LG isn't giving up on smartphones

15 January 2021
The company was adamant about denying a recent report.

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  • AJ

I'm very happy owner of LG G7. It's still awesome even after 2years & I still get software updates & security patches. Ofcourse updates arent as early as my friends S9, but then I'm happy how stable they are. Better stable & late than early & buggy.

  • Nana

When launch LG upcoming phone exact k series

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021The in-screen FPS used by s21 series is already 3rd gen fro... moreTrust me, I prefer optical but I don't see companies moving back into that other than Sony and Pixel anytime soon.

Thanks for the heads up. I thought it was 2nd gen.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 17 Jan 2021Because I'm bored, this would rock for LG: V70: 18... moreThe in-screen FPS used by s21 series is already 3rd gen from Qualcomm.
The two previous are very poor.
Optical is better.

Dometalican, 17 Jan 2021Because I'm bored, this would rock for LG: V70: 18... moreExtend the life of the phones...oops. lol

Because I'm bored, this would rock for LG:

18:9 aspect ratio 2K@90Hz P-OLED with Qualcomm's 2nd edition in-display reader
Snapdragon 888 of course (maybe +)
MIL-STD-G and IP68 with Gorilla Glass 6 at least
5,500mAH battery with 25W/15W/10W charging
Stereo Speakers with headphone jack with DAC

108MP + 48MP ultrawide + 12MP telephoto + ToF
16MP + 8MP selfie cams
8GB RAM/128GB ROM - 256GB versions with MicroSD card slot

Modestly priced at $900/$975 (let's face it, it won't come THAT cheap...)

V70 mini (same as above only):
6.0" 18:9 ratio 1080p@90Hz P-OLED
Camera would have to remove ToF and Ultrawide selfie cams due to size
3,800mAH minimum

Priced $100 cheaper than above.

Throw in 2nd generation second screens that add 2,500-3,000mAH batteries to extend the love of the phones that are $125 more with the phones (with batteries and Gorilla Glass) and you've got epic phones for 2021. Just my opinion.

  • Beerbaron

vodny, 16 Jan 2021LG is actually the only company on the market that sells ru... moreNo

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021Lg phones have bad desing, awful software and bad software ... moreYou don't know what you're talking about. LG is the most innovative smartphone company I've seen.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021 No. LG removed the 52mm camera seen on previous V ser... more64MP main sensor cropped in is a good replacement for a 52mm lens.

Yeah it's a shame that Glass 6 is not on the front but LG is the one who always does thing reversely. I own a G6 for 2 years and 11 months prior moving to the V60 and that the glass situation on G6 is also funny too.

It DOES HAVE UFS3.0. GSMArena didn't fix the data.

FHD? LG Display is the best on smartphone. I was at first, felt really bad without the QHD but when I got the phone, that idea changed. The FHD screen on the V60 is beautiful, vibrant and so detailed. IMO, the resolution is comparable to S10 series (10 10+ 10 5G). And the FHD benefits the battery. If you pair the V60 with dual screen (like I do) the battery would not drop significantly if you have 2 QHD screens.

I too am a supporter of LG phones, from LG G2 through to LG G8. I have noticed a reduction in the quality of some of the supplied apps, such as SMS Messaging and File Manager. I showed a friend the LG Velvet and after purchase, found the file manager to be deficient. A shortcut to a file/folder cannot be created on the Home Screen. I will be checking on such functionalities for my next phone and for the 1st time, will consider switching away from LG. My daughter has already switched away from LG phones.

Kriegsherr, 16 Jan 2021True. LG come up with nice ideas ans yet can't sell ph... moreIt's not their marketing. Consumers have a problem with converging on what they think is the best. Which has basically come down to iPhone or Galaxy S / Note for Android in the phone segment. You're not going to outsell these companies for the same price, period. Other companies really need to stop trying. Alternatively they can find a niche to fill. IMO, the plain Android niche would be a good place to start since there really are no flagship quality phones in that segment atm.

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021Small phones fail to sell. S10e was much weaker seller ... moreGalaxy S20 and iPhone 12 are relatively small compared to the rest of the field. These phones have no problems selling. The small phones don't sell thing isn't the issue. Phones that don't differentiate them selves from the iPhone and Galaxy S don't sell for roughly the same price. So they can charge less like Xiaomi or just git gud.

I have a recovery strategy for LG. Make a 6" plain Android phone with a Snapdragon 700 series chip, no bloat, use good cameras and charge a reasonable price.

  • Anonymous

Lg phones have bad desing, awful software and bad software updates and fixes. Lack of functionalities when compared to the competition... they got stuck in time with their phones

LG is actually the only company on the market that sells rugged phones with MLT-STD that look like normal phones. There is almost no alternative to their G or V line. Ok, we have AGM, very expensive, CAT doesn't look that good and many rugged monsters from Blackview etc., but the're bricks compared to LG sleek design. Moreover, LG has the best displays and great cameras. As someone mentioned here, their the closest to Samsung if you take the overall build quality and features. The only problem is lack of advertising in some regions and not that great support. And price of course compared to Xiaomi and other Chinese brands.

  • Saskatoonian

My last 4 phones have been LG. I switched from the Apple 4S. I did not care for Apple, so I switched to LG as I have many of their electronic products in my home. I've had the LG G4, G5, G6 and now have switched to the midrange Q70, which in my opinion, outperforms many flagship phones. I'm staying with LG!

  • HumbleGeek

This is news? They've faltered for so long and kept going anyway and they finally had a decent year in 2020. Why would anyone expect LG now to give up on cellphones at this moment?

  • Anonymous

Yeah, LG don't need to give up. But it is up to the consumer to choose, so wake up and make something that can attract consumer instead of living in your own fantasy.

  • Roxxy

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021You Do Not have to be a genius work out why LG sales are fa... moreIm in South Africa and have the LG V60..... And this phone is an incredible beast! Dual screen is amazing, battery life is insane.... I'm a massive LG fan the only thing i miss on the V60 is the G7's boom box feature. The actual sound on the V60 cannot compare to the sound of the G7.... But I agree the V60 is definitely the most underrated phone if 2020!!

  • Eagles Platoon

Log makes very good TVs and kitchen appliances, I think it's best they stick to these.