Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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  • Anonymous

mj80, 05 Aug 2020They are going to shut down the Note series like LG done wi... moreAndroid 11 was not official yet.
Howmdo you want it to come woth this phone?

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Plastic back, 60Hz $1000 👏It has Google Services I can't laugh enough🤣🤣

stop with the argument: ”it sells alot”. that doesnt prove anything. its logic for kids. a lot of people make dumb decisions all the time.

plastic back on a 1000$ device, i bet it will cost them 5$ more to put glass. these things makes me sad, they just want to separate the ultra from normal, so that you will buy the more expensive one, where they have bigger profit margins. that is mega greedy.
i know that its marketing and stuff, but if they dont wake up and go crazy, they will lose this side of the market. it happend when they got greedy on the midrangers and they almost got killed by huawei+chinese.

like many have said, too bad huawei is not here anymore, otherwise they will destroy them.

I have an S10 and I will not buy another Exynos. I would rather switch to Apple or other competitors.
Also I am not interested in superhigh pixel counts. 12mp is enough for a smartphone

  • Harry

Every year more and more apps are coming preinstalled.
I know what I want. Stop adding apps I will not use, but I won't be able to remove too.

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  • Sawsan

mj80, 05 Aug 2020They are going to shut down the Note series like LG done wi... moreJust got off the phone with my dear friend, Fawzy Moghabghab, and he says you're wrong.

  • Anonymous

What's the point buying this for top dollar when Samsung ship an inferior chipset to Europe & the rest of the world? iPhone 12 all the way!

MrDong, 05 Aug 2020That iPhone you call dead does have average specs but sells... moreTo average consumers, yeah.... But to tech enthusiasts, nothing to get excited about, because of nothijng new.

  • MrDong

The Guesser Leakster, 05 Aug 2020Note series is now dead, just like iphones. They offer mo n... moreThat iPhone you call dead does have average specs but sells a lot, mind.

  • mj80

The Guesser Leakster, 05 Aug 2020Dissapointments about Note 20 Ultra : 1. Ultrawide cam ... moreThey are going to shut down the Note series like LG done with G series. May be the S pen will be saved for the tablets.

Note 20 is is launching with one year old Android 10 which will be only updated to A11 in december and that is the first OS updation of two promised OS updation.

Note series is now dead, just like iphones. They offer mo new technologies and overhyped themselves. If it is the S20 Ultra overhyped, i am a bit fine, because it introduces many firsts for Samsungs device. But the Note 20 downgrades in some areas than the Note 10 and S20 series, which is a dissapointment. The true note is the Note 20 Ultra. The Note 20 is just an rubbish device. How the hell can abac n note device that focus on "Power user and content creator" at $900 have :

1. 6,7 inch 1080p (large but low res)
2. Exynos 990 (25% difference to the 865+)
3. Plastic back (F** Samsung)
4. No micro sd for an 6,7 inch device (S***)
5. No headphone jack (damn)
6. Donwgrade in some areas than the Note 10 and s2p series (ultrawide cam, Gorilla Glass 5, Screen)

  • Anonymous

This note 20 series is an embrassment.... they got to be kidding.....

  • Chixby

What a waste of resources

  • zee

No chance I would think about upgrading my Note 10+ 5G for this. Better to wait till 2021.

if huawei got gms, the note 20 series will be destroyed instantly by the upcoming mate 40 series. even i will bet the oneplus 8t series is better than the note 20 series. iphone and samsung are dissapointments nowadays. why?

because huawei is struggling, that's why they became lazy.

see how innovative samsung with the s20 series is and apple with the iphone 11 pro. i bet the iphone 12 will be a dissapointment too.

  • Anonymous

Plastic back, 60Hz $1000 👏

  • John

Wow, this is low even for Samsung, selling 400 Eur phone for 1000 Euros. I can't see a single argument why would anyone buy thsese phones.
Well, and than there's Exynos, like with S20 series compared to S865 weren't enough, now Europe gets even bigger diffrence. Let's see battery life, since 5000mAh on Ultra was quite bad.

  • Anonymous

- To have dual pixel, they need to make a new sensor. You cannot insert with software. AF system type is hardware related.

- screen is same of S20 ultra, it lacks bandwith, mipi lane etc necessary to run QHD/120Hz. It is hardware thing. Cant be added by software.

- It is shorter, slimmer and narrower than S20 ultra. Also there is the pen. Of course the battery is smaller .

I am positive that the poll will :

Note 20 :
1. Too bad
2. Don't have the Note DNA
3. Too pricey for its value
4. No big upgrades, only battery
5. Downgraded in some areas than its previous generation
6. Don't deserve the "Note 20" name, but Note 20 Lite
7. Exynos 990
8. Too much downgrade from the Note20Ultra, and most of it is its best features, unlike the S20 and S20 ultra
Note 20 Ultra :
1. Priceyyyyyyy
2. Ugly camera bump destroys the note series design language
3. Downgraded from its previous gen device
4. Exynos 990

I am disappointed with the Note 20 though, buy the Note 10 Plus instead.