LG might pull out of smartphone business after all

20 January 2021
The CEO Kwon Bong-seok sent an internal message, saying if the division folds, “employment will be maintained”.

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  • Anonymous

Atleast their marketshare is better than zeo percent marketshare of Sony

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021TCL has been in USA for a while, even before OP. Even old... moreYou need carrier support to sell phones in US. Carriers were being blocked from carrying Chinese phones.

  • dzordz

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021You want LG to do phone sililar to 5ii for $500? LOL ... yes. plastic back, removable battery. mid range upper snapdragon. just imagine bro.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021TCL has been in USA for a while, even before OP. Even old... moreTCL was making TVs but only started making smartphones recently. I don't think any Chinese vendor does not want the US market, they just don't want to end up like Huawei.

  • Anonymous

If they are really going down, all thanks to the bootloop software problem that spoiled their reputation hard.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021OnePlus only started selling after Huawei was banned. They ... moreTCL has been in USA for a while, even before OP.
Even old OP5T was already sold in USA.
Nothing new.

Xiaomi does not want to be in USA.

  • r1t1p1

I've used LG and HTC devices and it's sad that they're going down. Both have pathetic support. I wish they could have done better as i prefer their camera processing algorithm.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021OnePlus sells in USA. TCL sells in USA. Xiaomi, Oppo an... moreOnePlus only started selling after Huawei was banned. They were too small and too boutique to threaten Apple's sales. TCL is a very new player and much worse than OnePlus. US is now doing all they can to keep Xiaomi out of the US market.

  • Xmas

Now...when Huawei have problems? Its best time to fight in European and US market.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021Dude.. look Apple is only big in North America.. https://www.livemint.com/technology/tech-news/apple-has-5-iphones-out-of-10-most-sold-smartphones-of-2020-11599112428917.html ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Anonymous

Wait, you mean to tell me making the same mistakes year after year after year didn't revive their smartphone division? That's unpossible!

  • Anonymous

Firewarrior96, 20 Jan 2021As if I don't know Spectra , say that to the man who s... more
The main camera of G7 is imx351, old sensor also used by HTC U Play, Zenfone 4 Pro and P30 Pro (as ultra wide).

Not even the 2020 and 2021 sensors can do 16bit.
A 2016 sensor is surely not capable of.
Being 10, 12 or 16bit is something sensor comes with already, its nature.

Feel free to read its specs and see no 16bit info is here.
Source: Sony (who made the sensor)

Shame realy,hate to see phone companys pull out,lg ,erriccson,samsung . Htc ECT were all my hey days,sad realy 😱

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021I would say G8 & V50 are the most satisfying phone I ha... moreForgotten to say that LG launcher.
That is the only launcher that you can create folders inside the app drawer
Placing folders in the home screen and say that vertical drawer is the best because too many apps there is kind of stupidly maximized.
Man just create you own folders! Do what you do in you PC! Sort you apps in your own favor!

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021I would say G8 & V50 are the most satisfying phone I ha... moreThis!

  • Anonymous

I would say G8 & V50 are the most satisfying phone I have used.
Just look at those totally flat back panels. Symmetries edge to edge.
Recently just found that LG got better touch panel than huawei 2020 by compairing finger positioning sensitivity. Just open a memo app and start drawing, you will see the difference.
Still needed to point out that there is no alternative of LG phone in terms of bundled high quality audio and video performance.
Average consumer didn't even use their phone's feature so the only thing they can say is stock and stock and stock.
What they do not know is that so-called vlog mode these days is already implemented into G5 2016.
Some fantastic floating app feature, yes, also introduced into G5 2016 as well. Despite limited to LG's own apps, it was great to use that floating calculator.
21:9 aspect video shooting? It was like V30 2017 feature and some company have just caught up to that finally this year.
Customizable navigation bar -- maybe a unique feature from LG? Gesture noobs can stop here because pressing button is alway faster than gesture.
Pixel pinning night video capture -- really, implemented since V30 2017 till today, still legit today compared to 108MP Mi Note10, I would say even better than what you will get at the end of 2020.
360 Panorama -- never ever seen this thing in other companies. Work astonishingly well in capturing landscape. Found it stupid to only capturing things in a 4:3 manner.
Normal Panorama -- still one of the best on par with Samsung and Apple. Don't you know that Oneplus/Xiaomi/Google can't even stick a average-quality-panorama?
Hidden DC dimming -- better than nothing. DC dimming trickered at 42% in V30 and 64% in V50, not working in G8. Samsung is still flickering.
Bug free software -- really, rarely see a bug, even considered to be no bug, except recent for android 10 update in like G7 or G8. getting updates quite often these days, speaking of Korean varient V500N.

These are the reasons I chose to stick with LG. Noobs will never know these from ignorant youtubers or any of the "reviewers".
I am the true phone user and I dig into ever conner of my phone. Things that LG established is not what stupid stock Android can provide. People saying that is just someone never knew anything about LG.

Aw, buh-bye then.

  • Anonymous

MeeMax, 20 Jan 2021They are going down bcoz of Marketing strategy and availabi... moreThat's sensible. Find out where you sell units, focus there.

dzordz, 20 Jan 2021What those managers don't understand is that - they ne... more” What those managers don't understand is that - they need a hit!”

What you don’t understand is that even if LG would make best phone ever made, it wouldn’t matter because LG just doesn’t have brand name for phones. When people thinking to buy new smartphone, very few even have LG name in the list. Market is just too crowded and without brand name it’s impossible task. Exact same situation for HTC. No matter what kind of phone they would make, it wouldn’t sell.

People will ask all possible highend stuffs on LG phone but willing to pay only 200$. But they settle themselves with Apple, Samsung, late Oneplus.. thinking they are valuable brands and they can ask whatever price they want.

Come on LG.., please shutdown YOU and feel happy that you did some good/bad stuff in mobile technology evolution. 😇