Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 06 Aug 2020Why did they opt for a substantially smaller sensor for the... more1) smaller cooktop

2) easier to expand focal length with smaller sensor. Now it is 130mm instead of 104mm (s20 ultra).

Nick Tagataka, 06 Aug 2020Why did they opt for a substantially smaller sensor for the... morethey should let the S-Pen be magnetically attached to the outside or on the top of the phone, this way they could have fit a bigger ultrawide sensor.

Lol, those prices for Ultra are insane, absolute waste of money, even Note20 itself cost alot, regarding it has few shortcoming comparing with competiton, though in my opinion negligible like high refrashe rate or 1440p screen, but why use older GG5 is mystery. Obviously people are to blame for such a stupid differences between Note20 and Ultra, as I know people bought S20 Ultra for those crazy prices and obviously got burned, hope no one will buy Note20 Ultra as it makes,no sense at all to buy it for such a price.

  • Apurv

I don't know who wants to know but prices are out. 78k for 256GB Note 20 and 105k for 256GB Note 20 Ultra.

Anti haters, 06 Aug 2020Fee sorry for yourself only, most people exciting and can&#... moreHas it ever occurred to you that we used to love Samsung? (Plus, I'm 20+ years IT.)

Why did they opt for a substantially smaller sensor for the telephoto this time around on Ultra variant? Maybe it was a bit too large to fit it into a new body that now needs to accomodate S Pen? It's a bit disappointing considering that it was the most appealing feature of S20U's camera.
Either way, I'm interested to see how well it fares against P40 Pro's and Find X2 Pro's 5x telephoto camera.

  • MrDong

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Everyone should stop buying Samsung and Apple so they can l... moreMany Chinese phones are cheaper because they're not as reliable as a your usual Samsung or iPhone.

Weak brand image, worse aftersales and customer support, poor software, etc.

I don't support Apple's accessories mandating nor Samsung Exynos though.

  • Anonymous

Everyone should stop buying Samsung and Apple so they can learn not to sell overpriced devices. Getting tired of manufactures releasing different devices of the same line product. Next they will release 3 notes 21's just like apple is doing this year. USA Snapdragon 865+ vs Europe Exynos 990. USA 128GB storage vs Europe 256GB storage. Note 20 Ultra 120Hz at 1080p resolution only, Oppo & Oneplus 2K screen resolution 120Hz. Asus ROG 3 1080p screen 144Hz, 6000mah battery and Note 20 4300 and Note20 Ultra 4500. Note 20 plastic back for $999. Samsung is becoming greedy.

iOS Succckkks, 06 Aug 2020There are improvements in all departments. Better looks, b... moreOh yeah the autofocus issue, that's great they could fix that.

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Let's say some phones there perform always better than... moreCouldn't it just be because those phones are really good?

Trollhammeren, 06 Aug 2020It's one of the reason I discounted the S20+ this year... moreDoes it take good photos?:)

Helen Lantos, 05 Aug 2020Honestly, I don't think they fixed anything. They didn... moreThere are improvements in all departments.
Better looks, battery life, camera without autofocus issues.
Check some reviews.

  • Anurag

Big fan of Samsung R&D but not their processors. In India, I would have purchased over any phone but Exynos is a bummer. Snapdragon please.

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Behind the lens, there is a ToF sensor. Made by Sony. T... moreI dont care about who manufacture the sensor.

The point is, LiDAR & ToF using different method of detection as I mention. Both are radar, both can measure shape of objects, but LiDAR is more advance almost in every way.

Have u even see the given link?

Morsel, 05 Aug 2020That's a stupid comment. ToF can assist in focus if ... moreWoah relax buddy, u can argue with facts, but simply call it stupid?

Why do u think Samsung ditch the ToF then? Others can use it properly without having any focusing issue. Xperia 1ii DPAF + ToF can even go with 20fps AE/AF. P30/P40 Pro also can make use of ToF very well.

Samsung is no g0d. Shessh.

ypcx, 05 Aug 2020Well the Exynos thing is terrible, but the fact is, that ev... moreIt's one of the reason I discounted the S20+ this year when I bought a phone. That and the low refresh rate screen , guess samsung wants to hit all those punchy numbers for better ad resonance... Can't say i regret getting a P40 Pro instead.

  • Anonymous

T M, 05 Aug 20201300 euro phone with 25w charging?! 😂🤣😂🤣 Meanwhile the C... moreChinese can get away with selling hype and unreliable trash. Others have to wait for technology to mature first.

I pretty much agree with this tweet here for Note 20

Ok, About Note 20 & Ultra
Ultra is pretty good, though again, priced pretty high.
Note 20 is just too much compromise.
No proper Optical Zoom lens, No 120Hz option, Flat 1080p display.
It's like, Samsung took Note 10 Lite and fitted a new Chipset and new S-Pen (- Tele Lens).

  • Anonymous

Jaeger, 05 Aug 2020And since when glass is considered premium? Who decided tha... morePlastic scratches easily.

  • Anonymous

The use of plastic on the back of a flagship phone that costs more than $1K is unpardonable.