Sony Xperia 1 II receiving Android 11 in Taiwan

14 December 2020
The global market should get it by the end of December.

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I'm in Canada. It's Jan 3rd. Still not getting any update yet. Disappointed. Xperia 1 II. Is there any way I can get the firmware download and manually install it?

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    • 19 Dec 2020

    This update has reached Russia too. I got mine yesterday.

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      • 19 Dec 2020

      Will Smith, 16 Dec 2020Yes, make available in Indian market as soon as possiblesorry brother but sadly sony has left off from Indian market

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        • 16 Dec 2020

        Ratan, 15 Dec 2020Please make Sony Xperia 1 mark II available in Indian marke... moreYes, make available in Indian market as soon as possible

          Anonymous, 14 Dec 2020Factories start working on the phones after the devices are... moreRight, but there is also problem with such announcement where you get excited and then forget as it takes long to arrive.
          Not to forget that by release date specs or price is no longer cool, funnily some even get to copy some features in that production window, this is serious issue as its also that presentation what makes one move.

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            • 15 Dec 2020

            Please make Sony Xperia 1 mark II available in Indian market at the earliest. Dying to buy the World's Best Phone "Sony Xperia 1 mark II.

              Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020Even worse S20 Ultra = 87h for 1080@120, 97h for 3K@6... moreThat mostly comes from the inefficiency of the Exynos 990 as well, which would hopefully be addressed on the next generation Exynos 2100.

                SizN80, 15 Dec 2020That makes no sense because the same update ends up on all ... moreThey will try out first if there will be no problems with the update on a smaller population, and also to avoid bigger problems on a large area of users, and eventually they would release the update to all users as soon as it's confirmed to be completely functional and stable enough to be used on a regular basis.
                Guaranteed, the update will be safe for the most part, as it is essentially an official upgrade already. This is just to look for small issues that may need to be addressed before the global release is performed.

                  So this makes the Xperia 1 ii the first phone to have 120fps slow motion video recording for both 4K HDR and HD 1080p ! Cool 🤠👍 !!!

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                    • 15 Dec 2020

                    why sony fears indian sales market being a giant in mobile world go prove back if you are a japanese giant

                      Czeffy, 15 Dec 2020Maybe because they would like to be tried out in a smaller ... moreThat makes no sense because the same update ends up on all the other devices anyway.

                        Crasscall, 15 Dec 2020Any new about Sony Xperia Z5 premiumit is 2020... i think there will be no more update on z5 premium... i even skipped the last update since some people reported audio jack not working... i am still at 6.0.1 on z5 premium... will now be demoted as a media phone at home... already upgraded to 1ii as my work phone...

                          SizN80, 15 Dec 2020Why can’t they just release it globally to all handsets at ... moreMaybe because they would like to be tried out in a smaller scale first.

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                            • 15 Dec 2020

                            I just got my xperia5II update this morning in the Nederland!

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                              • 15 Dec 2020

                              Any new about Sony Xperia Z5 premium

                                Why can’t they just release it globally to all handsets at once? Why do some countries get it early and others later? Ridiculous

                                  It had to receive better screen an I was going to buy as I love sony. Screen is poor compared to oppo find x2pro my phone

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                                    • 15 Dec 2020

                                    some hk variants are also receiving android 11 on 1 ii... but have not updated it yet (mine is imported from hk)... still have to read at reddit... i just want that 4k hdr @120fps on cinema pro... hopefully before holidays...

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                                      • 15 Dec 2020

                                      Anonymous, 14 Dec 2020Nothing to do with brightness. 615 nits not low. Previou... moreIt is, and sometimes troublesome when taking pictures in bright sunlight -

                                      Youre ok with 420 nits? Well I'm definitely not. Sony itself addressed about the issue & will increase brightness about 15% in next 1iii (around 710 nits) -

                                      Stop blindly defends Sony in whatever they do. If there are no complains & feedback, Sony maybe still stuck with 60Hz & 400 nits screen brightness. Luckily Sony didnt listen to you.