OnePlus 8T announced with 65W charging and 120Hz display with Always On mode

14 October 2020
Warp Charge 65 is more than twice as powerful as the previous chargers. OxygenOS 11 brings AOD, Video Portrait mode, Dark mode and more.

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I'm just waiting on screen tint issues

Seems like OnePlus loves to release screen problem smartphones

Syn, 14 Oct 2020Get your fsct straight man... Porsche RS is a Huawei tie up... moreWhat's that expression again... Oh... They all look like, so...

  • Anonymous

Doesn't look like the premium OnePlus, looks like OPPO/Vivo, I'd save my money for something more elegant.

  • Mine

Shadocx, 14 Oct 2020People are always complaining, this is the same price as th... moreWhere i stay, its the same price as the s20FE so thats where anyone should go at this price point.

Is it just me or are those photos lacking in detail.

  • Anonymous

pufanu, 14 Oct 2020I don't think that 8T is a huge leap from the regular ... moreBiggest thing is it's an upgrade for those who hated curved screens and not a flat screen, with a few enhancements thrown in.

Not really for those happy with an 8/8Pro, but more for folks on the 7/7T and older.

OnePlus was much better before.. Now they ruined it all with the one ui copy..

Though it will have 8pros camera but it Still sucks big time in camera department. Now people are interested more in camera and other features than performance as all other competitors are more or less at par in performance.
Also It's so funny that one plus modified their same 7T main camera module to look like a ultimate snapper of huawei mate camera design.

  • Anonymous

This 750 usd phone has weaker cameras than 300 usd realme 7 pro, such a shame

  • Ck

Are people still buying the dull and boring OP?

  • Anonymous

why even buy this? whats so innovative with this overrated garbage ? zzzzzzz

  • Goku

NotAnOpinion, 14 Oct 2020Can't touch the iPhone 12 series. LiDAR 4K HDR Dol... moreNone of those things matter

  • Goku

My fellow Android kinsmen, lets stop trying to convert iphone users.

Oneplus 8t vs iphone 12 is like Dimmu Borgir vs Ariana Grande. You can't convince radios to play heavy metal. Let's just end the war and buy our phones in peace.

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2020Make no sense The op 8t doesn't have a depth sensor b... moreI mostly agree with you, except for the GG3 claim. That's actually just as scratch resistant as 4, 5, 6, if not even more so. The newer ones are just more shatter resistant.

NotAnOpinion, 14 Oct 2020Only to be like Apple, Google and their other Asian counter... moreThat makes sense, but i guess this time they didn't do much

Syn, 14 Oct 2020Not with the amount of upgrades they put on the T version s... moreI don't think that 8T is a huge leap from the regular 8. It's got a slight bump in mah, and bigger bumps in refresh rate (120hz vs 90hz is not as big a deal as 90hz vs 60hz though) and charging speed but it's not worth upgrading from an 8, imo. From my current 3T on the other hand it's going to be an enormous leap.

People are always complaining, this is the same price as the Realme X50 Pro, where I live, I prefer this.
And something like a Galaxy S20 FE 5G costs 150€ more.
It's just missing a telephoto lens and 4k60 on front camera, maybe with the 32 MP sensor or the Nord, then it would be perfect for me.
IDC about IP rating, wireless charging, 1440p display and SD 865+.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-923722, 14 Oct 2020I am gonna complain about this phone though, because of : ... moreMake no sense
The op 8t doesn't have a depth sensor but a monochrome one
The iphone 12 and s20 fe have worse battery than op 8t
You cannot compare the 2200mah of iphone 12 or 4500mah of samsung + exynos garbage with 4500 + sd 865 + op optimization)(I am not a op fanboy)
The s20 fe has garbage soc (cpu gpu, Ai, network...) and garbage build plastic back and front and everything with CG 3 from 5 years, scratches at level 2
And who said iphone 12 or s20 fe has a better display
The op8t has a better display than s20 fe, but I am not sure about iphone 12 except the 120hz

NotAnOpinion, 14 Oct 2020Can't touch the iPhone 12 series. LiDAR 4K HDR Dol... moreOnly the 12 Pros have LIDAR and those start at $999, that notch is the opposite of gorgeous, and they're only 60hz. Also, the 8T comes with a powerful and versatile charger included. Different phones for different people, each have their pros and cons. It makes for a poor comparison choice. That 12 mini is pretty kickass, though, too bad it runs ios.

  • Anonymous

Drkavint, 14 Oct 2020Mi10t pro has hit oneplus the hardest blow.what so ever res... moreWho care about camera, it is a secondary thing and the phone can work without it unlike soc