Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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JDK, 06 Aug 2020Samsung should honestly just combine the s and note line by... moreLogically yes, but samsung's current strategy is to maximize sales against apple. They release the S series in H1 so they don't have a new iphone to compete. They release Note in august to undercut iphones.

Note used to release in september/october but moved to august
S used to release in May but moved to feb/mar

Another year another release of the same thing with three different names with three different sky high prices that will fall back to Earth soon after release. Next.

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020No. Laser can focus on only one point of the frame. ... moreYou're talking about only one point.

That ToF advantages won't do any good if it doesn't work beyond just 3 meter.
Also Modern Laser AF system doesn't work the way you said.

  • No Exynos

without the competitions from China manufacturer, please anticipate sky high price for lousy specs.

bemboy2016, 05 Aug 2020lousy after sales customer service. my note 10+ will be my ... moreYou must surely live in a cave, I have always received excellent after sale service/warranty

Shame 🤣

Samsung should honestly just combine the s and note line by calling the s30 ultra the note30 or giving all s phones the stylus.

  • Anonymous

990 already inferior to 865 in 990 with 865+ ?????

  • Victor

I get it. Sorry I'm bringing Sony into this but had Sony dared to bring such phones, what a bashing they would have had! Seriously, it would have been a bloodbath.

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020That's a joke. €950 gets you a 60Hz FHD screen and Exy... moreThose Exynos chips need to go. Why Europe gets shafted every time is beyond me.

T M, 05 Aug 20201300 euro phone with 25w charging?! 😂🤣😂🤣 Meanwhile the C... more0-100% in 70 minutes it is not bad i think even with 25w

  • Anonymous

Helen Lantos, 06 Aug 2020Look how thorough their tests are. Let's say some phones there perform always better than they perform on any other sites.
Far better.
What a coincidence .......

  • Anti haters

ypcx, 05 Aug 2020Well the Exynos thing is terrible, but the fact is, that ev... moreFee sorry for yourself only, most people exciting and can't wait to get it either versions are great and powerful enough; and I think it's very clear how some haters "non IT" trying to spam the reviews by their non prof opinions.

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020If you knew how dxomark works, you would not mention them. Look how thorough their tests are.

I can't believe that there aren't any informations yet about the fingerprint scanner...
Because if Samsung decided to keep the previous "3D Sonic", it is a dick move and a huge waste, but also a really bad influence for ultrasonic fingerprint scanners, and on the other hand, if they upgraded to the newer "3D Sonic Max" (yes, the "Max" here made all the difference, totally different products despite similar names), it could literally lead the whole smartphone industry to a more secure and better type of fingerprint scanner.
That's not a small thing, but apparently the stylet was so much more important...?

  • T M

1300 euro phone with 25w charging?! 😂🤣😂🤣

Meanwhile the Chinese are launching 125w charging. Embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

Mikeyo, 05 Aug 2020Samsung, Please STOP releasing NOTE phones with curved scre... moreEdgy Note 8/9/10 models and now this shows they know how silly people will keep buying them.

Well the Exynos thing is terrible, but the fact is, that even without it - super-slow charging and 60 Hz full-res - are total deal-breakers.
I'm just sorry about all the people who will get burned by buying the Exynos version, like many of us here. Samsung should be sued for this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Snapdragon fanboys and you tubers that paid by snapdragon I... moreFew websites had both version when they reviews the S20 series.

- s20/20+ exynos also come with inferior isocell, while snapdragon variant has exmor 555.
- exynos version will throttle faster and more intense
- battery endurance is much worse than snapdragon verson
- number of FPS when using apps is lower on exynos variant

Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia (except China and South Korea) are paying more for inferior device compared to USA, Canada, China and South Korea.

  • Anonymous

Morsel, 05 Aug 2020That's a stupid comment. ToF can assist in focus if ... moreNo.

Laser can focus on only one point of the frame.
ToF can be way more than 200 focus points.
ToF does not have the issue with glass of reflexive surfaces like the Laser.