Caviar removes the cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro to make it Stealth

01 December 2020
Camera-free phones have been used in the past when privacy and security are of utmost importance.

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Anonymous, 03 Dec 2020Why so worried about privacy, if you use a phone it's ... more"I could care less if someone knows my name or address, what is so bad about that?"

Well don't come and cry here if someone uses your personal information for scamming purposes.

tks77, 02 Dec 2020duct tape is better lolsecurity teams of such facilities tape all cameras during entry with labelled paper cannot remove them without damaging the sticker.before you leave the building,security team checks and removes the stickers.if it is torn,means you temporarily removed and sticked it back,you cannot leave the building.So,they understand if the camera is used or not.otherwise the phones are collected during,this case is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

Why so worried about privacy, if you use a phone it's part of the terms of service that they collect your data, you want to be totally safe today, don't use a phone at All, you all make up your own problems to seem more important. I could care less if someone knows my name or address, what is so bad about that? It's public knowledge.

  • Creative

Wow,, like the stealth design thou

Daely , 02 Dec 2020"Oh we are going to make phones with no cameras becaus... moreJust literally read the comment (mine) before your.

  • Daely

"Oh we are going to make phones with no cameras because of privacy issues, but users can still use apps like Facebook, TikTok, ore any app that spies what you do or what you don't do on your cellphone"
oH, aLrigHT😔👍🏼

mojojojo, 02 Dec 2020well you can put a bandaid on a bullet wound but that'... moreIf you have nothing else, it is still better to do it the time the ambulance come than doing better.
It is the same thing here, why do no one get that?
If you have multiple wounds, would you just care of none because there are some you can't do yourself or would you do all you can ?
Any privacy related victory is still a victory, being some phone with good privacy helping solutions, or laws, practices, etc.
If we wait for all the privacy issues to be fixed at once, or to not do those who can because there are others, we will never get our privacy back, and all those who are laughing now will seriously have a violent dose of reality, because regardless if they don't want to believe in something and refuse hard proof and even totally officially recognized things, doesn't mean it cease to exist.

  • tks77

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020A plain paper sticker on cam is enough duct tape is better lol

well you can put a bandaid on a bullet wound but that's not a solution

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020A plain paper sticker on cam is enough I would love to see you try it with punch holes and underdisplay camera.

Lightning2.0, 02 Dec 2020Absolutely they'll take the phone away in high-securit... moreYup, but regaining privacy is one baby step at the time, though we can make all those in parallel, we can't just ignore an issue because there are others.
Those other privacy threats should also be addressed, but none should be ignored.
A lot of people seem quite ignorant about how much more than just seeing one's face a camera can do, from letting important details of prototypes, business plans, or for individuals giving away where they live (don't forget that many apps can access the camera, while some already know your location through GPS and DATA, other don't) and their valuables at home, but also other people.
If one day there is a witch hunt on any minority (if you think it can't happen, Uyghurs would like to disagree), something as simple as a camera can become dangerous for hiding individuals, this is the kind of privacy threat that no one think about and yet is not just a possibility but probably already happened quite a few times, and when it comes to human life, any time is too much.

Besides, it doesn't necessarily have to do with privacy, someone might simply want a phone and have absolutely no use of any camera of any kind, having regular phones without camera would be great for diversity as there are many people who would be more than happy with a phone that have no camera or only a single main camera good enough to be inexpensive.

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020Forget about privacy and security. Just use any phone you w... morePrivacy is not a matter of who you are, even the most average person have risks to get his privacy exposed.
Haven't any of you learned lessons from what happen when someone's personal address just leak ?
Just total strangers can be already dangerous, let alone how lack of privacy is a threat to freedom and security.

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020Is privacy is a concern,security just covers the cameras wi... moreWe shouldn't have to do that, privacy should be already ensured.

AnonD-889996, 02 Dec 2020I read while it has 10 comment and someone posting a full p... moreSure, people who say complete nonsense about privacy and who did drag me to unrelated things through mindless arguing by refusing to accept fact backed up by proofs and explanations, and you, actually reading those long text you are laughing about, all have such a wonderful life.
People spreading misconceptions and saying totally wrong things because they talk about things they know nothing about, and other laughing at peoples, such a great way to occupy your time and to live your life at its fullest.

theRajeshV, 02 Dec 2020Holy **** people! How is this about privacy? If you want... moreThis isn't how to get privacy at all.
Also, privacy should be a norm, it should even be mandatory and law enforced, not something people have to find work around to ensure their peacefulness and keep their freedom.

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020This is so dumb in so many ways. 1) Obviously these phon... more*just cover them up when you're not using them*
Sure, now that 95% of phones have a teardrop notch and a punch hole and that underdisplay camera will be the new market invading thing, what a great advise.

3) Go say that to Caviar.

4) So, if I get your logic, we should have a super good anti-virus, but leave all ports open ?
When will peoples get that, ONE THING DOES NOT MEAN IT REPLACE ANOTHER !
Face recognition does NOT replace fingerprint reader, and the fact that there are other privacy threat does NOT mean this one shouldn't be avoided.
If you have one person who want to kill you and another who just want to punch you, rather than avoiding both, are you really gonna want to the one who want to punch you just because "the one who want to kill you is a bigger threat" ?

5) That's one of the thing I try to bring awareness to, but peoples always diminishing the importance of camera related privacy, like you did "there are other/bigger vulnerable things" are NOT helping.
Also, you don't understand how money work.

6) The camera aren't physically hidden, software privacy solutions AREN'T good solutions for many reasons.
You obviously have no ideas how many things can be used to spy on peoples, it doesn't prevent apps to use any sensors, and there are hardware level privacy threat in all Androids Smartphones.

7) Blame the prehistorical barter base economic system.

  • Anonymous

A plain paper sticker on cam is enough

Ali Othman, 02 Dec 2020people who came to read comments, don't... Yes, otherwise we might read about people who don't understand what privacy is about and say totally misleading things about it.
And people laughing at other saying things like :
"device for those ... afraid of cameras".
And other disrespectful comments from a totally non-understanding person.

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2020Is privacy is a concern,security just covers the cameras wi... moreAbsolutely they'll take the phone away in high-security settings, like the congress or cabinet meetings. No smartphone is hack-proof. If it still has a microphone and a GPS module, it can still be exploited as a listening or tracking device.

  • Roberto

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