Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro appear on AnTuTu, fail to impress

15 October 2020
The GPU of the A14 chipset is where the Apple devices fall short.

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  • Anonymous

prayu, 15 Oct 2020100% agreed. A14 will be better than 2022's chips tooAre you living in a cave? YouTube has many speed test videos. Watch some of them and speak after it. Poco F2 Pro which costs only 600 dollars is faster than any iPhone.

AnonD-754814, 15 Oct 2020You can't compare AnTuTu iOS and Android benchmark sco... morefacts

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020Premium Flagship smartphone of the year - Oppo Find X2 Pro/... moredisagree on almost everything in this list

Ali Bashir, 15 Oct 2020"failed to impress" processors have been overpowe... morei wouldn't say op, but i agree we should look less bout cpu's performance and more on its efficiency

  • Anonymous

Thought the iPhone 12 pro might be doing some throttling to conserve battery lifespan?

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020Hahaha, when scores don't go your way, now you come ou... morebelive me im no apple fan, but i know to admit when apple is superior and in cpu its the case

"failed to impress" processors have been overpowered since 2018.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020Premium Flagship smartphone of the year - Oppo Find X2 Pro/... moreBest software Apple ISO required less ram and not power hunger

AnTuTu proving the score is fake because iPhone only phone with low ram. Can’t compare phone with least ram to 8 ram or higher

  • Anonymous

10Plus, 15 Oct 2020Did someone just said antutu on iOS is different from Andro... moreNot compare two platform differet

The A14's benchmark score is very disappointing in my opinion , but let's not forget that benchmarks scores doesn't represent the actual performance of the chipset

ig i will wait for speedtests on youtube

We all knew this day was coming 😂

  • Alex

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020wanna bet money on that? I will say A14 will be faster than... moreyes, if you only see the numbers, but in day to day some apps opens faster in android and some opens faster on ios.

But to me android feels faster, because of the speed of the screens.

  • just having a beer

Failed to impress.. Score of 570k. I say this with Android as well - we do not have to worry about powerful cores, they are powerful enough right now. The main issue I would see is the number of apps it can run at the same time, but not how it runs it.

Anyway, if someone wants to show off about raw power, so be it. 97% of users really don't have to worry.

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 15 Oct 2020Now that the iPhone 12 series has been launched finally and... morePremium Flagship smartphone of the year - Oppo Find X2 Pro/OnePlus 8 Pro.

Budget Flagship smartphone of the year - Poco F2 Pro/Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5g/LG V60/Mi 10T Pro.

Compact smartphone of the year - Sony Xperia 5 II.

Mid-range smartphone of the year - Redmi 10X Pro/Realme X7 Pro.

Budget smartphone of the year - Poco X3.

Foldable smartphone of the Year - Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Gaming smartphone of the year - Asus ROG 3.

Best Design - LG Wing.

Best Battery - Asus ROG 3.

Best Screen - Oppo Find X2 Pro/Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Best Software Experience/UI - Oxygen OS (Android).

Best Camera - Mi 10 Ultra.

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Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020Is this Trash of the year? 700 dollar for 2.2k mah batte... moreYes it is.

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.01% of people in the world will actually care about this score. Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank.

iOS Never Again, 15 Oct 2020In other youtube speed tests, tests are done multiple times... more” This is why phonebuff's tests get different results compared to all other tech channels doing speed tests.

In all other tests, the legion phone, Xperia 1 II, Poco F2 pro and others are destroying iPhone in speed tests.
I'll trust the rest of the YouTube world over phonebuff's robotic arm gimmick. ”

For me every speed test gives overally same results. When you open very small apps it can go either way. When you open big games which are more demanding, Apple usually opens them faster. When you do demanding tasks like rendering video etc. Again iPhone easily wins, just like there was Speedtest with your poco F2 vs 11 pro max in one speed test i found. 11 Pro Max exported video in 6 sec while it took 19! Seconds with Poco F2, that’s not even close at all. So it all depends what the test has. For me phonebuff tests are best because they measure all those. You get very detailed picture about the speed and where one is good and not. Usually Apple lose in small apps because they have slower animation. And when your apps open in 1-2sec animation playing big role.

  • Anonymous

Is this Trash of the year?

700 dollar for 2.2k mah battery, weak soc, ugly notch

3hour max SOT in 2020 hahaha this is a joke man

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Who cares? 99.99% people going to the stores to buy the Iphone12 will not give a flying ***k about this score.