Micromax "in" series launch set for November 3

23 October 2020
Smartphones in the lineup are said to be priced between INR7,000 ($95/€80) and INR15,000 ($205/€170).

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SavageAryan007, 24 Oct 2020Absolutely true. Even I had terrible after sales experience... more☝️Finally someone with sense peaks out against Hate campaign👆

  • Aloke

Hello Life, 24 Oct 2020what an irony because mediatek is a Chinese company. 1st u should learn that Taiwan is not China.

  • Schnieder

Hello Life, 24 Oct 2020what an irony because mediatek is a Chinese company. It's Taiwanese not chinese.

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2020What about BJP? They are the richest party in the entire wo... moreclaim it... why anonymous

SShreyas, 23 Oct 2020The only idea these days our businessmen and entrepreneurs ... moreAbsolutely true. Even I had terrible after sales experiences with these Micromax "chinese rebrands" back in their time, but everyone was hard pressed at that time to switch to other companies because outside of Samsung, there were no viable options and China-based OEMs (Calling them Chinese is racist IMO since the internal components also come from other countries, mainly camera sensors which are usually from Samsung and Sony) hadn't moved into India yet.
Once these OEMs entered the market, I was happy that I switched instantly.
Waiting for the inevitable failure + their ad campaign is too racist but will resonate well with the bad-talking nationalists here.

  • Shan

If micromax really want to do something he has to upgrade battery, camera, processor, atleast they should avoid chinease chipset (mediatek), they are not going to do "cheeni kam" but they are selling chinease product in the name of indian brand what a real dumb are they

what an irony because mediatek is a Chinese company.

  • Anonymous

Pixel 4a, 24 Oct 2020talent is not enough , it need billions and billions of in... moreWhat about BJP? They are the richest party in the entire world and theybare ruling poorest country in the World.

But they are afraid to spend few billion in technology, but spend $5 Billion per year in elections.

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020Why not Indian made chips? Indians dont have talent or wha... moretalent is not enough ,
it need billions and billions of investment in research and technology, chinese did that long ago. they have the money and technology and most importantly extremely talented workforce.

Vikass17, 23 Oct 2020Sundar pichai completed most of his studies in india , so i... morethat wont make him indian
india doesn't allow dual citizenship so most of the successful nris are accepting foreign citizenship, sundar pichai was one of them

  • Anonymous

Good play of words there. Also Micromax choosing MediaTek budget gaming chipsets for the new series is a good step to ensure lag free and uninterrupted performance of the devices.

  • ghost

Atleast one is doing something. Few dramebaz are critisizing micromax. yes mm has to build something very best to win trust. lets support micromax rather demoralize.

  • Prabby

Logo copied from linkedin!

  • SAM

One time leader in Smartphone in India is coming back. I have used the then Micromax Canvas series phone which was excellent, as per my experience.
Time has changed and now in order to stand in tough competition Micromax need to understand why Chinese brands are preferred.
Team might have studied trends in market but to mention a few, Indians like smartphone having good Battery Life, Good Processor (preferably Snapdragon), good camera, and good looks, display....Last but not least robust after sales service....
I wish All The Best to Micromax for come back and eager to look for an all rounder smartphone ......

Cheap game started again by micromax in india on the name of fake patriotism... BJP is the mother of thks cheap thing... if micromax provide good product and good after sale service, they no need to do ads on the name of patriotism. Its true chinies brands are much btter thn micromax in all department... true is true

Pathetic trying to take advantage from the conflict between china and india but they still use chipsets from chinese companies.
If they want to play dirty like that at least use components from Japan, Korea or USA.

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020This is a Xenophobic Ad. Would have been slam dunk fined... moreIf you were an Indian posting the same comment on any social media, YOU would have faced criticism, bashing, labels of you being Chinese or Pakistani, various abuses, etc.
Even here you can very well see there is a good bunch of ultra-nationalists defending the advertisement. That's how it works in India.

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020In your dreamsAt least I dream of equality, unlike.....

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020Yes this ad should be finedDude.
The only ads criticized and fined in India are those involving religion, that too, the majority one, only.

TheLastOracle, 23 Oct 2020You're right, they're Martians. A lot of these te... moreNope.
I just don't belong to that pathetic bunch of fools who considers a successful American/British/Canadian, etc. as "Indian"