Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra will get three major Android OS updates

05 August 2020
That's up from two in theory, so it's good news for longevity.

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  • Anonymous

Up to 3 major updates means 3 maximum. Not minimum 3.

  • Mee

That's good news. I just hope they would get the updates out a bit faster.

Otherwise quite disappointed with the Note 20 - Exynos 990 and no microSD only 128gb, why Samsung? Also for a grand the 1080p 60hz display is just not there with the competition.

Ultra is just too expensive.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020And who told you iOS updates only about android gimmicky fe... morebro it took iOS ages to implement stuff like notification centre, PiP, extended screenshots, etc when Android has had them up to 2 to 5 years prior and even when implemented some of them have functionality thats so limited they'd be better off not being released (looking at you, iOS notification system and control centre toggles)

Well it us obvious.since there is not much happening in hardwave department the software is rthe only major chance tp differentiate from others.

Three years general updates are already there but if they provide three major OS upgrade in 4-5 years, then it must be great. They need to commit instead of dropping loosely worded statements

  • Suvi333

In the countries that get the Exynos processor would have to still wait for Galaxy Note launch event in 2021. Just forget the note launched in August 5th. We can remember it as Launch of 2 beauties Galaxy Z Fold 2 (The ugly naming just ignore) and Tab S7.

  • MrDong

iOS Succckkks, 06 Aug 2020Having used iOS in the past, one can easily come to the con... moreLooolll false news!!!
And you never owned that iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Cheap bait troll!

J, 06 Aug 2020The usual number of major OS update I get for the Samsung S... moreWell, my dad is still using Galaxy s5 ever since it first came out in 2014. Since the battery can be easily swapped he just replaced it with a new one around last year. He did mention that as long as the phone still works (can use whatsapp, google maps, make calls and take pictures) there is no need to upgrade to a new one.
Me on the other hand have used 8 different devices ranging from android, ios and windows phone on the same 6 years period. lol.

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Eight Samsung devices so far, and the ones I kept long enou... moreApple and Samsung were sued for that --> lost the case and paid --> stopped doing that to not get sued again

  • Anonymous

My lumia 1520 got 6 years of updates beat that android!!!

iOS Succckkks, 06 Aug 2020Having used iOS in the past, one can easily come to the con... moreThe phone cannot be obsolete because it’s being updated to the latest iOS, so your point is invalid.
Apps don’t stop working because again the OS has been updated so invalid again.
Phones only slowdown if the battery has severely degraded but a battery replacement sorts that out as old iPhone SE or 6S users have experienced, many of them just change batteries and continue back to normal. :)

Keep trying to grasp at straws though. :)

Bogdan, 06 Aug 2020Have you ever had an iphone model older than 3 years? If ye... moreYou need to understand the android fanboys have to fight tooth and nail to excuse having to buy new phones every 1-2years lol, even having to grasp at straws.

Most people are using the older iPhone SE and 6S happily with the latest iOS 13.6 or iOS 14 and not having issues. :)

As you have said it’s just better to get a new battery and keep moving, but you need to understand that for people who don’t get timely updates from their favourite manufacturers they have had to make excuses and ridicule anyone who gets long software updates. :)

It's not like Realme, Xiaomi and Google had such good updates way before Samsung... But Samsungs A-Series phones only last 1 year. The 3 Year updates only apply to the expensive S or Note series anyway.

  • Bogdan

iOS Succckkks, 06 Aug 2020Having used iOS in the past, one can easily come to the con... moreHave you ever had an iphone model older than 3 years? If yes, please exemplify. If not, all your points are just lies.
If what you say it's true (which I highly doubt), then why my 4 years iphone SE model has nothing of the above? Except maybe the battery degradation (but, that is normal and is the same for every phone on this planet after 4 years). Also, to change battery in an older iphone (like SE, 6s, 7 or 8) cost about 30EUR. I mean yeah, is better to have a new Android phone each 2 years, than pay 30EUR to change an iphone battery. lol.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Who told you this nonsense? I have used many samsung device... moreEight Samsung devices so far, and the ones I kept long enough were crippled with updates, especially their last major update.

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Most of those IOS upgrades are already existing features of... moreHaving used iOS in the past, one can easily come to the conclusion that it's a scam which only iFaaaans fall for.

1) Phone becomes obsolete or battery life deteriorates badly before support ends.
2) Every new version of iOS slows the phone down until it becomes unbearable to use.
3) Apps stop working unless you keep upgrading the OS.
4) Most new features are not supported on old phones either because the hardware doesn't support them or they deliberately left it out on old phones.

I really don't miss Apple or their software support.
iOS never Again!

  • Bogdan

That is good news. Hopefully they will implement the updates good, not just on paper.
I always been a Samsung fan (and I like very much Samsung DEX), but after problems with my S9+ back in 2019 and then other problems with some "good on paper Chinese phones", I jumped ship to iphone.
I was so pissed off with Samsung and Google, that I have deleted all my related accounts (Samsung, Gmail, Youtube, everything).
But, if this will be correctly implemented by Samsung and of course, if they will leave aside their useless Exynos chipsets in Europe, I would definitely consider moving back to Samsung phones.

Nice hopefully others follow

  • Kevin

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020So what iPhone get 5Your comments Completely irrelevant to the topic here . People who are in to tech knows ip get 5 anyway no need to state. This article is just to highlight the decision Samsung.made to support android update for 3 year for it's flagship starting.from 2019

Sad thing about such device is its already falling behind, half year old cameras, not the fastest charging, exynos for some... as opposed to s20 line which is now at least cheaper. If I imagine what huawei will bring, its hard not to mind. The best features are probably pen and collaboration thing, do not know about pen, but for huawei to do with windows what samsung does, is it even possible?