New BlackBerry phones with hardware keyboards and 5G are coming next year

19 August 2020
BlackBerry, OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile have partnered to keep the brand alive going into 2021 after TCL called it quits.

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  • Anonymous

At this point, I would take an updated BlackBerry Classic in blue running stock Android. 1:1 screen, give it a built in fingerprint reader in the spacebar, update the cameras, and otherwise keep the same design.

  • Anonymous

johnny, 19 Aug 2020We need a third OS!!! And No 5G. give us dual micro sd card... moreNever gonna happen. Because it won't sell.

  • Anonymous

Any smartphone, with real keyboard case, like tablets
have, but phone size, is 100 times better than the
BlackBerry relict dinosaurus from the last century !

  • Anonymous

What I would do :

- design of Key 2
- 4,6" 16:9 (1600 x 900) , Gorilla 6
- SD690, 6GB, 64/128GB
- 64MP 1/1.7" (27mm) + 16MP 1/3" (54mm)
- Front 12MP 1/3.4"
- 3450 mAh
- carbon fiber body with metal frame
- IP67 or 68

  • Anonymous

blackberry? a new company? wow its alwasy good having more competition

Blackberrys ahh these were the go to phones back in the day. Back in 2009 in uk every 11 year old had one and then you'd have that quirky one who wouldn't follow the crowd and would have a budget Samsung or a iPhone ahh how the tables have turned

  • johnny

We need a third OS!!! And No 5G. give us dual micro sd cards or the first phone with a mini subwoofer. In-fared to change TV. Flush camera lenses with a lens cover like the Nokia N95

  • Dometalican

How exciting! Hope Blackberry OS can make a comeback for enterprise but otherwise, awesome!

  • Amod

Bored with android want bbos

  • Amod

Bb os please

Imagine a blackberry phone with a punch-hole or notch...😂

I tought they were out of bussines. Great to hear they're making a new phone and are not straight-up dead