Snapdragon 480 is the first 4-series 5G chipset from Qualcomm

04 January 2021
It will power the budget 5G Androids of 2021.

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  • LGMasterRace

Pabliell, 04 Jan 2021Soooo... This chip is almost on the level of the 720G while... moreIt probably signals that Qualcomm fears it might lose out to Mediatek and other competitors if they do not step their game up. That amount of performance on a 4-series implies that the rumors of the upcoming 7-series chip will is supposed to perform as good as 865 are probably true. The difference between current 8-series and 7-series chips is too massive and not sustainable. Companies putting older 8-series chipsets on their new devices highlighted that last year.

Well, I guess I might finally be able to buy myself a decent performing tablet again. None of those dogshit A22 and S450 tablets.

  • BrickBroke

People are forgetting one thing: Brands need to have some profit, and people are dreaming about 150 bucks phone with this SoC!!!!

JUst think: since is a low low tier SoC, brand will give you a 720p screen, maybe microUSB, not so good audio speaker or camera.

i know, i know is low tier, and we dont expect more but, c'mon...we are in 2021, give us 1080p screen even in low tier is time already!!! and since its all about budget, and all i see is budget phones with big battery, maybe we see phones with this and a 5000mah battery...thats good, the only good i can trhink about beign a low tier SoC.

Other than that dont expect much, i have use SD400, 410 and 430 and...pretty much they suffer a lot with games, even in basic a short time you will regret the buying even tho is cheap!

Nice. Hope to see this in 150€ category.

  • rob

Uesera, 04 Jan 2021-More and cheaper 5G phones : Alright. -5G coverage and sp... moreWell in certain countries where internet isn't a ripoff, like most of Europe and some countries in Asia here 5G plans won't be that much more expensive, so even budget phone folks will be able to enjoy it.
While if we check the ripoff countries like US, South America, Africa, rest of Asia, yeah your two kidneys are up for sale.

  • wersy2

Seems that we've reached the point when even "budget" phones are fast enough.

I wonder, what the excuse would be to expect the average Joe to shell out for the flagships?

Matt, 04 Jan 2021Snapdragon 675 and 678 should offer equal or slightly bette... moresuprise it use same cpu as sd 675, kryo 460, and because it has better manufacturing process (8nm) this soc would be better than 675 in both cpu and gpu.

too good to be true, lets see price of devices first.

Cheap phones are getting good

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon is a bit expensive but more stable more durable. No MediaTek for me.

Soooo... This chip is almost on the level of the 720G while having a better GPU and 5G, but with a bit worse ISP.
It seems that soon even the mid-range won't be worth buying anymore.

Uesera, 04 Jan 2021-More and cheaper 5G phones : Alright. -5G coverage and sp... moreI guess the more 5G phones out there the more incentive there is for carriers to increase their 5G capacity and coverage, which in turn benefits everyone. Not all carriers charge extra for 5G speeds either, so for those users they get the benefits of 5G overtime without any additional cost to their data plans.

  • Zozika

Support for 120Hz refresh rate displays WITH FHD resolution, or support 120Hz OR FHD resolution?

  • Anonymous

Looks like it will be against mediatek u800? Hopefully not more expensive since won't be faster think.

  • Uesera

-More and cheaper 5G phones : Alright.
-5G coverage and speed : Nope.
-5G plan prices : Nope.

Still don't see the point yet expecially 5G entry level devices for people with limited budget :/
Good to see the cheaper SoCs getting advanced fast though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2021Snapdragon 4xx series is for entry level devices. 2xx ...

4xx = low midranges

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 04 Jan 2021Actually Qualcomm is not so great for budget chipsets Me... moreBecause it is way cheaper to buy Mediatek P series (mainly P22) than buying SD450/460.
Sub-$200 brings very low money to the OEMs.

pesches132, 04 Jan 2021Sure, on paper it's all improvement and stuff but that... moreIt's made on 8 nm process, and the Cortex-A76 aren't clocked that high compared to something like SD 855, also it doesn't have as much cores, so it should produce less heat.
SD 480(2 cores Cortex-A76 clocked @2.0Ghz) vs SD 855(1 core Cortex-A76 @2.84Ghz+3 cores Cortex-A76@2.42Ghz).
The SD 765/765G is a good exemple of this configuration and I haven't heard stories about it overheating, so SD 480 should be fine.
If you're talking about the 5G modem, I think it should produce less heat since it's an internal modem and you can also use 4G.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 4xx series is for entry level devices.

TechGeek, 04 Jan 2021Qualcomm is very good at making budget chipsets and I am su... moreActually Qualcomm is not so great for budget chipsets

Mediatek does a better job here

400 series chipsets are almost never used

Shadocx, 04 Jan 2021Of course it can, it has the 5G modem and it's using C... moreSure, on paper it's all improvement and stuff but that also means possible increase in thermals on a budget phone with cheap-plastic builds. I know 5G is so hyped-up by phone makers but I was maybe hoping they would just do a 4G based improved 4-series since it would be cheaper and most guys who would buy cheap 4-series phones wouldn't really need 5G.

  • Anonymous

kek, 04 Jan 2021I'm rocking a 450 SD, and it was way better than I exp... moreI use a Snapdragon 439 and it's fine for basic use and 2d games.