Hot take: Flagship chipsets are no longer necessary

25 October 2020
As we approached the limit of Moore's Law, it became apparent that any further advancement would come at a cost

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  • Anonymous

flagship for ever

Only if you're planning to use your phone less than 3 years. Phones with high end SoC tends to be fast and stay fast after a couple of years, the same cannot be said for those with midrange ones.

  • MrGrumpy

Excellent article that lays bare the lunacy of Google's shoddy Android experience which has been sub-optimal for a long time, and to which dim witted manufacturers think the only solution is to use ever faster chipsets rather than properly optimised code.

Cyberchum, 26 Oct 2020Let's accept that you're right for one moment; di... more"iPhones have low longevity".

No. Newer devices have stronger materials.

Your comparing a device with materials from 2 years ago with a device with the latest materials.

In fact, iPhones have the most longevity, which is 5 years of software support.

Dabi, 26 Oct 2020This article literally tries to justify greedy companies li... moreYou're just deflecting from the actual point of the article, which is chipset. You can try to make it about greed and price all you want, but that's not the PoV of the author.

Dabi, 26 Oct 2020This article literally tries to justify greedy companies li... moreBut i do agree google pixel is overpriced in terms of processor...oneplus in my region costs reasonably less than usa or european market though

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020the writer of this article want a war between me and him, w... moreFirst of all nobody except ONLY you want a shitty display...regarding rest of your boring rant,i dint even read lol coz its useless self opinion

Dabi, 26 Oct 2020This article literally tries to justify greedy companies li... moreThat still costs more with outdated design ,miniature screen ,way below compact level and tiny battery

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020the problem is the 765g is way worse in cpu score than the ... moreYou wont tell the difference if the name of chipsets arent mentioned lmao...maybe in extreme game but thats hit or miss...even a phones optimization also comes into play

This article literally tries to justify greedy companies like Google or OnePlus that are trying to increase their margins at the cost of the user. Apple includes their fastest chip even in the most budget iPhones. Android manufactures should do the same.

  • Anonymous

then, what about competitive games like pubg mobile?

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020Ill be happy with a 765g or any sd 7 in a compact phone but... more....the Pixel 5?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020the writer of this article want a war between me and him, w... morei don't why they removed upper-case on my comment
maybe because all my comment was upper case and not only a part of it, he makes it non upper case, this writer who did this want war
ha ha ha ha ha i will not make him lives peacfully
hahahaha just kidding but no one can stoo me
hahahaha just kidding

  • Anonymous

Cyberchum, 26 Oct 2020Louder, please. We can't here you. Maybe you should in... morethe writer of this article want a war between me and him, we need better soc, we need better ppppppeeeeerrrrfooooorrrmaaaance
this writer can not stop me,
i don't need 120hz qhd memc display, a 720p tft display is good enough and most of people who haven't tried a better display will not have any problem with it
the same for having 7 useless cameras why we need flagship cameras is the same as why we need flagship soc
i prefer to not have any camera and not having a quad hhhhdddd display instead of having those two useless features and not having at least snapdragon 855 85555555555555 855 i said 855 this is the minimum
cameras are useless the phone can run fine withput cameras but try without soc
this man is a camera fanboy and an soc hater
why he does''t say thay flagship cameras are not necessary but he say that flagship soc are not neccccccesssary, i will destroy the keyboard of my phone and press so heavily so everyone can hear me
why it is racism toward soc, why he talk about soc and not cameras, the crap selfie camera that destroy the full display and the depth selfie camera super useless
we want war, okk i accept your challenge nooooooooooooowwwwww
the soc is super important more important than the life of this writer (just kidding :)
how we can play emulators or intensive games without a powerful soc
why nvidia still produce rtx after gtx isn't gtx 460 good enough, isn't gtx 560 or 660 more than good enough, i will ******
if we stop producing soc's and we stop at sd 865 just bcuz it is good enough, upcoming phones will beomes unusable after each update that makes our phone slower

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020You want war then, I would say that cameras are not necessa... moreLouder, please. We can't here you. Maybe you should invent upper-upper case letters to assist your volume.

JDK, 26 Oct 2020Yeah, those iPhones are like from 2 years ago. You'... moreLet's accept that you're right for one moment; did you know what your comment just said? That iPhones don't have longevity. That they start blowing up after about 2 years, which in other words mean that they have poor build quality.

What a way to defeat yourself with your own logic! Lol.

  • Anonymous

the problem is the 765g is way worse in cpu score than the 865 and even worse than that in gpu score, if only we could get somthing better that has good efficiency and power

aReefer, 26 Oct 2020I generally don't upgrade anymore until my phone eithe... moreSame Here,
Used Nokia 6710 Navigator till 2014 as it served me very well till Mobile Phones Displays became much sharper and PPI got much of a leap.

Now I am still using a fast Moto Z Play with JBL SoundBoom loudspeaker and powerBank Moto Mod that extends the already efficient phone battery to 5720mAh!
(Easily lasts for 3 days on 3G Network mode)

Although still running android 8, but the phone feels snappy and I don't miss anything.

what I am looking forward though is the "foldable phones",
I think it is the next Major step, just like when phones switched to color Displays in 2002,
then switched to capacitive touch in 2010.

Foldable phones will be the next big thing in 2020s,
Specially after what we saw from Samsung in The Fold2.

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020The Article Is Really Good. the problem is with the people ... moreSpot-on. It's quite a well-thought-out and written article. Informative, too. The thing is that majority of commenters here don't like article of this quality. What they mostly like to read is spec, spec, spec and spec. That's why one of the commenter attacked the person that suggested reading a book or learning a new language. That's it! You know the thing with always being on the fast lane? One doesn't get to savor a journey. Always moving at break-kneck speed, in a hurry to nowhere actually important. Addiction would never permit them to look at things from a little differently, from an angle that could end up being better one. Who am I kidding? Most addicts probably don't know that they're addict until told.

Swap SD865 with SD765G, while keeping every other thing constant, and I tell you, about 90% of smartphone users won't be able to tell the difference; and most of the other 10% would have a hard time telling them apart. Even most of these ones here attacking the article; they'd not until they install games like Genshin – or what did they call it?

Do they even know what "necessary" mean? Do they know that it means "ABSOLUTELY needed"? I doubt.

This author didn't even say that flagship chipsets are no longer necessary for gaming phones. He said smartphone. The ratio of people using dedicated gaming phones vs general smartphones out there is lesser than 1:100.

Flagship chipsets are definitely not necessary for a smooth smartphone experience! It's only necessary to those who are either fascinated by games, addicted to numbers, or those who want the very best. Which is quite okay!

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020You want war then, I would say that cameras are not necessa... moreCan you please help me with my school essay? >.