Xiaomi Mi 11 arrives as the first phone with Snapdragon 888

28 December 2020
There is no charger in the retail box but Xiaomi will give one for free if you ask nicely.

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Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020Are you talking about the Passion fruit iphoney?LOL

KebabSLO, 28 Dec 2020Looks promising, i hope it won't cost too much in EU. You can expect about 150 to 200 euros more. Which in my opinion is to be expected.

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IMX363, 28 Dec 2020480Hz touch sampling rate is really good. I'm glad the... moreI wonder if you will be also able to select 90, as 120 will reduce battery life.

480Hz touch sampling rate is really good. I'm glad they didn't go crazy with the refresh rate, 120Hz is enough.

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  • Vako

For me as a Redmi user, this is a very disappointing decision. If I had the money right now to buy a phone, I wouldn't buy a Xiaomi product.

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Don't upgrade from mi 10.
This has minimal changes, Mi 10 worth more for lower prices (since they dropped).
SD888 HAS SUCH LOW IMPROVEMENT , even 855 is still overkill for mobile.
Camera only different appearance.
Screen has like no use since contents can't be displayed at such detail, tell me one game that has pc grade graphics, while even pc has a worse screen quality.
Build don't worth that much.

Looks promising, i hope it won't cost too much in EU.

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Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020well now getting a free charger with it, seems like a reaso... moreAre you talking about the Passion fruit iphoney?

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507AMS, 28 Dec 20206.81” AMOLED with QHD+ resolution 120Hz refresh rate 1,50... moreS21 U will be double it's price

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well now getting a free charger with it, seems like a reasonable way of doing no charger included approach, unlike some other fruit company

I hate Chinese companies, but this time Xiaomi just tick all the boxes. It may not have a zoom Camera but let's be honest, in this price range this is not a real dealbreaker. Next to the S21, this phone looks like a beast. No plastic body or FHD resolution. IMO Chinese OEM have surpassed the big boys already.

  • kyle4beantown

Interesting to note that “Night Video” mode on the Mi 11 is the world's first and it harnesses a lot of the AI advantage with the Snapdragon 888. While nighttime photo taking functionality has become somewhat common on phones over the last few years, the capability to record quality live video at night on a mobile device has proven a difficult challenge to address. Taking photos at night relies on capturing light over a long period and merging many frames to produce an enhanced image, a different approach is needed for video's real-time streaming. For video, each rapidly captured frame needs to be enhanced, and on top of that, the enhancement has to happen nearly instantly. To finally solve this problem and bring quality, nighttime video taking to consumers' hands for the first time, Xiaomi has teamed with BlinkAI, a leading provider of AI-powered imaging enhancement solutions. BlinkAI's deep learning software is included on Xiaomi's latest flagship smartphone to elevate Mi 11’s native camera hardware's low-light performance -> https://www.prweb.com/releases/blinkai_teams_with_xiaomi_to_bring_worlds_first_night_video_feature_to_the_mi_11/prweb17634675.htm

It is so sad that Xiaomi has given up on 3.5mm headphone jack now as well. Ah well, a mid-range for India market then....

abitcuriousabitgeek, 28 Dec 2020Because it gives you the best audio quality with the earphones.Just use an adapter...

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Also expect the Mi 11 lite with Snapdragon 777

  • Mat

In Asian countries you'll never receive charger for free, definitely sellers will rise the price if you buy it with the charger.

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020> Not giving charger due to environmental reasons > ... moreTaking the charger out of the box make Phone Box more slim,easy to shipping and more eco-friendly
A slim phone box+a small package for charger need less paper to build compare to a normal phone box with charger inside.
And since the phone and charger are not produced in the same company(normally Xiaomi produce there flagship in Heibei,China and charger in Guangxi,China,2000Km away from Hebei),they can ship the phone and charger seprately now.In the old time they need ship the charger to Hebei(2000km away) and put it the box

jarane, 28 Dec 2020Why would you still want a headphone jack in 2021?Because it gives you the best audio quality with the earphones.

[deleted post]6.81” AMOLED with QHD+ resolution
120Hz refresh rate
1,500 nits
Gorilla Glass Victus protection
480Hz touch sampling rate

..and this is only the screen...all this for less than $1,000 USD and it's dogshit specs for you??? you have no idea what you said!!!!