LG might pull out of smartphone business after all

20 January 2021
The CEO Kwon Bong-seok sent an internal message, saying if the division folds, “employment will be maintained”.

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Sad news

It was rough early on for LG, their phones weren’t too durable. Boot loops were common and Bluetooth malfunction. Only from the G7 and now their phones are much better made. I enjoyed my G8, V50 and currently my V60 very much especially with their 2nd year promise.

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021Uses the ISP called Spectra, that comes inside Snapdragon. ... moreAs if I don't know Spectra , say that to the man who said 8K HDR10+ isn't supported by CPU lol.

I was talking about LG G7 and Indeed it shoot a 16bit raw DNG , the same goes for G8 V50 V60.
that was a rush commenting do your homework first

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021They make really really mediocre devices with zero updates.... moreclown comment, obviously never owned a LG device.

Finally, they can invest that money doing other products

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Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021Well, let me teach how chinese OEM do it. 1) Local comp... moreExactly bro and their hardwares are very low quality soo very cheap

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Oppaii, 20 Jan 2021They have to compete with those Chinese companies. First... moreWell, let me teach how chinese OEM do it.

1) Local companies get tons of subsidies from their gov. Much more than companies in other countries dream to have.

2) tons of patents are daily bronken in China, owners do not even know that. If you have small company that for example makes beard trimmer and your product is made in China to be cheaper, they are gonna copy it without you knowing and sell there.

3) they mostly work with local suppliers, there are chinese phones with more than 80% of components being chinese. They are cheaper, do not pay import taxes and cheap transport because most industries in China are in East/Southeast China.

4) Outside China, they mostly sell just online and do not have costumers services all over the globe like other brands (Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola)

5) Oppo, OP, Vivo and Realme have many phones pretty similar. This decreases R&D required.

* The UFS3.1 used by Redmi K30 Pro has slower speed than UFS3.0 used by S20/1ii.
* Many chinese phones have those 2, 5 and 8MP cameras from omnivision, cheaper than sensors from samsung and sony
* many chines phones have screen from BOE and China Star, cheaper than LG and Samsung
* Vivo, Xiaomi, Zte, Meizu and Lenovo do not have phones with IP rating. The hardware and certification is not cheap

[deleted post]Same :(

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Mel, 20 Jan 2021Farewell LG..... The last time I remeber LG pull out the b... moreYup. Still rocking the lg g6 & a g7 of family member. Built to last both. But you are correct, nothing exciting recently from them. Mostly they failed at marketing. IMO reviewers also contributed a lot to LGs fall.

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Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021LG should make a flagship phone for $400 or $500 (some incr... moreThat's a good idea

  • Mel

Farewell LG.....
The last time I remeber LG pull out the best smart phone when it was on LG G3 & LG G6 after that, i never look back on LG because not much innovation there. No 90hz, no 120hz screen, OLED lg phones are very expensive price point, but no match from other competition like samsung or any Chinese smart phones, Life is not Good....at the moment on smart world for them.

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Oppaii, 20 Jan 2021They have to compete with those Chinese companies. First... moreChinese phones use 60% low quality hardwares and parts and labour cost is low in china soo its cheap if all the people in this world understand that apple samsung and lg will be top

  • MeeMax

They are going down bcoz of Marketing strategy and availability of their smart Phone in limited country (exporting to limited country).

I hope it's not true and LG will keep on going in the smartphone world.

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Firewarrior96, 20 Jan 2021what !!!! man he's right ,even My old G7 was able to ... moreUses the ISP called Spectra, that comes inside Snapdragon. Just like all other phones.

The phones that costed over $1000 in 2020 do not have sensors capable of even 14bit raw, but old moto G can do 16bit . That number on EXIF data (most say 24bit) is not same.

LOL, not even $6400 Canon 1DX iii can do 16bit RAW, a cellphone that cpsted less than $300 would do. LMAO.

They have to compete with those Chinese companies.

First they have to decrease the prices of their phones (Which I still do not know why they can't do it when Chinese are doing it for years)

Second they have to level up their marketing. Just the other day I went to a mall and these realme sales men can't stop bugging me so I was forced to take one of the flyers. This type of strategy is sh*t but effective lmao.

Third they have to rebrand their mobile division they have to show the world they are offering a great smartphone with a great price.

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KK, 20 Jan 2021It should start becoming a Flagship Killer in true aspect.Flagship killer sell less than those $1000-1600 from same brands.

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dzordz, 20 Jan 2021What those managers don't understand is that - they ne... moreYou want LG to do phone sililar to 5ii for $500?
LOL ...

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Yep. The poor software with lack of support is what really killed them. The hardware has been mostly nice, especially for audio enthusiasts.

  • dzordz

What those managers don't understand is that - they need a hit! a phone that is small but not too small. has good battery. better than other phones that size. solid camera, 3.5mm, small or no notch. led notification light. and all that for good price.
something like xperia 5 II but for 500$
imagine the amount of sold units ;)