Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro appear on AnTuTu, fail to impress

15 October 2020
The GPU of the A14 chipset is where the Apple devices fall short.

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  • Notevenclose

Wily2020, 15 Oct 2020"Next yr samsung will have a perfect under the display... moreSorry, but the quality of this camera is not bad at all. On the YT channel Unbox Therapy tested the first Chinese smartphone with a camera under the display and its quality is already sufficient. And this is only the first Chinese model ...

  • hmm

Now i have said always that you cant compare apple with android in benchmark as they are different operation platforms so if you can make SD/MTK to run on ios or bionic on android then you can compare the benchmarks what is better. But by the numbers this A14 is in the range with the SD855 or MTK Dimensity 1000

annoying customer, 15 Oct 2020you Samsung copy Apple like removing headphone, touchscreen... morecan you just accept one time only LOL that fruit company copy samsing. Stop defending copy is copy.

what nerd care about refresh rate? It’s doesn’t matter, wasn’t ipad 120fps

radu001, 15 Oct 2020At this point it's already iPhone copying Samsung, and... moreyou Samsung copy Apple like removing headphone, touchscreen not broken, OLED not a copy

  • Anonymous

When will people start to realize that for the same amount of money, they can buy an Android, 10x the equipment that apple has. I mean, ffs, they`ve had the same camera for over a decade...

Let me add another excuse to this discusion ... "Man, I bought Pixel 1 and it feels so snappy. Why would anyone need more?".
I hope this clears the message when you say it's good enough - you are not a power user who can take advantage of the power said SOC offers.

Since when "good enough" is good enough when we take into considration you are buying 1000$+ device?

It's like saying I am ok with iPhone 12 using same camera sensors iPhone 11 had, or Pixel 5 using the same sensor Pixel 2 or 3 had ages ago.

  • Ios

Deividas, 15 Oct 2020Honestly, even if its barely faster, what do you expect? 50... moreThe reason everyone trusts iphone is because they don't claim things they can't do. In the release they said A14 is the fastest chip in mobile.platform 15 percent faster than the predecessor.

  • Professional

It's not about the score vs Android phones. It's about the small progression of 5-6% comparing with their predecessor scores....

  • EstherTakumi

EJ64, 15 Oct 2020Other benchmark -- Geekbench -- does not fail to impress (a... moreTry check Asus ROG III SD865+, I think it have 996 point for single core and 3455 point for multi core.

In my opinion, Antutu give a more valid result, because it count overall performance of single device. While Geekbench is where iPhone shine because of CPU overall testing.

RejZoR, 15 Oct 2020Neither do I. There is plenty of positives with Android pho... moreGood luck Bro. I have iPhone 6s plus and still running too. But Huawei products won my heart for their matchless innovations. Apple is good in hype and grammar analysis to convince customers

  • Boggy-Stefy

i should be studying, 15 Oct 2020true everyone always wants the best of the best but if you ... moreExactly. Also people should stop seeing phones as investments. Their not investment, unless you gain money from using it. They are just gadgets that cost money, your hard working money.
So my advise: Be smart and use your brains before buying a phone. And don't go buying one just because of brand loyalty. The companies are not loyal to the customers anyway. And they exist because of us, remember that, when you will make your next purchase.

Zteam, 15 Oct 2020according to the Antutu devs scores between Android and iOS... moreI think they have to make this disclaimer. But in reality the scores are broadly related, they just include the OS and APIs and so do not directly compare the hardware.
The summary of all of this is that Qualcomm has more or less caught up with Apple at the top of the range, so much so that the 765 is perfectly adequate for almost everybody and the 865 for most people will just cost more without adding anything noticeable.

  • i should be studying

Boggy-Stefy, 15 Oct 2020When will you guys learn? An Apple fanboy will never change... moretrue everyone always wants the best of the best but if you buy a phone there will always be some phone wich is better accept that and be happy with what your phone can do...

  • Anonymous

AhmedHNY, 15 Oct 2020The A14's benchmark score is very disappointing in my ... moreAh yes the completely pointless speed tests that mean bugger all

Man they really took the L this year

  • Anon

Sponge, 15 Oct 2020Surely anything between 500000-600000 is easily fast enough... moreProblem is that most new features in the new iPhones are very modest, but the price is anything but modest. That's one major reason why 75% of total mobile phone users use and prefer Android.

annoying customer, 15 Oct 2020AnTuTu proving the score is fake because iPhone only phone ... moreHaving more RAM some cannot achive faster benchmark (NOT real life experience). Your OS, apps must be designed to handle the RAM without losing battery efficiency, memory management etc...I feel iOS not implementing true multi tasking itself telling clear story that it is just focussing on single core and single instance apps. Android in that sense more advanced from the word go and allowed customisation beyond iOS drwams. Implementation of multi user, knox, sandboxed and separate workspace for each user all require heavy low level support from the OS and must be cleverly adopted by the apps. Granted iOS hardware integration is exemplary but iOS clearly play it's game within the very well restricted and demarcated areas alone. Android in this case more versatile capable handling varying situations and needs including special implementation from OEMs like Samsung.

Surely anything between 500000-600000 is easily fast enough...

People should surely keep in mind that the Apple A14 provides these scores with only 6 Cores verses the usual 8 Cores inside Samsung, Qualcomm or Mediatek offerings.

Why do consumers and generally the industry have to have this toxic attitude of one-upmanship!!

If theres anything which I’ve noticed about the rumoured Samsung and Qualcomm chipsets, there both chasing this never ending game of seeking Power, if Apple is able to modestly up power on the A14 but improve the efficiency quite abit more I’m game for that.

  • Alex

Antutu benchmark is fake :) people buy what they want android or iOS doesn’t matter, there’s no perfect os get the one that makes you happy, used android for very long time and remember when we got entry level and midrangers barely usable, app crashes and waiting for an update for ages. Iphone always got the best processor on the market and the os itself is very optimised and polished you always get the latest updates even on a 5 year old device. You can buy 200-300£ Android device but the experience is not the same.