LG isn't giving up on smartphones

15 January 2021
The company was adamant about denying a recent report.

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  • Eagles Platoon

Log makes very good TVs and kitchen appliances, I think it's best they stick to these.

  • Alex

Get the hint already, unless you come up with really good software support people really don't have any reason to buy your phones. Your cameras aren't on par with the competition, your software could do a lot better, battery life isn't outstanding, really what do you have to offer that others don't? Unless you launch some sort of flagship killer, there are tons of better options than what you offer in every price range market.
Really thought you had good stuff back in the LG G2-G3 days, heck even gave Samsung a headache. I don't know what happened but I think it's too late for a comeback

  • Kreshi

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021What ? They have been lost for years now . Rubbish products... moreI Own Lg V30 for more than 3yrs and is one of the best phone i had, battery life is still great(all day on 4g) no lag still fast as in first day, dropped many times screen is still unbroken, camera perfect better than today's Galaxy's s10lite. I dont know why u coment like that if u dont know

  • Kreshi

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021What ? They have been lost for years now . Rubbish products... moreI Own Lg v30

I just jumped from v30+ to fin x2 Pro and I do miss the nice audio recording, Jack/dac, camera features but that's it and it was time to moove on... I hope LG bring something great next time.

How about a 360° 3D touchscreen spherical or cube display device that displays 3D images & 360° videos? How about not just a new rollable smartphone but a smartphone that you could crumple or fold-a-lot like paper? A crumpled smartphone, wahahaha! Innovation!

  • Don

LG is a brilliant phone. I have the G7 thin Q for over 2 years without an issue. The sound quality is unmatched. The marketing team is the issue. Sad that I could not upgrade to a new one as my carrier here in South Africa has dropped all LG products

  • Shiny Dave

YUKI93, 16 Jan 2021I have no problem with their flagship and premium midrange ... moreWhere is that manufacturer based?

IMO it should be India. LG's big selling point is not being a Chinese brand at this point, and India is an enormous market for non-flagships with that selling point. "Made in India" would especially reinforce that, and IIRC avoid import duties?

  • Anonymous

I have a q6 that has given good service so far. Comfortable to carry. Worth the moderate price.

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021You Do Not have to be a genius work out why LG sales are fa... moreTrue. LG come up with nice ideas ans yet can't sell phones. Because their marketing department suks big.

  • Jck

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021What ? They have been lost for years now . Rubbish products... moreUse their phones first. Its better thsn a stupid apple or a Samsung anyday. Some if the kist underrated phones are made by LG. Use tge lgg8x and their velvet x
Go fly a kite with apple , costly shit

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 16 Jan 2021Not sure why you are disappointed as it is the most complet... more No.

LG removed the 52mm camera seen on previous V series.
Downgrade to FHD screen.
No UFS3.0.
No gorilla 6 on screen.

They should have kept G series, then make V much better.

  • Anonymous

You Do Not have to be a genius work out why LG sales are failling..... they wasted so much resources to come up with new phones like the Velvet, Wing both poor sales, and now new Rollables on the way, but they Never knew how to capitalised on the R&D already spent! IMHO,they already have Fantastic phones like the V60 Dual Screen which is the most underrated phone of 2020 as agreed by most critics. YET, it was Never release globally, most people who are none techies dont even know a V60 existed outside US and also it was a very limited in a few markets only even after many months when it was released in U.S.
Why did they refused to release the v60 Global with Dual Sim outside the US, is just crazy.
I had Been waiting for so longgggg.... till I could not wait anymore and ended up buying the Note 20 Ultra last year when I could not get the V60 Dual screen +DUAL SIM Global, which is what most of my peers did too, we actually preferred the V60 but with Dual Sim.....so many sales forgone in Euro and Asian markets, when all they have to do is some minor software tweaks to release a Dual Screen + Dual Sim V60 to the existing production lines that are already in place, so sad that blind freddy could have seen that.

"LG isn't giving up on smartphones" ... yes, they are (in practical terms, anyway) .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021Apple is different case. Can people who like IOS and do not... moreDo not have illusion most Apple users have iphone because of ios.
I doubt 0,0000000001% of them even know it is called iOS.

Just because iphone has ever been more expensive than other phones, this myth iphone is fancy was created.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021This is not a car forum. Give more relevant examples next time.Apple nor Samsung are luxurious brands.
Otherwise they would not have so many clients poor or low mid class.

Cellphone is not fancy.
Fancy is a $200.000 watch with some gold and diamonds.
Fancy is a 1500hp hypercar.

  • Anonymous

zodiacfml, 16 Jan 2021they should stop matching Samsung/Huawei with premium prici... more"they should stop matching Samsung/Huawei with premium pricing"

Tell us any LG phone priced above $1000/€1000..
Because from these two, there are many.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021Where did you get those information from? https://www.gs... moreYoutube. This guy is display expert.
Using the RGB bar he got delta 0.7.

I think it was = red 90, green =54 , blue =0

  • Acki

They're focusing on design too much which was lacking from their previous releases which looked boring and commonplace; but with very bad pricing... I mean it costs as much as a Flagship from other brands but with an average chip? Like who would buy that? And with the rise of Chinese brands (namely Xiaomi and Realme) releasing flagship killers at a lower peice point and better if not similar specs, then they'll surely lose. Oh and let's not forget, their software updates takes loooooooong time to be released.

  • 21 Smiles

Love LG no cap, using my new LG V60 right now can't wait for a new LG phone with an all round balance of features.