Report: Apple begins testing folding iPhone for possible release in 2022

17 November 2020
The word comes from supply chain reports which claim that Apple is testing several folding prototypes.

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Note 20 Ultra, 17 Nov 2020When Apple does it, it makes perfect sense for the fans🤣🤣🤣 ... moreApple released Face ID, ProRAW, and Dolby vision first and here you are calling those gimmicks.

Meanwhile huawei and google pixel uses face ID and it becomes a key selling point.

Nobody cared for the telephoto camera released with the iPhone 7 until androids had it, which it then became revolutionary.

I bet you that when apple released multitouch you didn't care at all until other androids had it, right?

  • Masaood

I think apple use a new things in his innovation. Not use the idea of samsung ,huawei or bal bal bal so think like that which is not have samsun g or other phone companions.
Your sincerely user.
From Pakistan, Peshawar.

  • Bailey

Annonymous, 17 Nov 2020You are kind of wrong here. People buy Apple exacly because... moreSorry I didn't buy an iPhone as a status symbol I am not a 5 year old who needs to show off my new phone to friends so they can think I am cool. Anyone can buy a iPhone these days as there is a thing called a mobile phone contract.

  • Anon

[deleted post]yeah, what you said is absolutely right, that's why no wonder how more than 70% of total mobile phone users in the world use Android, isn't it? Market decided they don't like crappy phones like Apple :)
Btw, when is apple gonna copy punch-hole display or high refresh rate from Android phones, or aren't they incompetent to properly copy even that too lol?

Looks like the iPad successor will be announced by 2022/2023

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2020Expensive cars are completely different thing, they cost lo... moreyeah def not because of status

come back when an influencer and celebrities dont buy a new iphone every year (make sure its gold) and flaunt it in their dumb mirror selfies

  • Anonymous

Annonymous, 17 Nov 2020You are kind of wrong here. People buy Apple exacly because... moreExpensive cars are completely different thing, they cost lot more money than regular cars and are out of reach for most. You don't need to have much money to own iPhone. Where you live if you think people buy iPhone for status? There's same priced phones in the market than iPhone and always been which cost close to iPhone price. Yet iPhone keep selling lot more than others. It's not because of status. It's because how great iPhone is and people are ready to pay for the user experience and ecosystem over and over again.

  • Annonymous

[deleted post]You are kind of wrong here. People buy Apple exacly because they are overpriced, it is a status. Exactly why people buy very expensive cars.

  • Anonymous

"Revolutionary devices only at $3000"

  • Anon

At this point of time, the only thing that's original from Apple is their overpricing of devices, and the latest, omission of all inbox accessories. Everything else is just "copy from Android" then "paste" then "call it greatest innovation" lol

  • Anonymous

Hanif Fikri, 17 Nov 2020Great device, bad pricing...."A leak last week suggested that this foldable iPhone would replace the iPad Mini in Apple's lineup, sell for $1,499 (around £1,100 / AU$2,100), sport 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, and arrive in 2022"

Good price.

Great device, bad pricing....

  • Anonymous

I thought they already had a folding phone back in the iphone 6 era, lol

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 17 Nov 2020I don't care what all the Apple haters and whiners are... more"Like the annoying crease"

According to rumours it will be Surface Duo style 2 screens device, so no crease. It will have lot thinner line between the screen than Duo. This makes sense because current foldables are huge heavy bricks while Duo is actually very sleek and thin device. In current foldable state Duo is definitely the best design and concept for what good foldable could be so not surprising Apple is following that path instead very fragile screen with bad crease.

  • Anonymous

It'll have 2,000 mah battery, lol.

  • AnonD-804996

I don't care what all the Apple haters and whiners are nagging about here. I do wonder how Apple is planning on solving (if at all) certain things that no one managed to solve yet. Like the annoying crease. Or the fact displays are fragile and can be permanently marked by a drag of a finger nail. Or just simply what method will they use to fold. Price will be insane, just like it's insane with other folding devices anyways.

It's going to cost 6,000 dollars and it will have a 60Hz refresh rate and there won't be a fingerprint scanner.

Besides the embarrassing tradition of falling behind, they'll also increase the price. Expect it to go for at least 4k USD. If Fold is not worth 2k, what's making this "innovative" design worth 4k? Just the fruit mark on the back?

I thought they started testing folding phones since iPhone 6 days?

  • Anonymous

Android foldables are flops. There's really simple reason for that, android fragmentation. There's different fodables all with different idea and with different specific features. Which means it's horrible job for devs to support all the different features with all of them. Which means you can't really use your foldable like it meant to work, expect few biggest apps and stock apps.

When Apple will make foldable it will be instant hit because devs will make it worth of money by supporting it.

Sorry Apple haters, just a kindly warning what's coming. But based on the comments already here i guess you knew this because so much bitterness going on.