Oppo teases Find X3 with new image capturing and display capabilities

18 November 2020
A new system ensures that images are captured, stored and displayed in the DCI-P3 color space with 10-bit color depth.

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020Every phone that has the stereotypical modern smartphone de... moreIf you go back to the root then possibly yeah you can say that about ANY smartphone OEMs, but what about now? Does iPhone 12 Pro look even close to X2 Pro? Or 11 Pro, even? And how does this prove your original point that today's Oppo's announcement is somehow their attempt to copy Apple??

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020Every phone that has the stereotypical modern smartphone de... moreLol, iPhone took it's design from a Sony phone.... Soooo your delusional self can stop right there

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Nick Tagataka, 18 Nov 2020I don't think I proved anything about what you want to... moreEvery phone that has the stereotypical modern smartphone design ultimately derived it from the iPhone.

You can deny it.
It won't change it being fact.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020I had both. I prefer the f2 pro but not because of the scre... moreThe curves are a true horror, there are peoples who like them, but for the majority, they are really impractical...
Many peoples have accidental touch issues, and many other don't understand how, because one thing people constantly forget is that there are many ways to handle a smartphone and while some are more popular than other, there are definitively a large amount of variety in how they are handled, and some ways are great for holding curved edge display, other make it a nightmare, same also apply for back, in display and side fingerprint scanner, and even for slim bezels, which is one of the reason why we should push toward diversity.
They look good (I think they look good in pictures but are quickly boring in real life though), but their only purpose is to claim the highest percentage of screen to body ratio.
Their impractical aspect is often widely underestimated...
Not only they are more expensive, but they also are more exposed and their protection is expensive, but they are always subject to image deformation and glares.
In fact, along with the absence of 3.5mm Jack, the curved edge is the only other reason why I didn't switched to the OnePlus 7(t) Pro.

The Find X2 is still a good phone, and its great camera setup make it one of the best camera phone, though they did fall for the Ultra-Wide + Macro combo while the obvious best setup is actually Telephoto + Macro combo.
But except combining Telephoto and Macro, the only things I could see to improve its camera setup would be to also put a hardware Portrait mode to the Telephoto, make it 10x craziness, and add OiS to the Ultra-Wide.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020I don't think you know what "copying" means,... moreNeither do you.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020You already lost on your first sentence. Thank you for p... moreI don't think I proved anything about what you want to prove. The body design looks nothing like iPhone, but of course your eyes might see stuffs differently from mine.

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Hxizwan, 18 Nov 2020Rotting Camera Fast Charging I say aside from fast charging and you mention fast charging, however rotating camera was copied and pasted from someone else (who I think took legal action against them in 2013 or so) so yes you're right, they didn't take that from Apple, but they took it from someone else.

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Nick Tagataka, 18 Nov 2020I take your summary as "I didn't read the article... moreI don't think you know what "copying" means, at least when it comes to this industry.

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Nick Tagataka, 18 Nov 2020Like the body design? The look of UI? How about 120fps OLED... moreYou already lost on your first sentence.

Thank you for proving my point.

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020Xperia has the highest framerate for stills, it cannot do b... more2014 Sony flagship cameras were already far far ahead of their time when it came to the now all important AI camera features

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Demongornot, 18 Nov 2020The Huawei P Smart Z is a low end phone, I aim for high end... moreI had both. I prefer the f2 pro but not because of the screen (the qHD 120hz 1B color screen with the punch hole of the X2 Pro is a mile ahead of the fhd 60hz 16m all-screen of the f2 pro) but because of the non-curvature

Nick112, 18 Nov 2020Yeah, OnePlus 8 pro has 5x periscope camera..🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️Looks like someone couldn't read my comment very well.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020OKYou aren't even the person I replied to, what the point of that "ok" except trying to sound cool here ?

If only you writing "ok" meant "Ok, I understood that this is bad to fight against rare features and help promulgate overly invasive ones, because I now understand that not everyone want the same thing as me and therefor I should accept that not every smartphone should have exactly what I desire when some don't have a single one with their favorites features.".

But sadly, this is the internet, it can't be that smart and responsible...

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Reason, 18 Nov 2020Hey, it's contrived. 32mp@40fps stills has long been ... moreXperia has the highest framerate for stills, it cannot do beyond 20 and reaches 20 only with main camera.

