Apple iPhone 12 Pro's bill of materials comes up to $406

25 November 2020
South Korean components take up the largest share of the new iPhones.

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  • Anonymous

So we are paying $90 to have modem for technology which is barely there and can't deliver promised speeds ?

Thanks, Qualcomm or Apple, or whoever...

  • Anonymous

Can you do it cheaper ? Then buy the parts and builf your own. Good luck

  • Anonymous

iOS.Never.Again, 26 Nov 2020But what has Apple's R&D department done in the pa... moreinnovation? mostly uncooked features from other phones manufacturer. Apple are bringing features that ease the user experience. You don't have to know it's there, it's just there and it's just works without you thinking about it. No gimmicks.

Android--Master, 25 Nov 2020Other companies care about their users, Apple only cares ab... moreCompanies exist to make money - any that don't fail.
I'm no fan of Apple these days (used to be for a long time), but they're no different than any other faceless corporation.

Wily2020, 25 Nov 2020” If they think they are so good at what they are doing, wh... moreIt's probably more about the lesson Apple learned when they licensed Mac OS - their sales were destroyed by better price to performance computers from UMAX, DayStar, Motorola, Power Computing and others, Apple don't want to make that mistake again.
It almost destroyed them the first time.

Boggy-Stefy, 25 Nov 2020A business shouldn't be opened solely with the purpose... moreNo that's not true at all.
Companies are formed to enrich their own vested interests, owners, investors and shareholders - customer satisfaction is just a way to increase sales and profits.

And retail prices have nothing to do with costs BTW, product is simply priced at what the market will accept. If it's pitched too high the company will quickly discount to clear stocks, if consumers buy it at the initial price discounts will be rare and small.

domraym, 26 Nov 2020Heh "nobody cares" he says but upgrades 2 years l... moreWhat world are you living in?
Smartphones get outdated in 2-3 years.
Sure there are people who can easily keep their Android flagships for 5 years (and some users do keep them for the long haul) but why should they wait for 5 years before upgrading when they are getting so many new upgrade-worthy features in terms of hardware and software in 2-3yrs?
Besides, only top of the line Android flagship are as expensive as Apple.
The budget flagships are perfectly good for any user without breaking the bank. Best part is that those budget flagships like Mi 10t pro, Galaxy S20 FE, OnePlus 8t still offer more than top of the line Apple flagships.

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2020No company care about users. Every company care about profi... moreSure every company cares about profits but not at the cost of giving their users an outdated compromised experience.
Apple removing chargers and skipping on features that are even available on budget devices in 2020 tells you how much they care about users and how much they care about profits.
I personally would never be part of an ecosystem where one has to wait years for the latest features or a design change or something else.

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Reminder that R and D contributes immensely to cost. But what has Apple's R&D department done in the past few years??
Have they brought anything new??

Companies with small budget for R&D compared to Apple are bringing the most innovative features and products on the market.

  • Anonymous

Reminder that R and D contributes immensely to cost.

  • Anonymous

MrHong, 26 Nov 2020Huawei Mediapad 2018 also costs similar to iPad Pro, also b... moreAlready gave you links in other thread. You simply refusing to watch them.

Here's the link again. Look how much effort is spent in bending it compared to iPad pro which snaps in half easily.

  • Woohoo

Wonder where the reduced shipping costs (almost halved) went??
They certainly didn't come to us, in fact the new iphones are inr. 10k ($135) more expensive than last year on top of the already obscenely expensive starting price.
Not that I care and want to buy any of them, I'm still happy with my SD820 powered phone (except the battery ofc).

  • Wily2020

domraym, 26 Nov 2020Heh "nobody cares" he says but upgrades 2 years l... moreHe's clearly just in very big denial like most Apple obsesses droidboys.

Of course android users care OS updates just like iOS users, it just that they won't get them :) Who wouldn't want to get new features, why would there be huge whining online everytime when their beloved android phone is not getting newest OS update. That's happens every year when Android OEMs release the list of phones getting new android version, huge whining starts why my phone isn't getting it while it's only two years old. This is also propably big reason why people don't want to spend money on high-end android phones anymore. Also why Samsung is now offering three years of support for some of their phones and made a big deal about it if android users doesn't care ;)

  • Wily2020

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Nobody cares about latest updates on Android. The 5 year u... more"Nobody cares about latest updates on Android."

and why would they because they know they won't get them ;)

But do you know what is funny? There was poll asking why android people would buy these new iPhone 12 and biggest or second biggest reason was long OS support :) haha.

You are in big denial if you think that android users wouldn't want to get new features for their old phones. Of course they wan't it just that they won't get them or they have to wait them like half year because android update policy is so crappy.

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Nobody cares about latest updates on Android. The 5 year u... moreHeh "nobody cares" he says but upgrades 2 years later when the phone only receives security updates or even less when android has a new gimmick. By your logic, shouldn't android customers keep their devices even longer because it's "5 years ahead of ios?" Don't give me the price argument because we're talking about phones with flagship chipsets here to be fair. In the past you can use that argument because android flagships were cheaper but now they're almost the same price.

  • just having a beer

Hello, 25 Nov 2020My mom used 5 years and I use for 2 years with stable speed... moreBattery is normal wear and tear, it wears out eventually. I would not take that bit as negative, it usually depends how you use the device. If you use it for calls and basic chatting(facebook and so on), the battery will last longer. Add in some gaming and the battery life is gone out of the window over time. That is normal for many users, not just iPhone.

  • Marco

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Nobody cares about latest updates on Android. The 5 year u... moreYour criticism against Apple is not too often fact-based. For example, you claim that Apple deliberately slows down things each year while it's hardly the case. The fine you refer to and they paid is tied to a one-off event, and this is mostly tied to the communication of this. The ability to slow down the performance remains a way to save battery / provide a good "core" experience. Many smartphones, including Androids, have a battery-saving mode, which, by definition, results in lower performance / a series of negatives (such as less colors, lower refresh rate, lower brightness etc.). Yet you don't criticize the Android phones...

  • Marco

"$19,2 for the storage". But for which capacity? The Pro has twice the storage of the non-Pro, so the cost cannot be the same and should be about twice as high.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I agree, Worst ecosystem of 2020: iOS and MacOS.

Most overrated flagship of the year: Galaxy S20 ultra.

Most "Meh" flagship of the year: iPhone 12 pro Max.

  • Anonymous

domraym, 26 Nov 2020WOW the reality distortion field is strong with this one. S... moreNobody cares about latest updates on Android.
The 5 year update system of iOS is a giant scam. You get latest features 5 years late on an average. Android is light years ahead of iOS in terms of functionality, customizability, security and ease of use. Android from 5 years back can do things current iPhone can't.

iOS 14 finally got an app drawer and widgets, Lol these are things that existed on Android a decade back.

Plus with every subsequent update, your battery and cpu are deliberately slowed down by Apple (Yes, they are paying fines for this malpractice) whereby one is forced to upgrade after a few years.