Report: Apple begins testing folding iPhone for possible release in 2022

17 November 2020
The word comes from supply chain reports which claim that Apple is testing several folding prototypes.

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When Apple does it, it makes perfect sense for the fans🤣🤣🤣 until then boooing Samsung, Huawei and rest of the real innovators....oh Apple is not supposed to be doing it first instead do it right 🤣

  • MrHong

Too late, should be like the latest end of 2021. 2022? Seriously?

  • AnonD-920712

LEEDAQ, 17 Nov 2020tell them to focus to reduce or remove the stupid notch firstApple is so embarassed in copying,

so they copy it slightly and release it 5-10 years later... boring widget feature

  • AnonD-920712

A glimpse of copying android ?

  • Anonymous

As usual playing catchup and copycat.

tell them to focus to reduce or remove the stupid notch first

plz ... NO !!!!! ... no need to follow that trend

I wonder will it be like the galaxy fold they say it's a glass screen yet it has plastic with a very thin glass 🤔

NooOOoo! Please, NO!

Not the mimic stupid flip design!