New BlackBerry phones with hardware keyboards and 5G are coming next year

19 August 2020
BlackBerry, OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile have partnered to keep the brand alive going into 2021 after TCL called it quits.

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Well thats a great news. Wish the Vertu brand will make new devices as well.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2020If they will neglect the regular updates for their Android ... moreI don't think that was ever a problem on Blackberries, be it BBOS, QNX, OR Android.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020At this point, I would take an updated BlackBerry Classic i... moreBlackberry was working on building Android for the Passport (1:1 screen). Reports in the aftermath claimed they weren't able to because a 1:1 aspect ratio was not officially supported, at least at the time. Has there ever been a 1:1 Android device?

  • Bin babel

I am using BB passport since more than 5 years without any issues. Best of luck BB for your future handset

  • z10

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 21 Aug 2020BB10 has same weakness that current Huawei phones have, no ... moresome huawei can't use google services for conflictual reasons,
bb is allowed to use it and could actually benefit from both worlds as they are able to adapt it's os and install android apps including google ones

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

z10, 21 Aug 2020they should return to the BB10 OS as it was unique with aws... moreBB10 has same weakness that current Huawei phones have, no GMS or google services... Most consumers will not be ok with that! :(

  • z10

they should return to the BB10 OS as it was unique with awsome stability and safety, still can't believe they quit that.
it was miles ahead with their os and its swiping motions kinda similar to what android 10 is aiming for today, not even mentioning the digital keyboard experience which was unlike any other, i would deffinetly return if they breath it into life again and pay apple prices for it.
they don't seems to understand the value of their own product BB OS

  • Peter

This is very good news for BlacBerry users...congratulations.

Bbkeyone has served me well but now they dont have security and os version updates.
BlackBerry stopped new phones also 5g is coming fast.
I was planning foldable phones but this news is relaxing.
Now I have a reason to continue using keyone for one more year.

  • AnonD-82756

Welcome back my old friend BB make a bold 9900 update please or Classic.

BROKEASS TECH, 20 Aug 2020I also think a Priv 2 type handset would be an sensible ide... moreAbout your first point regarding the flaws, it's still better than the Snapdragon 810. That was a real PR disaster for Qualcomm.

Tarak, 20 Aug 2020I think there's still a market for smartphone with key... moreYou might want to check out F(x)tec Pro1. That is basically, to me, a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a sliding keyboard and kickstand.

A potential worthy rival for the Planet Computers Astro Slide 5G? Count me in!

  • kek

I hope they push a non-5G device

Blackberry user101, 20 Aug 2020So happy to hear that news, especially the fact that it wil... moreYou can already have a keyboard slider. See the Pro1 from that started shipping last fall.

  • Gal

I am waiting for this device.

  • w0ng

...and it'll cost usd$1000+ to fight again iphone and galaxy familiy.

...and BB will be dead again.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2020Excellent news, hopefully a model without a 'hard'... moreI am hyped for more BB devices, will prices still be high or closer to mid-range this time?

I think there's still a market for smartphone with keyboard but it will require smart innovation to combine large screen and keyboard if they want to grab mainstream market.

ASUS ROG Phone 3, 20 Aug 2020People are tired of cartels, lack of choices in the mobilit... moreYou know console do same thing why people are hypocrite on Apple lol