Mobile sensors are much more advanced than mobile cpu. Since 2018 there are sensors able to do stills @ 12bit, but no cpu has support for it. Mobile CPUs do not have power to extract all potential of current cmos.

Even the old IMX400 (XZ Premium - 2017) is capable of videos 4K@90. Not even SD855 can support this mode.

What oppo?

Is this a feature in any way?

Reason, 18 Nov 2020Hey, it's contrived. 32mp@40fps stills has long been ... more32mp@60fps, sorry.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020Many Mobile Sensors are already capable of doing even for e... moreHey, it's contrived. 32mp@40fps stills has long been possible. AF, not really needed on a top mode (some compromise, but doable in software). The hardware performance is there, just not in the dedicated video encoder. The performance of the rest of the computational circuits is enough to Do Pro. Doing conventional video like h26x is tough, but maybe you can do one frame in the new still mode, and three with the other processing resources. Load balancing. They understand this, except good parts and code in the design are needed to get through the different parts of the system efficiently.

But, if they expanded the video encoder, they could do it,, wirhout taking up much space, on a mid range chipset. That's something more difficult to get buy

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Demongornot, 18 Nov 2020This is because of peoples like you that the Smartphone mar... moreOK

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020Punch hole is the way to go, not pop up... Until under disp... moreThis is because of peoples like you that the Smartphone market is one of the worse market out there.

There is no single_feature_way_to_go, DIVERSITY is the way to go, and diversity mean less phones with punch hole and more with other things, like bezel, pop up, flip up, etc.
If anything was the way to go, it clearly is the bezel, it work fine and never caused problems until Apple tried to "fix it", and the pop up was the way to go when it first appear, it work fine and has no issues, but ignorant fearmongers ruined its reputation by scaring peoples away by talking about it as if it would break in 3 month, if a humidity level higher than what is found in a desert in daylight would fried it, as it the cleanest room in the world was too dusty for it, and as if the pop up were to break the phone would explode.
It was popular and really beloved as it allowed the fulldisplay that the punch hole FAIL to deliver, without butchering the display or messing up with the status bar by cutting on its size while it already is too restricted, and by bringing front camera related privacy, it even highlighted that many websites and apps were taking illegally pictures of you.

And if anything, the underdisplay camera is one of the worse gimmick ever invented and it is one of the most over hyped piece of tech ever.
*Regardless what you do the quality will ALWAYS be inferior and it will always rely on heavy computing to compensate.
*It did cost a lot of R&D that peoples will have to compensate for, except if you buy something ZTE Axon 20 5G which is clearly sold as a huge loss (even without underdisplay camera its price doesn't make senses for its specs) because as the video game industry is doing, the buyers will serve as beta testers, which by itself is one of the worse practice to introduce to the smartphone market.
*It is a privacy nightmare because of the cognitive bias of not seeing the camera.
*And looking through an opaque surface while hopping to get the best quality picture is one of the stupidest idea ever.
It is like if your house had one of the most expensive and complex aircon system with CO² scrubber, O² generators, and all your windows were surrounded by a half sphere with 3D display without glasses that reproduce perfectly what is outside your house with head tracking, and a very complex system that allow insects, pollen, germs, rain, smells and anything else including thiefs to get in through a complex sas system while still being perfectly isolated from outside, a perfect 3D sound reproduction system reproducing every sound from the outside but letting none of the original in, a perfect reproduction of sunlight, including the UV and the ability to give you sunburns and all that, and a projected virtual windows that act as if, when virtually closed, it blocked all that, just so you don't have those pesky old primitive mechanical windows to deal with, but for realism if an object where to have the trajectory to collide where your windows were, to simulate having your windows broken and to have to simulate changing it too.
While you could simply have a regular windows and open it for the exact same effect.
This is how stupid it is to put the camera under the display.

One day, a new crappy and totally stupid feature you'll hate will appear and spread on every phones (like no USB ports, which is something we are getting at), and while some could get spared from that, mostly phones whose predecessors had a better solution to offer (a magnetic connector), will get this thing too, and while you could perfectly have had the chance at diversity and get a phone without this, you'll have yourself to 'Deal with it'.

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Reason, 18 Nov 2020Make it 12-14 bits )top sensors have) with stills at up to ... moreMany Mobile Sensors are already capable of doing even for example 24MP@50fps.
The mobile CPUs are the bottleneck here. They cannot keep up with all that frame rate for still.

Pointless to have 60fps shooting when only 1 brand offers AF for burst mode.