Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020U G L Y IPhone color copycat iPhone doesn't have this bronze color, and the green is a totally different shade. Remember Apple released phones in only black and white for the longest time so I'd say iPhone is the copy cat who are still new to smartphone color options.

Kek, 05 Aug 2020Is it just me or do I feel that every year since Note 9, th... moreSince the Note 10

$999 with plastic build, 128gb non expandable, 60hz 1080p screen??

Dissapointments about

Note 20 Ultra :
1. Ultrawide cam a downgrade from s20 series (1 micron vs 1.4 micron)
2. Ultrawide cam no Autofocus
3. No Dual Pixel Autofocus on main cam
4. No 3D Depth sensor (Downgrade from Note10+)
5. Samsung's Night mode takes 8 seconds for a photo
6. Can't run 1440p at 120hz
7. Doesn't supoort 45W Wired Charging like the Note10+ (downgrade again)
8. Wireless Charging speeds are "still" 15W and Reverse Wireless charging at 9W is still the fastest
9. Battery smaller than S20 Ultra
10. Worse battery life than Note 10 Plus (200mah more for an larger display at 120hz)
11. Ugly S20 Ultra X Iphone 11 Pro camera bump
12. No headphone jack
13. Very pricy
14. Exynos 990 for some regions, which IS A DISSAPOINTMENT BECAUSE NO UPGRADES AT ALL AND YOU ARE CHARGING THE SAME PRICE??!!! NOT FAIR, SNAPDRAGON REGIONS ARE HAPPY, BUT NOT EXYNOSSSSS. I am not complaining about the performance, it just that it isn't fair, different place with same price gets a better phone.
15. S Pen only gets upgrade in latency, no more significant upgrade like the Note 9 and Note 10 did.

Note 20 :
1. Size at "6,7" inch is too big
2. No 1440p display (especially when the screen is this big)
3. No High Refresh rate in devices at $900+++ (Downgrade from S20)
4. The 2x telephoto from note 10 is better than the 64 MP Digital zoom telephoto at low light
5. Wireless charging is "still" at 15W.
6. Weird color options
7. Doesn't have the "Galaxy Note" DNA
8. No microsd
9. No headphone jack
10. Ultrawide cam downgrade from s20 series (1 micron vs 1.4 micron)
11. Ultrawide cam no Autofocus
12. No upgrades in S Pen aside from draw at air
13. Feels like an Note 20 Lite, not Note 20.

  • Kek

Is it just me or do I feel that every year since Note 9, these devices are getting less and less exciting?

  • Anonymous

Wow if it is SD 865+ for Asia I maybe tempted by this but that price is absurd. :/

Wow, the standard Note is really electronic waste. I understand they want to differentiate those two phones but at what cost? They still charge you almost 1000 EUR for the 4G basic model. Why even bother making two phones ... Samsung really lost it.

  • Duke

I'm guessing the European and Indian chipset has been 'improved' ,No need to worry.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020That's a joke. €950 gets you a 60Hz FHD screen and Exy... moreOh, and the 5G model has only 128GB storage, which you cannot expand because a phone with 6.7-inch screen has no place for a microSD slot.

  • Anonymous

iRajApple, 05 Aug 2020B E A UtifulU
IPhone color copycat

  • Fingerman

Where is new improved fingerprint sensor?

iRajApple, 05 Aug 2020B E A UtifulB

Wow, the plain note 20 is pretty disappointing ...

  • Anonymous

That's a joke. €950 gets you a 60Hz FHD screen and Exynos 990.