Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro appear on AnTuTu, fail to impress

15 October 2020
The GPU of the A14 chipset is where the Apple devices fall short.

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  • Zteam

according to the Antutu devs scores between Android and iOS are NOT comparable.

Regardless of these synthetic benchmarks, I'd say both the flagship processors i.e SD 865 and A14, of Android and iOS respectively, are comfortably fast enough to perform everyday tasks effortlessly at decent speeds without any lag or stutter whatsoever, and even play graphic intensive games without any lag, so I think we all must not discuss anymore over this hardly relevant topic, as a little performance difference in benchmarks isn't going to significantly improve or affect real world usage, and also, it's about personal preferences at the end of the day, if someone prefers iOS, they'll get an iPhone, and same about Android users. Also, let's suppose, even if the rival chip is better, it doesn't even matter as you're only going to stick with a device from your own side on the end, with Android guys buying SD or Mediatek or etc and iOS users buying iPhones, so it's futile to compare the two (SD flagship chip or any other vs A14) and claim it to be better than the other, not like you're going to switch to the other OS anyway, your going to stick with your own anyway. Also there's more to a device than just a chip, as the build quality, screen size and resolution, storage etc those things matter as well, that affect buyer decision, which in my case is true as I prefer phones of a certain size, regardless of brand, or OS as long as the performance is reasonably snappy, which doesn't have to be from the best or the fastest chip around, so it hardly matters to me, unless one is buying a high end phone, in case of which there's nothing to worry about either, as those phones already come with very fast processors. Now if people keep arguing about which one is the fastest then I think it's endless and not even worth it, as I already said, the performance is quick enough for normal use and any argument over it's superiority over the other would be only for the ego satisfaction of the user about having the best or fastest processor around. I think it's a pointless debate, just buy what you prefer and be content with it

JDK, 15 Oct 2020lol and he calls me the "biggest apple fanboi" wh... moreNeither do I. There is plenty of positives with Android phones. But Apple haters always act like there is absolutely nothing positive about Apple devices. Reason I keep telling otherwise is because of the absurd amount of just straight up BS about Apple devices. I'm talking to a point ppl are scared to even go with them because people spread such nonsensical horror stories. They were so bad it kept me from going with Apple. Until I did and realized almost everything about it is just nonsense and experience with Apple really isn't that different from Android. I just like certain parts of it more. Like 5 years of timely software updates which is just on another level and I don't even feel pressured to buy new device just to use latest OS. Which is really nice and after 12 years of Androids I finally feel liberated of that "pressure". I'm with iPhone XR for second year and 3rd iteration of iOS. And I really like it.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020A 3 trillion dollar company thats really far behind right n... more"Next yr samsung will have a perfect under the display camera "

Sorry to tell to you, but they won't. Maybe 2022: there's two big problems, the quality of under display cam and also the fact that company like Samsung needs lot of them. So they also need to make sure that the quality of them are great almost everytime when they assemble them.

  • Deividas

Honestly, even if its barely faster, what do you expect? 50 percent gain every year? All SoC in phones are crazy fast, its a phone not a work PC...try to realise...they manage to put a fucking CPU GPU which is made on 5nm tech in a phone...its 5 times faster than it needs to be to open your instagram or facebook...just think about it...and its still fails? Do better than

Other benchmark -- Geekbench -- does not fail to impress (at least me /no fan boy)
Iphone 12 Pro or Pro Max:
iPhone 11 Pro:
One Plus 8 Pro (Snapdragon 865):

11 Pro -> 12 Pro ~ + 20%
865 -> 12 Pro Single: +77% Multi: +24%

  • Boggy-Stefy

When will you guys learn? An Apple fanboy will never change his/her mind and still buy iphones. The same goes for an Android fanboy with Android phones. No matter what the others will tell them.
So stop trying make the other see that your ecosystem is better or write here why it is better.
True advice: they're both bad, but it's what we have. So, just pick the one who is less bad and that's it.
Oh, and don't get me started with that Harmony OS sh*t, that will be even worse than IOS and Android combine, just wait and see.

