burst. For this it can work as a radar. But it doesn't use radar.

Radar works by sending radio waves but LiDAR works by sending Laser.

This is the brief explanation I wanted to avoid. But feels like GSMARENA doesn't want me to. They should have deleted the earlier comment which they didn't publish at that moment. Instead they deleted my updated one.

Shui8, 07 Aug 2020Laser AF, ToF & LiDAR are all laser beam. A simple ... moreFirst of all you should know that every ToF isn't Laser based. Some might be LED based. Samsung ToF on S20 ultra wasn't used to focus I guess(not 100% sure about it but I think it doesn't).

There is no argument that ToF is much better than Laser AF on paper. ToF has more ability than Laser AF system.
But in practical focusing, ToF can't hold against Laser AF system.
1. ToF loses it's advantages after 1 meter(2 feet for most cases). Also ToF works half the distance of Laser AF.
So, not really useful for photography.
2. ToF loses it's advantages in dark situation.
3. ToF also doesn't work for moving object.

So, if we use only one AF system like only ToF or Only Laser AF. One will have advantage in one scenery and the other in another scenery.

But when using it with PDAF AF system the Laser AF is superior because those area where Laser AF lacks can be filled with PDAF and adding the advantages of Laser AF system. Thus making the combination superior.
ToF won't just give any advantages over the PDAF except at very close range like macro photography.

Why ditch ToF ?
You didn't see it, did you ?
Samsung S20 ultra should have the Laser AF system on the first place. Samsung was dumb enough not to put Laser AF. And they suffered the consequences. Now they're are just making things right.
About bokeh Google showed they can do better bokeh without ToF than those who has ToF.
Yes people will miss 3D feature. But at least there main camera won't have focus problem like 200$ phone.

All Samsung needs to do is 2 thing. Introduce a proper Exynos, make it better than Qualcomm and keep it out of US. Let them feel what we feel now.
Secondly add dual aperture one at 1.7 and another 2.8. The big sensor with this big aperture isn't really good. 2.8 will be better for daylight capturing.

[deleted post]Laser AF, ToF & LiDAR are all laser beam.

A simple Laser AF as on Note 20 and most previous other branded flagship before are limited than ToF & LiDAR.

Laser AF - one point laser beam that only measuring flat surface (2D)

ToF - pulse laser beam that spread like torchlight therefore can measuring object shapes (3D) with distance calculation faster than normal Laser AF

LiDAR - hundreds point of laser beam + radar that invidually spreading to measure object shapes more precisely than the two, with far better distance

My arguement is, ToF can be better on bokeh simulation AR & assist focusing in more challenging environment. Why ditch it? Why not improving it? (as u said that not all ToF are assist focusing, why Samsung even bother to put it in the first place on S20 Ultra). ToF are better than normal Laser AF, no two words about it, as it offers more advance & more flexibility solution.

Dont worry, i love these kind of conversation. There are things u know more than me, as me to you. Just play it cool.

Trollhammeren, 07 Aug 2020Yes, yes it does :)Okay because I had it too but only for a week but I couldn't take good photos with it and I'm sure its because I'm not good with the settings. I'm more of a point and shoot person. I remember the night photos it could take were out of this world.

I took some photos in pitch black conditions in my apartment and outside of it and they looked like half day light. I never seen anything like it. Ever.

Shui8, 06 Aug 2020Woah relax buddy, u can argue with facts, but simply call i... moreBro, There is definitely a reason for that.
Why do you even think ToF is better.
First of all, All ToF can't assist in focusing.
Secondly those ToF which can assist in focusing use Laser anyway.
But that isn't my point. Both are based on Laser. They are just made for different purpose. Why do you even think that ToF(which is 3D focused) is better than Laser AF(which is solely purposed for focusing) ?
ToF doesn't even work beyond 2-3 meters.

And don't give examples with Xperia 1 II. That is Dual Pixel AF. Even a simple help from ToF can be great. But that doesn't mean ToF is better than the Laser AF system which is built for doing exactly that AF task.

LiDAR is just a different type of ToF. LiDAR is a better version of ToF.

Also I'm not saying this because of Samsung. This year samsung is a continuous disappointment. They're continuing with exynos 990.
I guess they don't have the ability to develop a better version of Exynos 990. Because there is no custom core division. I think they're just offering true performance of the exynos 990 which should have been there at the first place with S20 series.

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020No. Laser can focus on only one point of the frame. ... moreHigh end ToF is based on Laser. Just for different purpose.
So, ToF should have the same issue.

Mikeyo, 06 Aug 2020Actually the only good thing about it is the fact it has a ... moreAgreed, THat's why I got a Note 10 Lite.
Serves my purpose all right.

Helen Lantos, 06 Aug 2020Does it take good photos?:)Yes, yes it does :)

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Yes it is too bad mrwhosetheb said that games run at 15fps ... moreSamsung should be sued for doing this.

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Helen Lantos, 05 Aug 2020The E990 is very, very bad. It overheats and causes bad bat... moreYes it is too bad mrwhosetheb said that games run at 15fps instead of 60 in the 865 and it is 15 degree more heating
And comparaison in chong liu between g90t and 990 shows better fps on g90t on the redmi note 8 pro woch has glass back

GDS Khera, 06 Aug 2020I pretty much agree with this tweet here for Note 20 htt... moreActually the only good thing about it is the fact it has a FLAT display. I wish the ULTRA had one.
Using S-PEN/stylus on a curved display is inconvenient and doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Let's say some phones there perform always better than... moreCouldn't it just be that these phones are better?

geez, so much hate for just 2 phones.

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Ni need to upgrade at all. Flagship that is falling mid war!