New BlackBerry phones with hardware keyboards and 5G are coming next year

19 August 2020
BlackBerry, OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile have partnered to keep the brand alive going into 2021 after TCL called it quits.

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  • nichimen

still love the Z10 and Z30.....
BB OS 10 had great potential (I've been a beta tester) and BB Messenger was great....,but of course Blackberry had ridiculous market share...
hope they will not use an hardware keybord though,their software keyboard was the best

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021Please, please please, bring back the Classic Blackberry Q2... moreBring back improved priv

  • Anonymous

Please, please please, bring back the Classic Blackberry Q20 with the steel frame!

  • kenlhmaxx

please revive back passport and classic version with steel frame ...

  • edgar

please make priv 2 and Pasport 2. Best phones ever

  • Pol

Please Azerty !!!
And shape like the q10 and Android!
Love it!

  • Huhuhu

Excellent, another e-Junk from Foxconn will be out but with BlackBerry branding. I hope modders will be able to change it back and forth to Nokia/Sharp/BB UI.

  • Johnny

Hopefully BB would release this month or next month lol

  • Richards

Blackberry Passport with Android ,

Please and Thank you

  • barwnos

make a classic, q10, passport !!! and keep it affordable

  • Blackberryfan

Im Waiting

  • Anonymous

Can't wait for it's arrival!!

I wonder what are the spec. I wish the design will be a bit like either Priv or passport

kmb877, 01 Sep 2020Blackberry as a device maker it's dead for a few years... moreOh so it is dead. Sad stuff. They really made some good phones in 2010

  • kmb877

Andreidinutu, 19 Aug 2020I tought they were out of bussines. Great to hear they'... moreBlackberry as a device maker it's dead for a few years! The latest (Android) devices with this brand name were fabricated by TCL.
Like Blackberry's usual habits, the latest devices (Priv, Key) were under-powered and overpriced.

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2020You mean something that looks like everything else made by ... moreThis should be copy pasted to everyone that says that BB should make a slab

w0ng, 20 Aug 2020...and it'll cost usd$1000+ to fight again iphone and ... moreIf it's gonna have that kind of price, it better be a Priv 2 slider

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2020Blackberry was working on building Android for the Passport... moreThe UniHertz Titan is basically 1:1...and the rise of the Foldables is also gonna force Google to allow less conventional aspect ratios too

  • NO 5G

i am lifetime blacberry fan but no 5G. make healthy 4g version please...

  • Annu

I am very excited with this news, I was desperately waiting for Blackberry new device. I am using BB classic since 2015 and have no issue while feels excellent towards productivity and also feels it's the easiest OS. I find BB10 is little shorter to android or iphone even though they have not released new OS since 2013. BB10 gives you everything whichever is necessary. Also it is a very solid device which doesn't break if falls. Only problem in this OS is apps limitation and small screen. I would like to buy BBOS device even today if they release BB11 or 12 OS.