  • Anonymous

Jhon998, 15 Oct 2020It's still only 5-6% better than geekbnech

  • Anonymous

Wily2020, 15 Oct 2020 Pay attention A... moreCorrect can’t compare two platform people Don understand

  • Anonymous

A 3 trillion dollar company thats really far behind right now in tech lol.

No innovation at all their buying their stuff from different company screen made by samsung, camera is made by sony, their soc made by tsmc

And now they're copying android software widgets and pip mode lol

What now apple fan is that the best your company can do?

Next yr samsung will have a perfect under the display camera and apple still stuck on humongus notch hahaha

  • Anonymous

annoying customer, 15 Oct 2020apple iOS low ram and not battery hungry, android os need m... moreApp reloads and crashes will happen because of low ram. Operating system doesn't matter. It is the sad truth.

  • radu001

annoying customer, 15 Oct 2020apple iOS low ram and not battery hungry, android os need m... moreAt this point it's already iPhone copying Samsung, and still failing to do so: 5g, OLED on all models(they still can't copy high refresh rate)

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 15 Oct 2020Yeah, sure, I'm the biggest Apple fan. Except I just d... moreI had an Iphone way back when the 5 was in its heyday. I dislike the crappy build quality nowadays in phones, Im seeing in phones that my ZTE Grand X Max Plus from 2015 can easily take falls, not crack, last longer, and guess what, not have to upgrade because Apple purposely slows down the devices with each IOS update.

RejZoR, 15 Oct 2020Yeah, sure, I'm the biggest Apple fan. Except I just d... morelol and he calls me the "biggest apple fanboi" when I don't even have an apple device.

Also I don't trash androids 24/7 unlike those android fans who try and find every single problem of IOS.

Pay attention Android boys! ” Recently, Antutu noticed that some users are comparing the scores of Antutu iOS version with the scores of Antutu Android version, which we think is unfair comparison.

First of all, since there are obvious differences in the kernel and the development language used by the iOS system and the Android system, the iOS version and the Android version of Antutu Benchmark are two different softwares and the test methods for the two versions are significantly different.”

” All in all, the scoring mechanisms for the iOS version and the Android version of Antutu Benchmark are significantly different, and therefore the test results of the two versions are not directly comparable.

To put it simply, the test results of Antutu benchmark only support the comparison within the same system based on the same major version and not support cross-version or cross-platform comparison.”

apple iOS low ram and not battery hungry, android os need more ram and battery hungry/ Android fanboy blaming Apple for everything not their fault. Samsung copy Apple if something new, Hauwei inspire by Apple, so if Apple useless why every company need them. Never compare phone with more ram then iPhone never going win argument

  • steven4570

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020You still haven't given us a reason why Apple despite ... moreWhat "new" stuff do you want? You do realize this is a mature product at this point right?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020Premium Flagship smartphone of the year - Oppo Find X2 Pro/... moreAndroid Master , I suppose.

Only person on Earth that thinks Oppo Find X2 Pro is the best phone and best screen.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020You are the biggest Apple Brand boy on this site along with... moreYeah, sure, I'm the biggest Apple fan. Except I just don't give a s**t what they score in stupid tests. All I know is that no matter what model you take, you always get top of the line chipset and you just don't care where it "scores" on charts. Unlike with Snapdragon chipsets where you have to get a Ph.D for anything below flagship to even know what you're getting.

Also it's funny you call me biggest Apple fanboy even though i still have my first and only iPhone XR. Last time I checked fanboys always have latest and greatest models, every single year. And biggest Apple haters usually never even had a single iPhone... I had bunch of Androids however, since Eiclar to Pie. Then I switched to XR. But sure, I'm an Apple fanboy...

  • Levy

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020Premium Flagship smartphone of the year - Oppo Find X2 Pro/... moreNah